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Saturday 21 January 2023

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Hidden Comrade [Project Morpheus 02] by Jillian David!


   “Pele, stop for a minute.” She tugged his hands away. “See this here? You and me in the cabin? Doing this?”
   “We’ve rehearsed it before. Spoiler alert: It ends with you making an excuse and then running out that door.”
   “I had to go before.”
   “Sure you did.” She waved off his retort. “Look, you’re a great guy. But I can’t handle another rejection.”
   “I didn’t reject you,” he protested.
   “That’s not how it appeared.” She crossed her arms. “Why are you here, now, Pele?” she said, not caring if she made him uncomfortable. “What do you want?”
   His jaw worked for a full minute. The words came out raw, like he’d yanked them from his chest. “I want you, Reagan. All of you.”
   She sucked in a breath. “Go on.” Was that sweat on his brow? Good.
   “I would only want to ... be with you, if you want the same thing.”
   “More specific.”
   “Ti’o, you aren’t making this easy.” The full weight of his deep, dark eyes fell on her. “You want specific?”
   “If it was up to me, I would strip you naked and taste every inch of your body before we have what I pray to any god out there is a night of amazing sex where you are totally satisfied. Multiple times.”
   “Oh,” she exhaled, a liquid heat pooling between her wobbly legs.
   “Let me know if you want more details.”
   “Tell me you’re not playing me,” she whispered.
   The edge in his voice made her jump. “Not with this, Reagan.” He rolled his lips together, and she wanted to lick him there. “But I will walk away if that’s what you decide.”
   Her heart pounded double time. Decision time.
   She knew what her body wanted. Pele.
   What about her heart?
   “Reagan?” The harshness of his low voice strafed raw nerves. “Should I leave?”
   She rubbed her arms. “That’s not what I want.”
   “Okay.” His pupils dilated until there was nothing but black in his intense gaze. “Then you tell me how you want this evening to go. I will make what you say happen.”
   Damn, he didn’t tiptoe around. She drowned in his dark stare. Utterly sincere. Stark honesty.
   Swallowing, she answered, “I want us to be ... together. Completely. Um, but at the end of the evening, I want you to still be here. With me. No running.”
   He stepped forward, cupped her face, and kissed her until her knees quivered. Breaking contact for a moment, he growled. “Done.”
   Snaking an arm behind her back, he pulled her into his hard torso. She met ridges of muscle that flexed beneath her fingertips. As he kissed her again, she matched his mouth, pressure for pressure. Faster and harder, the kisses rained down on her. Somehow, she ended up against a wall, with his hands planted on either side of her head, bracketing her.
   No escape.

The Project Morpheus series: Military romance, steamy passion, and heart-stopping suspense.

The Morpheus Squad: Ultimate soldiers who hide in plain sight, fierce protectors risking their existence for those they love... and virally-altered, ticking time bombs.

Pele Tuitama’s Morpheus Squad mission infiltrating a Smoky Mountain children's camp is FUBAR. He might be a virally-enhanced military experiment, but augmented abilities won’t help him protect Reagan McNeill, the most unsecure-able target imaginable. Sweet Reagan’s kisses and the possibility of a future he should never consider, distracts his laser focus. If Pele can’t keep Reagan safe from an evil adversary bent on revenge against the entire McNeill family, then Reagan will die.

After a nasty breakup, Reagan doesn’t trust any man—or herself. Enter handsome Pele, the world’s worst camp counselor. She doesn’t believe his story or his motives. When overly-protective Pele draws her close and then rejects her, Reagan is finished with games. Then the truth she learns rips open recently-healed emotional wounds.

In order to escape through the mountains, Pele must share his deadliest secret. To have a chance at their future, they must reveal their demons and pray for acceptance ... and survival.

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Author bio:

Jillian David is a rural family physician who lives near the end of the earth, writing paranormal, suspense, and adventure romances with medical characters and scenarios. She loves to use medical situations to drive drama. Her favorite cell is the platelet and her least-favorite organ is the pancreas. She fully believes that curse words, when appropriately deployed during surgery, are hemostatic. https://www.jilliandavid.net

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