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Wednesday 12 April 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Stars At Dusk [The Sable Riders 02] by Sky Gold!


   Kage pointed out iconic landmark buildings, interesting artefacts including Paladian forms, old sculptures that no one knew who had created, and the Well to Hell at the centre of one of the squares. They wandered past ancient monasteries, expansive halls and packed squares, each built around a central temple dedicated to worshipping mythical Paladian gods. The architecture was otherworldly, with rocks hewn into strange forms and misshapen yet beautiful alien-like gargoyles so aged that no one knew who had created them.
   The quarter bustled with life as tourists and locals wandered in and out of the iconic landmarks, where they bought Paladian-themed trinkets and artefacts.
   Kage and Harlow held hands all the way, and he drew her closer at some point to avoid passing traffic. He pulled her close and slid an arm around her waist. And there it remained as they walked on.
   Harlow felt deeply drawn to him and she pulled in even closer, her arm snaking around his waist. He glanced down at her, his eyes soft, and she smiled, lost in his haze.
   He lifted a hand and rubbed his thumb gently along her lips. ‘That smile again, kara,’ he rumbled.
   She ducked her head shyly.
   Kage, Kage, Kage.
   He so resembled everything she’d longed for. He had so many qualities she’d been hoping for in a man. Yet she couldn’t quite trust her feelings, given how much they’d led her astray in the past. Unable to deal, she pulled on his hand and dragged him into an ancient Paladian monastery.
   He let her, giving her the space to gather herself. She sensed he was patiently giving her time to get used to being with him. Which she sincerely appreciated.

‘Your brass is ballsy, Kage Sable.’ – Harlow Meridien.

Running from her past, Harlow lives for the present. She’s sassy-smart-strong. A genius, generous, confident scientist developing a groundbreaking propulsion technology that’s attracted the attention of The Sable Group, and Kage Sable, to be exact.

He’s a master builder, an ex-warrior, a kick-ass engineer with sexy nerd energy and her new ‘boss’. His shop is responsible for an enviable fleet of high-tech corvettes, luxury flyers and racing pinnaces – helping to cement the Sable Riders’ dominance across Pegasi.

Convinced she’s the woman for him, Kage is determined to make Harlow his. He strongly believes every superwoman needs a superman. Problem is, she’s not so sure. She’s got a bad history with men. All she wants to do is focus on her work that could shift the balance of power in the Pegasi System.

She’s wary of Kage’s moxie and full-on thrust at life and love and doesn’t think she’s ready for that much intensity yet. But he slowly draws her in, one delicious moment at a time.

From subterranean speakeasies, sunken casinos and ancient ruins to fighting dens and exquisite eateries, Kage takes Harlow on dizzying flights of pure bliss across Eden II to convince her he’s light years from the ‘lame, always running game’ losers of her past. Instead, he’s a real man with strong convictions and the best intentions, who believes in an impossible love.

Together, they’ll fight for the relationship they want while keeping their top-secret breakthrough from a swarm of greedy, ruthless galactic hustlers. Together, they’ll fall into a twilight dusk of heady love and impossible starlight.

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Author bio:

I'm a lover of words, and consequently an author, writer and consumer of all things delicious, fun and courageously life affirming.

“Five Fun Facts” About Me:

- I’m married to a gorgeous alpha, grumpy husbeast and we’ve sired two bright, funny kids

- I live in the gorgeous sun-soaked beach haven that’s Sydney, Australia

- I love racing cars; I’m a lil’ bit of a speed demon …

- I own a grey Russian blue cat who's an escape artist during the day and a yeller at night (sigh ..)

- I write best to music - check out the 'Stars on Fire' playlist on Spotify for a taste of my writing vibe :-)

- I look to the stars themselves for my heavenly inspiration.

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