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Wednesday 22 June 2022

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Tinkering with Love [Rock Falls 01] by Aliyah Burke!


   “Dawson, would you be able to head back into the kitchen and bring out a few more drink options for everyone?” He shifted the load he held. “There should be water and some other non-carbonated drinks in there.”
   “Of course, happy to help.” Was she? Not really, but she didn’t mind pitching in. Dawson stood in the kitchen, looking for a tray to pile more bottled waters on and carry them out to the tables.
   Locating both the additional drink options and a tray, she took them out to the table with the drink choices, one right beside the ones that had a good amount of food on them. She was on her way back to the kitchen to return the tray when a curse reached her. Dawson hurried and found a man losing his hold on what he carried.
   Rushing closer, she reached out to help steady him and tried to assist in balancing the items. He crashed into her and she supported him for about three seconds. Then they went down, hard. Even so, at the last moment, he tried to adjust so he didn’t land fully on her.
   Didn’t totally work, because his face was planted directly into her breasts. He had one arm around her back, keeping part of her off the floor. And pressed closer to him.
   God, but her ass hurt. Around them, she heard the clattering of the melamine dishes he’d been struggling to retain hold of. Cups rolled by, but she just stared down at the top of the man’s head.
   She held the singular item he’d saved, a pitcher, in one hand. Around them, the rest of the things had hit the floor, the reverberations on the cement floor finally coming to a halt. In her peripheral vision, she noticed one bowl shudder as it finished spinning, then settle. The man, getting personally acquainted with her breasts, finally lifted his head, and her breath caught.
   The one across from her cabin. Bearded and sexy hot. The man she’d ogled.
   Holy crap, his voice was sex on a stick. The arm around her flexed and she swallowed.
   “Hi,” she managed to force out between suddenly extremely dry lips.
   Eyes the color of a wind-tossed sea stared back. “You okay?” He reached for her face and touched her chin.
   Big strong hand. Long fingers. Incredible tattoos. A mishmash of designs that flowed seamlessly together. She wouldn’t call it a sleeve by any means but there were a lot. Arm and hand bore them with pride. Some words, some floral, some tribal and all that she would like a closer, much longer, slower perusal of.
   “Sure,” she babbled. “Sorry, I think I made it worse trying to help.”
   His incredible gaze moved over her face, dipped down to her breasts briefly, before climbing back to meet her eyes. He rose and helped her up, still not releasing her.
   Dawson smiled. “Thank you, you know, for not letting me break something.”
   His smile was lethal as he ran another look over her. “Legs, I should be thanking you. You took my size and kept me from slamming into the floor. You sure you’re okay?”
   He leaned closer, clearly not in any rush to let her go. To be fair, Dawson wasn’t in any rush to move.
   His warm breath fanned along her face, bringing his scent with it.
   “Why are you calling me Legs?”
   “As in yours are killer.”
   “You okay, Dawson, I heard a— oh, excuse me.” Maria’s intrusion burst the bubble she’d willingly allowed to surround her.
   Dawson placed her hands on his chest, holy moly, how much muscle did one man need, seriously?
   “Go away, Maria.” The man flexed his hand that spread along her back.
   She harrumphed. “You let Dawson go, Tully.”
   Ice slid through her veins. “Tully?” This man? He was the hottie across from her cabin? The one who had taken her job? “Let me go.”
   He slowly lowered his arm from around her. Damnit! She didn’t want to think about how much nicer it had been in his arms.

Dawson Shay could never be accused of being a bubbly ray of sunshine. Like, not ever. But her outlook on life has only gotten worse since she moved across the country for her dream job rebuilding motorcycles…only to lose the job to someone else. Now her run of bad luck includes a wilderness retreat with the entire company—including the asshat who stole her job. Fortunately, Tully Faulkner’s bearded, tattooed hotness is pretty much the perfect distraction.

Except, Tully isn’t just Mr. Hometown Hero, he’s also said asshat who stole her job. And if he thinks he can win her over with his ability to charm the pants off everybody else, he’s got another thing coming. But Dawson can’t avoid him forever… or the seriously hot sparks between them. Somewhere between the breathtaking northern lights and teaming up to win their company’s scavenger hunt, Dawson starts to think that Tully’s magic touch might be just what she’s been missing.

But even sexy gearheads have their secrets. And Dawson’s about to discover that falling for the too-perfect-to-be-true Tully might just backfire on her completely…

Check it out on Goodreads!

Author bio:

A USA Today Bestselling author, Aliyah Burke is an avid reader and is never far from pen and paper (or the computer). She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached http://aliyah-burke.com/blog/contact/ Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or via email.

She is married to a career military man, and they are owned by 4 Borzoi. Her days are spent sharing her time between work, writing, and dog training/showing.

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