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Sunday 14 April 2013

A Day with Lizzy Ford and Julia Crane!

On the 13th of April, I had one of the best days of my life! I got to meet not one, but TWO authors whom I love! I had the absolute pleasure to meet Lizzy Ford and Julia Crane!

I had known about Lizzy's trip to the UK for a while beforehand but Lizzy didn't know where she wanted to go, so I suggested the city closest to me, Glasgow! I was ecstatic when Lizzy told me that she had not only put Glasgow on her list, but that Julia Crane was also coming with her! I had been talking to Julia for a while now so I couldn't believe that I was getting to meet her as well! I was also looking forward to meeting Julia's sister, Katrina who came over as well! To welcome them I made them all goodie bags with Scottish goodies like Tablet, Shortbread, Irn-Bru etc.

The day that I was going to meet them finally came and me and my mum went up to Glasgow in the morning! We were meeting Lizzy, Julia and Katrina at 2pm but we went up early to make sure that we knew where the café where we were meeting them was and also to do a bit of shopping! We finally found the café but we had no idea how to get inside it so we assumed that it might open nearer the time!

At about half 1 we went back to the café to meet Lizzy and Julia but imagine our surprise when we still couldn't into the café where we were supposed to meet them! Outside the cafe we met Squish who was also there to meet Lizzy, Julia and Katrina! Squish is one of the funniest people that I have ever met! She was a brilliant laugh! We also met another fan called Cass! Lizzy, Julia and Katrina got lost so they were running a little bit late to meet us but once I saw them I almost passed out!

Since we couldn't get into the café we were supposed to go to, Cass took us to another cafe close by called The Willow Tea Room where we all had lunch together! It was amazing to sit round a table with people and talk to them like you had known them for years! I learned so much about not only Lizzy, Julia and Katrina but also about Squish and Cass! Lizzy, Julia and Katrina ordered an assortment of goodies! They also all love tea!

Assortment of goodies!

All of us in the café!
(Photo courtesy of Lizzy!)

After we had lunch we stood outside the cafe for about an hour all talking, getting pictures, getting our books signed and also Lizzy, Julia and Katrina gave us all swag! Talking to them about everything and anything really was amazing! 

Julia, me and Lizzy!

From left to right
Cass, Julia, me, Lizzy, Katrina and Squish!

After that Cass left to go home and my mum, Lizzy, Julia, Katrina and I walked Squish up to her train station where we stood in George Square talking for about another half an hour lol! After Squish left the rest of us walked back to Central Station where Lizzy, Julia and Katrina's hotel was and it was also where me and my mum needed to get our train home! We stood in the station talking for probably another half an hour lol! I could have spoke to them all day! We finally said goodbye and I was so upset that we had to leave!

Once I got home I got friend requests on Facebook from Squish and Katrina! This means that I will get to keep in contact with them and still talk to them even though it's not in person!

Meeting Lizzy, Julia and Katrina was an amazing experience! It is one that I will treasure for the rest of my life! I can't believe that I got the opportunity to spend the day with them! If you ever get the opportunity to spend time with them, grab it with both hands! I really hope that I get the opportunity to meet them again! Me and my mum invited Julia to come back in the summer and spend some time with us so hopefully she agrees and we can work something out ;)

Thank you so much Lizzy, Julia and Katrina for all the swag and books that you gave me! I love you ladies! It was a pleasure to meet you all!

Swag that Lizzy and Julia gave me!
All my signed Lizzy Ford and Julia Crane books! 


  1. This sounds so great! You've really had an awesome day! :)

    1. It was an unreal experience! It was so much better than just meeting them for five minutes at a signing lol!