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Thursday 16 May 2024

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Riot [Hard Rock Girls 01] by L. L. Ash & Pax Sinclair!


   The tinkle of coins hitting the ripped velvet of my guitar case is music to my ears.
   I’ve already made somewhere around eighty dollars just in the past couple weeks busking every day. In fact, I’m getting to know the regulars that walk the road every day, and I always wonder, while I play and sing this mindless pop drivel, if those people are maybe walking home from work, or heading somewhere else.
   People watching has always been a fun pastime of mine because it gives me a peek into people and human nature in general. Not to mention I see a whole list of things not to do with my life.
   Suddenly, a voice joins me in the middle of Take me to Church by Hozier and my eyes shoot over to… Dakota?
   He’s grinning, working his way toward me, and in a few steps his voice eclipses mine, so I switch to harmony.
   Seeing his stupid, pretty face sends me back to Grunge City Sound and singing my song on the stage with him, lights on me, and my voice reverberating through the mic. It was blinding up there, nothing but the front couple rows staring back through the glare of the hot lights, but it didn’t matter. That feeling was… probably the best thing I’d ever felt in my life. And… I owe him for that. He gave me that.

“He saved me in that group home when everything I’d ever loved was stripped away. He saved me with his smile, his kindness, and his guitar.”


I’m the leftovers that nobody wanted; a casualty of the foster system. Now that I’m 18, I have nowhere to go. No job, no home, but I have my bestie Haze by my side, and together we’re going to make it. I love music. Yeah, everybody says that, but I know I have what it takes. We’re going to find a way to reach the top. Kind of like Dakota, the front man for Kings of Ash, except not as a-hole-ish and muscley as him. Ugh, the muscles. We were in foster care together, me, Dakota, and Haze. That’s where I fell in love with him. But, he was older than me and got kicked out of the group home when I was only fifteen. The guy ripped my effing heart out as he walked out that door. It’s a shame, really. He’s the only person in the world who ever really understood my love and need for music. He saved me in that group home when everything I’d ever loved was stripped away. He saved me with his smile, his kindness, and with his guitar. Since then, Dakota has changed and hardened in more ways than one. I’ve been trying my best to avoid him, but our paths have crossed and now he’s back, famous and hotter than ever.


I gaze at Tayler for the last time while my mind repeats the same mantra: she’s your foster sister, you can’t be in love with her. But every part of me screams otherwise as I walk out of that group home. Aging out of the foster system at 18, I left behind a 15-year-old girl who knew I couldn’t stay. It broke her heart, but it’s better to be hated than to be in jail for loving her. Letting go of her was the toughest thing I’ve ever done, but I had to chase my music and put her behind me. Plenty of women came and went in my life, but none could fill the void that she left behind. It was always the music that drove me forward, pushing me to become a part of the punk Seattle music scene as the front man for Kings of Ash. Just when I thought I had moved on from Tayler for good, she blows back into my life–smoking hot and determined to make her mark. Even though she despises me for abandoning her all those years ago, I can’t help but admit to myself that I still want her. No, I don’t just want. I need.

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Author Bios:

L.L. Ash is a Washington-born writer who has traveled and lived across the western coast of the US. Ash has been writing fiction since she was a pre-teen, and while her writing has improved since then, her love for literature has not changed.

Oftentimes you can find Ash reading an indie romance or enjoying a historical fiction. Dabbling in culinary arts and music, Ash has been an artist for decades but found her true love and passion in romances.

Pax is a contemporary romance author who writes the kind of hot, twisty, drama-filled romances that she loves to read. Her novels are about biracial women in interracial relationships that will have you turning pages until the end.

Her current series, Love@work, takes you into the world of Silicon Valley’s billionaire tech moguls. These are powerful men and women who are driven by the changing landscape of business and their seductions in the bedroom.

Come along for a ride in Pax’s world, where it’s always steamy, captivating, and sometimes erotic.

Pax lives and works in Silicon Valley. She’s a California native.


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