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Friday 28 April 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Filthy Desires [Professors of Westview University 02] by R.M. Grey!


   “Okay, I’ll have dinner with you, but give me your phone,” she demanded. I handed her my phone; she tapped something on it, then handed it back. “You have my number now. Text me about dinner. I’ll see you in class, professor.” She winked before she turned on her heel and left my office.
   Looking down at my phone, I almost laughed out loud. She saved her contact as Ree with a cat emoji.
   LUCAS: Hello, kitten. Now you have my number. I’ll send more details about dinner in a couple days. —Sir 
   REESE: Hello, Sir. I hope I don’t regret having dinner with you. 
   LUCAS: You’ll be glad you went. Now, go study, kitten. 
   REESE: Yes, Sir. 
   A wide smile grew on my face. Finding Reese felt like torture. If I can survive that, I can manage a few more days not touching her body and kissing her sweet lips, right?

School’s my priority. All I do is eat, sleep, and study. My best friend says I need to loosen up and live a little. So I did.

I had one passionate night with billionaire playboy, Lucas Blessington. He’s tall, rich, and handsome, and can get any girl he wants. I’m just another woman that he can add to his long list of one night stands.

When he walks into my class and announces that he is the guest professor for the rest of the semester, I want to hide. Little did I know he did his research on me and managed a way back to his alma mater, Westview University, to continue where we left off from our night together.

I don’t know what’s riskier: having sex with my professor or having sex with a billionaire playboy? Either way, I’m risking my future and will have my heart broken by him anyway.

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Author bio:

R. M. Grey is a healthcare professional by day and her alter-ego writes forbidden and panty-melting erotic romance at night. R. M. Grey brings taboo and age-gap stories of curvy heroines and alpha heroes that you’ve fantasized about.

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