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Friday 12 August 2022

Book Blitz & Giveaway: The Acadian Secret [The Acadian Secret 01] by Tammy Lowe!


   In the late afternoon sunshine, the man’s shoulders curled over his chest as he walked the familiar tree-lined street. The avenue bloomed in a profusion of spring blossoms. With a lump in his throat, he realized it hadn’t changed much in appearance over time.
   Kind of like him.
   Instead of horses and buggies, cars now drove past. Flowers overflowing from window boxes still decorated the colourful houses and shops, chimes still rang over doorways, and people still chatted as they strolled along the main road.
   When Elisabeth and her mother stepped out of the pizzeria and stopped in front of the tiny antique shop, the man’s blue eyes clouded with tears. His brows pulled in as she pointed to an object on display in the window before dragging her mother inside. A few minutes later they walked back out.
   The man’s chest hitched. What have I done? Dear God, what have I done?
   He knew what was in the package tucked under her arm. A crystal timepiece, disguised as a simple necklace.
   He wanted to scream, but he was a shell, empty inside except for the pain. This was the price to be paid. He must live, but live in hell, condemned to the prison of his own making until the day he could make everything right again.
   They say quartz crystal keeps the most accurate time, but Elisabeth had no idea the amount of power hers was capable of, the science behind it, nor the millennia of earth’s magic within it. Why don’t people believe in magic anymore? Elisabeth used to think that way, but learned the hard way it’s all around us.
   “Just look at nature,” he had said to her that summer evening in Italy when they were both seventeen. “Does the caterpillar not turn into a majestic butterfly? Do grapes not turn into intoxicating wine, and then into vinegar?”
   The man’s eyes prickled with tears as Shakespeare’s line drifted through his mind, reminding him instantly of something his adoptive father would have said to them. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
   The latest discovery of time crystals was a good example. Not even hypothesized until 2012, nine years later, Google’s quantum computers created the first ones, completely contradicting Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion.
   The man held his breath when Elisabeth looked up at him as she walked by with her mother. Her head flinched back slightly, and he swore there was a spark of recognition in her eyes.
   She didn’t know him yet.
   She wouldn’t for years.
   He brought a shaky hand to his forehead and reminded himself to breathe again.

Nova Scotia has kept an incredible secret for centuries. In 1795, sixteen-year-old John Smith, convinced he’s found buried treasure, digs down into a mysterious pit on a small island.

​In present day Nova Scotia, twelve-year-old Elisabeth London knows there’s no such thing as magic, but when she finds herself in 17th century Scotland, she no longer knows what to think. While under the guardianship of a kind-hearted Highlander, Elisabeth discovers his ancestral home holds a mystery of its own.

​As John continues to dig the strange pit, he inadvertently begins the longest running, most expensive, and deadliest treasure hunt in history. Now, Elisabeth London and John Smith each try to unravel the secrets consuming them, unaware that a tormented young man holds the string weaving all of their lives together.

​For Elisabeth, the adventure is just beginning. Unless her parents discover she’s time-travelling. Then…she is so grounded.

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Author bio:

An adventurer at heart, Tammy has explored ruins in Rome, Pompeii, and Istanbul (Constantinople) with historians and archaeologists.

She’s slept in the tower of a 15th century castle in Scotland, climbed down the cramped tunnels of Egyptian pyramids, scaled the Sydney Harbour Bridge, sailed on a tiny raft down the Yulong River in rural China, dined at a Bedouin camp in the Arabian Desert, and escaped from head-hunters in the South Pacific.

I suppose one could say her own childhood wish of time traveling adventures came true…in a roundabout way.

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