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Thursday 9 January 2014

Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Destiny of Violet and Luke [The Coincidence 03] by Jessica Sorensen!

Publication date: 7th January 2014
Paperback edition: 288 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 5 stars
Synopsis: Luke Price's life has always been about order, control, and acting tough on the outside. He uses meaningless relationships as a distraction and a way to tune out the twisted memories of his childhood. He secretly wishes that one day he could find that one perfect person, but deep down he doesn't believe that perfection really exists.

Violet Hayes has had a rough life, surrounded by drugs, neglect, and irresponsible parents. She thought she could escape that kind of life when she went to college, but her past catches up with her. To protect herself from getting hurt, she acts tough and keeps her distance from everyone. But then she meets Luke. The two of them clash, yet they can't seem to stay away from each other. The more they get to know one another, the more they realize just how similar their lives are, and that maybe the perfection they've always been looking for lies in each other.

I normally devour Jessica Sorensen books in a day, but I had a bit of a hard time devouring The Destiny of Violet and Luke! It actually took me about a week to read! I'm not sure why, but it took me a while to get into! Once I did though, I couldn't get through it fast enough! It blew me away! The plot was amazing! It was about two characters who had both been through such hard childhoods and about them trying to move on with their lives, even though their lives were ruled by what they had been through! I have to say that I love this author's writing because she doesn't sugar-coat things and she shows how hard some real people's lives can be and she shows how what you can go through early in life, can affect you later in life! The plot was so beautiful, but so haunting as well! There were also a few twist and turns to keep it interesting and there was a massive, and I mean massive, twist near the end! I must admit that I preferred the last half of this book to the first half! I felt that the first half sort of dragged Violet and Luke's relationship a little, but then as soon as their relationship progressed, it really progressed! I was hooked on the plot though and I loved it! The characters were amazing! Violet was the main female character and I liked her at the start of this book, but I loved her by the end of it! She was quite a cocky character at the beginning, but she started to become more vulnerable and she started to show this as the book progressed! Violet had been through so much! She'd experienced a traumatic event that made her close herself up and not let anyone in! People had to work hard to get behind Violet's walls and people judged her in this book when they didn't really know the real her! Luke was the main male character in this book and I loved him! He made this book for me! Luke had also been through a hell of a lot, which is why he was so strict on order and control! My heart went out to Luke! He was such an amazing guy who started to show who he really was as this book progressed! He, like Violet, was quite a closed off character! It took him a while to come out of his shell! Violet and Luke made one amazing couple! The connection between them progressed with the book, which was amazing to read! I also loved that this book was written from both Violet and Luke's point of view as it made this book even more amazing and it gave the perfect insight needed to experience what Violet and Luke had been through and how much it had affected them! I'm excited to find out that there's going to be another book to Violet and Luke's story! I can't wait to read it and see where Violet and Luke's relationship is going to develop! Plus, the ending of this book was insane! A massive reveal happened and then it showed how the characters felt after it and then it ended! I needed the next book like yesterday! The cover for this book is stunning! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! Also, the models on the front really suit the characters of Violet and Luke! Big thank you to Jessica for an ARC of The Destiny of Violet and Luke and to Shh Mom's Reading for having me on the Blog Tour!

Check it out on Goodreads!

 Author bio:

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.

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  1. Hi ya! thank you for the chance, keeping my fingers crossed that I win the Kindle for my big sister :)