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Wednesday 10 August 2022

Release Blitz & Giveaway: False Trust [Blake Willis Thriller 01] by Steve Shipley!

Some lines should never be crossed.

Blake Willis has the perfect life - a beautiful wife, two great kids, and a thriving business doing what he loves as a cybersecurity consultant. Determined to secure his family’s financial future, Blake enlists the help of an old friend, tech billionaire and world-renowned whisky expert, Justin Coulter, to help him sell his grandpa’s “million-dollar moonshine.”

Everything is running smoothly until a shocking discovery rocks Blake’s world. The whisky is stolen and his caretaker is murdered. And worse, his wife is missing.

In a frantic race against time, the lines of trust blur. Blake’s friends and enemies — and maybe even his wife — are not who he thought they were. And the technology, money and global control at stake have now drawn disreputable foreign powers into the mix.

Is there anyone who he can trust — and who has crossed the line that can never be uncrossed?

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Author bio:

With a background in mathematics and IT consultation, I’m captivated by crime thrillers. So much so that I’m writing the Blake Willis corporate and political crime thriller series.

Working around the world in business and technology has provided an inside view - a fly on the wall perspective. I’ve been able to see how powerful people, including politicians, board members and executives, negotiate and decide, usually without the interests of shareholders, employees, customers, or constituents being considered.

Criminals go to great lengths to remove their physical and digital fingerprints and remain invisible. And that’s where Blake’s and his team’s elite skills come into play.

Early in my career, I spent time on the outside looking in, before getting invited into the boardrooms and inner chambers. Then there I was, in the room where it happens. Now, through my books, I am sharing similar stories with you.

I am also the author of Wine Sense, a book that teaches how to appreciate wine.


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