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Tuesday 28 February 2023

Stacking The Shelves [91]!

Stacking The Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality where we show what books we got recently. I do this post once a month.

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you’re adding to your shelves, be it buying or borrowing. From ‘real’ books you’ve purchased, a book you’ve borrowed, a book you’ve been given or an e-book, they can all be shared!

Purchased (Ebooks):

Monday 27 February 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Then Came You by Dylan Allen!


   I look at Simon, ready to make a quip about how they look like two kids sneaking off together. My words die in my throat at the unabashed desire in his eyes.
   He doesn't say a word. There's no need when that look says everything.
   He puts his hand out and I take it. As soon as our palms touch, I know I made the right decision. If this benign touch sends my senses into a tailspin, what’s he going to do to the rest of me?
   He links our fingers and brings my hand to his mouth. I shiver at the press of his warm lips and the heated promise in his eyes. I let him lead me out of the restaurant, across the street to catch the tube. But just when I dig out my fare card, he sticks his hand out to hail a black cab.
   We get in, and despite the roomy back seats, we sit next to each other, thigh to thigh, both facing forward but if the way the air in the cab cracks with chemistry and attraction is anything to go by, he’s as aware of me as I am of him.
   “Where to?” The cabbie’s barked question breaks our spell momentarily and we turn to look at each other. “Is my place okay?" I ask absently, my eyes glued to his mouth.
   He nods as if unable to speak. I rattle off my address to the cabbie, and he pulls away from the curb.
   “Addie,” Simon’s husky voice is tinged with urgency. “You’re so fucking sexy.”
   When I turn to him, his eyes are on my mouth. I lick my lower lip and he bites his.
   “So are you,” I confess in a whisper and the rush of anticipation makes my whole body tingle.
   “Princess, you're killing me.” He lets out a soft groan and his head moves toward mine, and my eyes flutter closed.
   Time slows making me aware of every single fraction of every single second that passes before his lips finally touch me.
   They softly press to the corner of my mouth and every thought flees my mind. The touch is as light as a whisper, and yet I feel it all the way to the tips of my toes. He moves his lips across mine—brushing back and forth—and with every single touch, I am unraveling. And for once, the idea of coming apart doesn’t scare me.

Most people dream of falling in love.
But all I know of love is that it turns smart people into fools.
So, I don’t dream, I work.
And put distance between myself and the stain my father’s betrayal left on my family.

When I land a high powered job in London,
It feels like I finally have everything I want.

Then comes Simon, the gorgeous architect with a filthy mouth
who sets my body and my mind on fire.
I surrender to the pull of attraction and the promise of pleasure in his heated gaze.
But those smoldering dark eyes of his are also full of secrets.

Playing with that kind of fire is a fool’s game. And I am no fool.

So, when our night together ends on less than happy terms, I’m sure it’s for the best.

When a work project brings us back together,
I’m determined to keep Simon where he belongs – in my rearview.

Fate, however, has a different plan.

Simon breaks down my walls one sexy, wicked smile at a time.
And I discover that behind his brooding, secretive facade, lies a heart of pure gold.
Soon, all I do is dream…of his touch, his kisses,
and of a love good enough and strong enough to last forever.

But I’ve got secrets of my own.
And when they rear their heads,
nothing will be the same again.

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Author bio:

Dylan Allen is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author.

She’s a Texas girl, with a serious case of wanderlust, Dylan’s travels influence her writing and she loves being able to take her readers on adventures from the comfort and safety of their favorite reading nook.

A self-proclaimed happily ever junkie, Dylan creates stories where her characters unapologetically chase their own happy endings.

When she isn’t writing or reading, eating or cooking, she and her family are planning their next adventure.

Sunday 26 February 2023

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Shadow Wolf [Protector Wolf Shifter 01] by Lilliana Rose!


   That lust had been there since the moment their eyes had met last night.
   Tamaska took another step towards him and splayed her hand on his chest. Kodiak could barely think. Releasing her had taken most of his self-restraint and he wasn’t a man built for such things.
   When he wanted, he took.
   But she was human and…
   Hell. She looked at him like she wanted to rip off his clothes and take him here and now.
   Her eyes glittered with carnal lust, like she wanted to strip back all humanity’s constructs and get down to the bare boned honest business of sex.
   As the music’s beat built, thrumming with the desire in his veins, the last of his control snapped.
   He caught her hand and lifted it, without breaking eye contact. He took two of her fingers into his mouth and sucked on them, letting his tongue slide over them, before biting down. She moaned, that low-throated sound that set him ablaze and made the desire within him combust.
   This was inevitable. It was fate.
   He released her fingers and drew her in. She sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck, rising on her toes so her mouth was a whisper from him.
   His breath caught and he lowered his lips, catching hers. It was a taste, a nibble. She was hot and soft.
   A groan broke free from his lips before he kissed her again. This time, she met him, her mouth as needy as his, as savage.
   It was like an eternity of lust burst from them. The kiss was a carnal, dark exploration and he couldn’t get enough.
   He wanted it all.
   He didn’t give a fuck they were in the vampire club. He didn’t give a damn about the opal.
   Right then, the only dangerous thing was not to continue.
   He pulled her in hard against him and kissed her once more.
   This could cost him his life, and hers.
   And he didn’t give a damn.

Kodiak must protect Tamaska against vampires who want her dead.

The leader of the vampires wants to capture Tamaska. She needs someone to protector her against a world she has no idea about. That someone is Kodiak, but she doesn’t trust him.

If Kodiak fails at protecting Tamaska and the vampires kill her, they will cause death and destruction on earth. His alpha disagrees, and forbids him from protecting Tamaska. The pack must be committed to each other against the vampires and not be distracted by a human.

There's a bond forming between Kodiak and Tamaska and he is compelled to protect her.

Who will he choose, his pack or Tamaska? Or will Tamaska break his heart and risk everything he is trying to protect?

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

Lilliana Rose is an Amazon Bestselling author, who writes romance in the subgenres of contemporary and paranormal romance. She enjoys helping characters overcome problems or issues, and the misunderstandings that often plague relationships, to help them fall in love. Whether it’s city heels being replaced with country work boots, or some magic beyond this world, each story shows how love can prevail. She has poetry, middle grade, picture book, novellas, and novels published under various pen names.

Saturday 25 February 2023

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Wrecked [Merciless Few MC 01] by S. Courtney!


   My first official task was to pay off some slovenly group of dirty bikers. Of course, Frankie kept company with the bottom feeders.
   We made it to this large two-story, fraternity-style home in the backwoods somewhere. It definitely could use a new coat of paint. It was decent for the type of people that live here. I open the door to see Diesel ready to help me down. It was a lousy attempt at a cheap feel and I was already in a bad mood. I hop down on my own and I hear him close the door.
   I walk up and knock; Diesel is right behind me. I can feel his breath on my neck. I snarl, "Why are you so close?! Back up, or I'll twist your balls off and feed them to the dogs."
   He chuckles, "I like a chase, sweetheart. Your brother said you were fair game, and I can't wait to feel that tight little pussy around my dick."
   Frankie said, what?!
   He's offering me up to his lackeys like a fresh prostitute and I am livid. I'd slit Frankie’s throat in his sleep if I didn't need him. He doesn't give a shit about me and right now, the feeling's fucking mutual. The way I'm feeling, his flunky here is about to have a very agonizing sex change.
   "I don't give a damn what he told you! Don't fucking touch me, you mongrel." In my anger, I slam my fist against the door three times. I probably sounded like the police, but I didn’t give a shit. Somebody better answer before I commit murder on their doorstep.
   "Alright, wait a damn minute!" A voice on the other side yells out. The door swings open and I'm staring at a nearly naked beast of a man, but I’m really ogling his bare chest, a nice one at that, except my eye is drawn to fresh scars on his arm that look like they wrap around his back. They are a pinkish against his warm skin. I was so fascinated I failed to see the irritation on his face until I looked up and he sneered, "What?!" He stares down at me.
   "What?! Don't they teach you basic manners to address people when answering the damn door, or is it true what they say about bikers? Nothing but a bunch of brainless Neanderthals."
   Everyone was pissing me off tonight.
   He looks behind me and recognizes Diesel, "Hey, Frankie letting his whores deliver payment now?" He taunted as he snatched the envelope. He was about to slam the door in my face, but I wasn’t going to tolerate disrespect.
   I stuck my foot in the way and put my arms up against the door frame, "Despite your ignorant statement, you seem like a decent guy, quite out of place to be a mangy, trashy biker, but what do I know, huh? You might be as bad as my brother Frankie. I’m not some vagabundo (tramp) like that cadela (bitch) he's dragging around like a fucking trophy. I don’t know why, she looks like any other $10 whore, but whatever. IF there is a next time, I suggest you show me some respect, seu idiota covarde!” (you spineless prick)
   He raised his brow and shifted his weight while rubbing his chin, the muscles automatically flexing in his chest and arms. He was also in his boxers; I wonder if I interrupted his sleep or a good time? I could hear female voices from behind the door.
   "Did you call me a prick?"
   Oh shit. I didn't expect him to understand me!


Crashed and burned
My relationship, my life, my bike
All turned upside down
But I needed to get my bike back in gear
She's the only one I need
No woman was going to ever change that
No woman was going to make me crash and burn again

My club is my sole focus
Until her...and that cute little tater tot daughter
I'm going to protect them from whatever, including family
Now I wonder...
If I open up, will she wreck my life?

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Author bio:

S Courtney is new to the published writing community but has been a lifelong writer and began creatively writing in junior high.

She is the author of the paranormal romance, the Bound Series, which includes Bound to You, Bound by Destiny, and Unapologetically Nessa which are available on paperback and kindle.

She is also the author of her contemporary romance, the Black Aces MC, a motorcycle club romance and the Sandman, a dark, slow burn paranormal romance.

Friday 24 February 2023

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Blanket of Stars [Camp Bexley 04] by K.K. Allen!

All Cayson Bexley ever wanted was to fly…
Until a near-fatal crash clipped his wings, sending the injured military pilot back to his hometown and living right next door to me.

From the moment our eyes meet, the attraction is undeniable.
I mean who wouldn’t fall for that achingly gorgeous face, clean-cut demeanor, and sweet, small-town charm?

Other than our mutual love of music, we’re as opposite as two people can be.
Which is precisely why I friend-zone him the moment he shows interest.
But as time goes on, my heart softens to this man who once had it all—a literal hero floundering to find his purpose.

In the midst of my own struggles, I could certainly use a friend.
Heck, I could use more than that.
And I’m not afraid to let Cayson know it.

When I discover my hunk of a neighbor is as shy as he is inexperienced, I offer him a distraction he can’t possibly refuse.
We already share a very thin wall.
Why not a bed too?

There’s only one catch: he’ll have to promise not to fall in love with me…

A no-strings hook-up is every man’s dream, right?
What could possibly go wrong?

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Author bio:

K.K. Allen is a USA Today bestselling and award-winning author who writes heartfelt and inspirational contemporary romance stories. K.K. graduated from the University of Washington with an Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences degree and currently resides in central Florida with her ridiculously handsome little dude who owns her heart.

K.K. published her first contemporary romance, Up in the Treehouse, in 2016 which went on to win the Romantic Times 2016 Reviewers' Choice Award for Best New Adult Book of the Year.

With K.K.'s love for inspirational and coming of age stories involving heartfelt narratives and honest emotions, you can be assured to always be surprised by what K.K. releases next.


Enter to win signed paperbacks of Blanket of Stars HERE!

Thursday 23 February 2023

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Give it a Whirl by Kayt Miller!

Matilda Conklin is always a personal attendant, never a bride. Even in her favorite cousin's wedding, she's been relegated to errand running. No matter, Matilda is able to see the bright side of things. Not because she's an eternal optimist, although, that helps.

Nope. It's because she understands how short life is and that there's no use whining about stupid stuff like terrible maids-of-honor or how she has to learn the waltz to please her cousin.

Matilda knows there's always a silver lining. This one just happens to be muscled and six-feet-tall plus of silver lining.

Alec Marchesani can't dance. Nor does he want to. Ever. But, here he is, forced by his stupid brother to learn the waltz.

The waltz! The only bright spot in this entire sh*t show is the quirky girl next to him. She's a bit too sunshiny for Alec––you know, too optimistic—but that's okay. She's funny, and if there's one thing Alec Marchesani needs in his life, it's some funny.

Maybe learning the waltz won’t be so bad.

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

Kayt grew up in the midwest surrounded by a loving family, which included three brothers, one sister, and parents who always fostered her creative side.

She wrote her first book when she couldn’t find a story about a certain type of a woman and a specific kind of man. She called it “Game Changer,” and in couldn’t have been a more appropriate title. It changed her life in many ways.

Her author goal is to write stories that romance readers can relate to, while making readers laugh and sometime shed a tear or two. Kayt hopes her readers can escape into a fantasy, one that’s actually possible.

Sure, some of the stories are dubbed “insta-love,” but that’s okay. She fell in love with her husband pretty damn fast and with her daughter the second she saw her.

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: My Chance [Men of New York 04] by Samantha Skye!

My job has always been my ticket to the top.
Now my only chance at success is tall, dark, and menacing…

At no point in my law career did I think I’d have a mobster in my office, offering me a job.

Hard pass.

But Nico Molenti is as persistent as he is…persuasive. And thanks to my dad’s white-collar antics, my client list is looking as bare as my bank account will be in a few weeks.

Accepting Nico’s offer isn’t just about quick cash though. If I say yes to this, I kiss my New York law firm goodbye.

Perhaps that’s why he’s so intent on keeping my lips very busy.

But breaking my law-abiding habits to help a gangster exact vengeance on his enemies is easier said than done.

Although with every fiery touch, I can’t help but feel I’m going over to the dark side in more ways than one…

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

Samantha Skye is a contemporary romance author from Melbourne, Australia. A country kid turned city slicker, Samantha writes characters that are as diverse as they are devilishly handsome.

Her unique brand of suspenseful spice deftly combines the risky and the risqué, setting hearts pounding for more than one reason! When she’s not plotting her next novel, Samantha can be found chatting on podcasts, or anywhere there’s sunshine.

An avid traveler, Samantha is just as comfortable in gumboots as she is in Christian Louboutins...but she’s usually having more fun in the latter.

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: The Baby Blitz [Varsity Dads 03] by Lex Martin!

Two pink lines won’t change the bad blood between us.

I haven’t always hated my brother’s best friend, but Michael Oliver gets under my skin and brings out the worst in me. He knows how to push my buttons, and I relish pushing all of his. He betrayed my trust years ago, so I’ve made it my mission in life to aggravate him until he admits he was wrong.

When his sister’s wedding brings us together, Michael suggests a truce for one night. If only he weren’t so handsome and smart, maybe I could resist the allure, but I’ve always been a little impulsive, and this man is my ultimate temptation. After years of pent-up frustration and unrequited lust, I finally let down my guard, and that’s all it takes for us to combust.

But like all bad decisions, the morning after brings a reckoning, and I leave his hotel room swearing to never waste another moment of my time pining after him. Who needs that grumpy jerk warming her bed? Not me.

I don’t let myself think about that steamy night together, or how it pained me to hear about his football injury, or how much I know he wants to get drafted so he can help his family. Because I’m cutting Michael out of my life for good.

Only the two little pink lines mean I can’t forget him. Even if I desperately want to.

Check it out on Goodreads!

Grab your copy here

Author bio:

Lex Martin is the USA Today bestselling author of The Varsity Dad Dilemma, the Texas Nights series, and the Dearest series, books she hopes readers love but her parents avoid. A former high school English teacher and freelance journalist, she resides in Texas with her husband, twin daughters, and a bunny named Dandelion.


Monday 20 February 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Maggie’s Mark [Ceiba Cartel 01] by Michelle Cornish!


   In front of them was the lush jungle, where the shooting had come from the night of the party, but Ricardo led her to the right. A six-foot wooden gate blocked their path. Ricardo pushed it open with such gusto Maggie thought it might come right off the hinges.
   “Care for a swim?”
   He left the gate open as he stepped closer to the pool. It was a simple lap pool—no diving board—but the turquoise water took Maggie’s breath away. Sand-colored paving stones edged up to the pool and the relaxing sounds of a water feature along the far wall threatened to overtake the piano music coming from inside.
   The sun had already set by the time Maggie had arrived for dinner, but the lights around the pool were all they needed. Of course, she wasn’t planning on swimming any laps.
   Ricardo unbuttoned his short-sleeved shirt, took it off, and placed it on a lounge chair nearby. Two towels were neatly folded on the chair as if he’d planned this the whole time.
   She bit her lip as he pulled her close. Her whole body tingled when he kissed her neck and slowly worked his way to her lips. She closed her eyes and savored every moment. When he pulled her top over her head, she thanked God she hadn’t worn a wire. Did the bug on the balcony have enough range that the team in the apartment would hear them? She pushed the thought out of her head. At this point, she didn’t care.
   Ricardo lightly caressed her shoulder, and she dragged her fingers down his jaw line, his dark five o’clock shadow rough to her touch.
   As he tugged off his pants, she reached behind her back and undid her bra, shaking it off and letting it fall to the ground at the same time as Ricardo’s pants. To her surprise, he wasn’t wearing underwear.
   “Ay,” said Ricardo, running a hand along her hip. She placed his hand on her breast, letting him know she wanted him to touch all of her. He trailed a finger along the side of her nipple, causing it to double in size.
   She let her head fall back and stretched her arms out, and he pulled her close. The hard bulge of his erection pressed into her hip as they kissed again. Her groin throbbed, and she paused to take off her skirt. Ricardo strolled to the pool then sat on the stonework, dangling his legs in the water.
   He cringed. “Wow. That’s a little cold.”
   Maggie laughed. Instead of joining him at the edge of the pool, she slipped her naked body into the waist-high water and stood in front of him. She took a deep breath as her body adjusted to the cool temperature of the water, then placed her hands on his thighs. He tilted her chin upward with his fingertip and bent his head to press his lips to hers. They were full and soft, and Maggie forgot all about the cold water.

The CIA told me to hunt him down. Instead, I fell in love with him.

It’s 1987 and CIA officer Maggie Barnes has the opportunity of her life—take down Ricardo Ceiba Colombia’s most prominent drug lord.

But the more Maggie learns about Ricardo and the deeper she goes undercover, the more she sees Ricardo for who he really is. Her mission becomes an impossible choice—take down the man she loves or betray her country.

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

Michelle strives to write the kinds of books she enjoys reading--complicated characters, a little romance, and a lot of mystery and intrigue. Strong women in sticky situations is her specialty!

You can find Michelle at www.michellecornishauthor.com. She also writes children's books with her kids as A.J. Kormon.

Sunday 19 February 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Three to Get Ready [One for the Money 03] by Skye Warren!

There’s a ticking time bomb in Finn Hughes’s head.

That means he has to prepare everyone. Eva. The baby. The company, which is in an uproar after the announcement. He needs to get them ready. Because when the curse hits, it will be too late to say goodbye.

Check it out on Goodreads!


Author bio:

Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance. Her books have sold over one million copies. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, sweet dogs, and evil cat.

Saturday 18 February 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: The Second Time Around [Willow Bay 01] by Kelly Collins!


   She ran to her bungalow, yelling, “I’ll beat you to the buoy, Carter Kessler. You’ll see.” She threw open her door, and it bounced off the wall and nearly coldcocked her, but she sidestepped, and it slammed shut. “Game on, Carter. You are going to regret a lot of things. The first is leaving me twelve years ago. The second is challenging me to swim to the buoy because I’m fierce. Mark my words, you will most definitely regret hiring Margot Kincaid. That girl was once the bane of my existence, and I’ll be darned if she’s going to be a bee in my bonnet now.”
   Brie opened a drawer and rummaged through her things to find the teeniest, tiniest bikini she owned. If Carter thought he’d only had eyes for her in high school, let him see her in this.
   He was waiting for her on the end of his dock. She strolled toward him, exaggerating the sway of her hips. Was she too thin? Probably, but that didn’t stop him from gawking at her and then glaring at the men who followed her with their eyes as she went by.
   “This isn’t a nudist beach,” he said.
   “I’m wearing a bathing suit.”
   “I think you forgot to put it on. What you’re wearing is more like floss and Band-Aids.” He stood behind her like a wall, blocking anyone’s view. “Let’s go.” He pushed her into the water.
   She came up sputtering. “Why would you do that?”
   “You looked cold standing here in the nude.”
   She trod water. “You’re jealous.”
   “About as jealous as you are of Margot.” He dove in, and when he broke the surface, he said, “Go.”
   He was a body length ahead of her before she realized the race had begun. There was little chance of her winning, but she had a feeling her competition with Carter had just started. Was it more important to win the battle or the war, and what was she fighting for?
   She chased him to the buoy and back. When she reached the dock, he was there, leaning down and holding out a hand to help her up, lifting her like she weighed nothing. He wrapped her in the towel and a hug.
   “Good job.” He rubbed his hands over the towel, helping dry her off, as he had all those years ago. She melted into him for a second but caught herself and stepped back. It would be so easy to fall into a time when life was easy, when summer break meant sleeping in until ten, and nights were spent sneaking kisses under the old willow tree.
   He stepped aside to reveal a candlelit table. “Just to be clear, I didn’t set this up.”
  Tilly was peeking around the resort’s welcome sign. “I can see the culprit. She’s about five-foot-five and makes the best apple strudel known to man.” She lifted her nose. “And if my senses haven’t misled me, I think she’s made her famous schnitzel with spätzle.”
   He pulled out a chair. “Will you have dinner with me? You can hate me again tomorrow.”
   She sat. “I don’t hate you, Carter.” I just can’t let myself fall in love with you again.

Brie Watkins had loved two men in her life. One abandoned her at the altar twelve years ago, and the other died in the war. She is no stranger to loss, but she’s still learning how to move on. When her sick aunt asks her to come back to Willow Bay to help at the family resort, Brie says yes. After all, she’s a southern girl at heart, and a southern girl never turns her back on kin. Brie sells her beloved home, quits her job restoring historic properties, and goes back to the last place she wants to be, only to find her aunt healthy, The Brown Resort thriving, and the man who left her at the altar living next door, looking as handsome as ever. Why can’t life be fair?

Carpenter Carter Kessler left Willow Bay a dozen years ago and never looked back, but he never forgot his first love, Brie. He’s spent the rest of his life regretting his decision to leave her all those years ago. After his father’s death, he reluctantly returns to find his family’s resort a mess. But it is not a total disaster – Brie is next door and as beautiful as ever. He talks her into helping him refurbish The Kessler Resort, but first she lays out the ground rules: they aren’t friends, they’ll never be lovers, and she’ll never stop hating him. As far as Carter is concerned, it’s a start.

But as summer heats up, so does their relationship. As they peel back the layers, what will they find hiding beneath the surface? Can what they started all those years ago be restored, or are some things better left buried in the past?

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Author bio:

Like FREEBIES? Join the VIP readers at http://bit.ly/KellyCollinsFreeBook for members-only exclusives!

~ Tip: Just hit "FOLLOW" for notifications about deals & new releases! ~

International bestselling author of more than thirty novels, Kelly Collins writes with the intention of keeping love alive. Always a romantic, she blends real-life events with her vivid imagination to create characters and stories that lovers of contemporary romance, new adult, and romantic suspense will return to again and again.

Kelly has sold more than a quarter of a million books worldwide, and in 2021 she was awarded a Readers' Favorite Award Gold Medal in the Contemporary Romance category for A Tablespoon of Temptation.

You can learn more about Kelly at www.authorkellycollins.com.