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Sunday 1 October 2023

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Not Suitable For Work [Anti-Belle 01] by Skye McDonald!



   Drinks, food, and conversation filled the table. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Celeste cradling her beer while she listened to the group talk about college football. She twisted her head to look around the room, and I abandoned subtlety and watched her until her gaze landed on me.
   Her mouth softened into a tiny smile, just a flash, but it was enough. Here we go. I took another swallow of beer and stood up, rounding the table to the vacant chair beside her. My sleeve brushed against her silky white shirt. She sat up straighter, knees angled toward me.
   “Why did you come out tonight?” she asked abruptly, saving me from asking the same thing.
   “Because I wanted to.” Because I wanted this moment right here. Because I’ve been dying to talk to you.
   Her chin lifted, a saucy little move, almost playful. “You said you wanted to come if I did. So, don’t you mean because I wanted to?”
   “No, I said I’d go if you did.” I chuckled. “It seemed right to see if you could compete with me on a different playing field.” What am even I talking about?
   Celeste flipped her hair and went with my nonsense. “I can compete with you with one hand tied behind my back.”
   My blood began to pound at the host of filthy images that statement conjured. I let my gaze travel over her face, down to where one lock of hair rested against her collar. It looked dark brown in the dim bar, but I knew her hair was a rich auburn that blazed when the light caught it.
   I met her eyes again. “I’m sure you can, Ms. Greene. Now, ask me a different question.”
   “Why would I do that, Benjamin?” she asked, her voice all throaty.
   I swallowed a groan, but her brows twitched and told me she knew how much I liked hearing her say my name. To return the favor, I damn near hissed hers when I said, “Because that’s what people do when they’re having a conversation, Celeste.”
   She squirmed. Aww, what’s the matter? Feeling a little tense? Want me to make it better—or worse?
   “Which do you go by, Benjamin or Ben?” 
   “Either is fine, but my friends call me Ben.” 
   “Your turn, Benjamin.” She tipped her glass toward me.
   I smirked at the implication and bypassed pleasantries.
   “Do you hate me?” 
   She startled. “Honestly? A little, yeah.” 
   “Seems unfair. Why do you hate me a little?” I used her words to tease her and keep us from getting too serious.
   “You’re another roadblock in my life. I hate fighting for a job I know I can do very well. Plus, you’re a jerk.”
   I itched to ask for elaboration on that roadblock comment but knew better. Instead, I widened my eyes and put a hand on my heart. “I’m a jerk? Ouch. Maybe I could say the same thing about you.”
   She didn’t smile. In fact, she looked away, lips parted to take in a breath. “I know. I’m good with that.”
   “Yeah?” “Yeah. I don’t care what you think of me.”
   Bullshit. “No, you want me to think you’re a jerk. The real question is why?”
   The flush of alcohol that had begun to tinge her cheeks morphed into an angry blush.
   “Next question, please,” I said before she could shut this down.
   It worked. Her pinched forehead smoothed as her color ebbed. “Are you glad you’re here, Benjamin?”
   I reached for my beer, suddenly thirsty again. Once I’d drank, I looked into her expectant eyes and gave her the God’s honest truth. “Definitely.”
   “What do you think, Addison? Do the Vols have a chance this year?”
   I didn’t want to look away, mostly because I knew the guy who’d spoken—Joe, I think his name was—had been eyeing Celeste across the table all night. His loud, pointed question was clearly a way to butt into our conversation.

The competition is stiff. The stakes are high. But is the gamble worth it? Can a shattered heart be mended as Celeste Greene and Ben Addison navigate office rivalry and sizzling attraction?

Celeste Green has returned to Nashville broken-hearted and penniless. Getting back on her feet is the only goal after she threw everything away on love and empty promises in New York City. Ben Addison needs a day job. After he foolishly risked his heart and his reputation on a pretty face and a shot at a music career, Ben’s only goal is stability.

Sparks fly as Celeste and Ben battle it out for a crucial web design position. It’s a job they both can't afford to lose. While they're used to competition, the magnetic pull they share is a whole new challenge. With the pressure rising, Celeste's choice becomes clear: risk heartache again, or sacrifice more than her paycheck. Will love or ambition win out? Buy now and out in this rollercoaster of emotions that'll keep you hooked from start to finish!

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Author bio:

Skye McDonald writes books that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. She believes that falling in love with yourself is the real path to happily ever after.

Skye’s first novel, Not Suitable for Work, won the Linda Howard Award for Romance in 2019. Her co-authored Unlikely Pairings series (written with Sarah Smith) have been Amazon bestsellers and #1 New Releases. Skye writes about living life with your heart open in her “A Bit Much” Substack.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Skye spent years teaching English in Brooklyn, New York. Now, she lives in Montclair, New Jersey, where she writes and facilitates a women’s group. In her free time, she hikes with her dogs, runs Spartan races, travels, Scuba dives, and is learning to ski. Someday she’ll take a break and chill out, preferably on a beach. But not yet. There’s so much life to live first.


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  1. I like the blurb. Sounds like a book I would enjoy reading.