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Friday 31 May 2024

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Golden Gate Billionaires Series by Chloe del Rey!

My Bossy Billionaire Ex [Golden Gate Billionaires 01]

My ex crushed my heart on our wedding day. Now he needs me to save his company?
Screw that.

I never got over Jonah Wright – surfer-turned-billionaire CEO, my first and only true love.

Between his sun-kissed beach body and brilliant mind, he lit me up like a sparkler.

But he shattered my heart at the altar, and I’ve been picking up the pieces ever since.

Now he’s the big shot billionaire on my campus, throwing money at my students and me to fix his broken project.

My ex and I go from tearing each other a new one to tearing each other’s clothes off.

Our chemistry is hotter than ever.

But I don't know if I can forgive the wounds of the past…

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Not My Billionaire Boyfriend [Golden Gate Billionaires 02]

Challenging my biggest rival to a dating contest was all fun and games. Until I find out I’m sleeping with the enemy.

The dating app I built was the best in the business until an unlucky-in-love blogger ripped our reputation to shreds.

So I put my money where my mouth is: if she can’t find love using my app, I’ll give her a cool million.

I'll even play along.

We use fake identities to keep it fair. I’m a billionaire, after all.

It only takes one sheet-ripping date with a smart, sexy schoolteacher, and I know I’ve got this competition in the bag.

I’m falling. Hard.

But I haven’t told her who I really am, and she’s starting to suspect I have secrets.

Turns out, I’m not the only one who has to come clean…

The new woman of my dreams has been hiding something too.

Now, our fiery passion feels like mutually assured destruction.

Are we going down in flames, or have the games just begun?

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Beautiful Namesake [Golden Gate Billionaires 03]

He’s a hot billionaire. I’m a struggling wallflower. We have nothing in common…except our name.

Jameson “Jack” Carlton gets whatever he wants with a flash of his cocksure smile. And I'm just Jameson “JJ” Carlton, a shy barista working in his gleaming tower.

He’s fifteen years older and impossibly successful. We never should have crossed paths.

Then a simple mix-up reveals more than we bargained for.

Attraction. Coincidences.


Soon his ravenous eyes strip my layers bare, seeing straight through to my secret talents and hidden desires…

One molten heartbeat later, we’re tousling in thousand thread-count sheets.

I feel like a foreigner in his world of luxury and excess. But when he comes into mine, all hell breaks loose.

Because some secrets are etched in bloodlines.

His family’s music empire and my family’s working-class struggles are linked by a bond that shocks us both.

Being with Jack would devastate my family.

But if our relationship stays off-limits, my heart will go into freefall…

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Author bio:

Chloe del Rey works in the video game industry by day and dreams up smart, sexy, messy romances by night. Chloe lives in Northern California with her grumpy dog.

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Thursday 30 May 2024

Release Blitz & Giveaway: His Sacrifice [Banachi Family 03] by Winter Travers!

Trouble is headed straight for the Banachi.
And that trouble knows everything about them.

For years, the devil has been right next to Creed and the guys, and they never even suspected it. Now that they know she’s coming for them, they’re ready.

Except the devil is still two steps ahead of them, and she has an unwilling helper.


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Author bio:

Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Winter Travers is a devoted wife, mother, and aunt turned author who was born and raised in Wisconsin. After a brief stint in South Carolina following her heart to chase the man who is now her hubby, they retreated back up North to the changing seasons, and to the place they now call home. Winter spends her days writing happily ever afters, and her nights being a karate mom hauling her son to practices and tournaments.. She also has an addiction to anything MC related, puppies, and baking.

Wednesday 29 May 2024

Book Blitz: Uncaged Summer by Colet Abedi!

Newly heartbroken, a woman embarks on a glamorized summer of couch surfing to rediscover herself and learns that though life may not go according to plan, there is magic in the unexpected.

Avalie Monfared has a theory about saying “I Do”—that the magic ends there. After thirteen years of magic-free marriage to her high school sweetheart, she’s discovered where it went: gambling and prostitutes.

Now, Ava is on a quest to rediscover herself—and men. Her soul-searching finds her living on a succession of friends’ and family’s couches, which happen to be in some of the most luxurious zip codes in and around Los Angeles. What follows is an unpredictable summer full of shamans, attack birds, awkward dates, sizzling flirtations, and unsolicited advice—especially from her traditional Persian family members, who are eager to see her remarried. With every laugh-out-loud adventure in each locale, Ava finds more solace and wisdom. And while it’s not how she planned to spend the last year of her thirties, Ava learns that there is power in letting go.

Check it out on Goodreads!

Author bio:

Colet Abedi is an Iranian American bestselling author, television and film producer and currently lives in Los Angeles. She writes contemporary romance, young adult and women's fiction.

Abedi was head writer and showrunner for the FOX-owned MyNetworkTV serials, American Heiress and Fashion House where she wrote and oversaw over 100 episodes of the telenovelas. She was the creator and executive producer of Unsealed: Alien Files and Unsealed: Conspiracy Files, which originally ran in syndication for four seasons with over 100 episodes and ran on Netflix, Discovery and the Fox stations as well as internationally.

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Blog Tour & Giveaway: The White Raven Series by M.J. Moores!

The Hollow Kiss [The White Raven 01]

Bloody Walls and Supernatural Espionage Were Not on the Final Exam

Graduation meant a whole new world away from the labels of outcast and freak, but a supernatural abduction leaves Corvina Dray with a hole in her memory and a deadly kiss.

Inexplicably drawn to a dark stranger in a back alley, Dray’s soul-sucking lip-lock lands her with a DB and the local PD on her trail. Then, a girl she doesn’t remember shows up out of nowhere and helps her dispose of the corpse.

Dray’s dead-body-bestie initiates her into an underground world with only one rule— expose the fae and suffer the consequences. But navigating this piranha-paradise to hunt down the maniac responsible for her transformation is likely to kill her… or worse.

Can Dray reverse the curse before she spends the rest of her life in an orange jumpsuit?

Check it out on Goodreads!

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The Soul Collector [The White Raven 02]

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No… it’s a murder-hornet!

Stuck in raven form after her run-in with the most insane wizard alive, Dray is content to focus on healing. But the djinn she negotiated help from has other plans. He sends a warning via stinger in mid-air, forcing Dray to shift before she’s ready. The hostile calling card parrots in her head as she plummets to the ground: Time’s up. Favour’s due.

Back on the asphalt, Dray barely has time to take a breath, or a step, before getting blasted by a second summons. She’s on the fae council’s radar, big time. No one else can root-out the maniac wizard who spliced her soul (Public Enemy No.1), so the council offers Dray a deal she can’t refuse. Being a high school outcast never prepared her for this kind of popularity contest.

Can she survive spying for the good guys while breaking the djinn (Public Enemy No.2) out of jail right under their noses?

Check it out on Goodreads!

Buy your copy from Amazon

The Blade of Balance [The White Raven 03]

No job. No alliance. No clue…

This isn’t about Dray finding herself anymore. This is war. Her BFF-Familiar is holding the fort at the club. Wolf Boy is in uber Nexus protection mode, and the drive-her-mentalist is tracking a missing dragon.

It’s time to go hunting… but seeking the essence required to jumpstart the Blade of Balance drops Dray squarely in everyone’s crosshairs. Really, nowhere better to be than on the brink of social annihilation behind enemy lines. Unfortunately, the key to unlocking the power of the Blade lies with Dray’s less-than-strategic ability to negotiate with severely unbalanced forces… and deciphering the meaning of the final riddle.

If Dray is only the Seeker… who, then, is the Wielder?

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

MJ Moores has dabbled in all things writing since the age of nine. With a minor in creative writing, a decade teaching high school English and Drama, and more than twenty full-length works of fiction under her belt, her seven years as a freelance editor can only be the cherry on top of a life surrounded by story and words. Lately, you can find her working at the library on the days she's not dealing with a flurry of words for her latest book.

MJ loves to write upper YA adventure in sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense. Her newest series, The White Raven, is a fast-paced urban fantasy with a strong female lead, and a hint of mystery. Imagine Legacies meets Lost Girl -- Hold your breath and dive into the adventure.

Monday 27 May 2024

Book Blitz & Giveaway: One Weekend in Venice [One Weekend 01] by Christi Barth!


   “Didn’t that kiss mean anything to you?”
   “Yes.” She wouldn’t lie to him. Which was why she kept going. “I assumed that it didn’t mean anything to you.”
   “I’m not sure which one of us that insults more.”
   “Sometimes being honest is more important than being polite.”
   Jasper backed her against the wall until the chair rail bumped against her butt. One hand planted high above her head, caging her in.
   Awareness of his masculinity assailed all of Cady’s senses. The touch of his muscular thigh in between hers, the piney scent of his cologne, and the navy-blue vein pulsing at his temple. That usually only happened when he argued with the twins about the direction of a new song. Only when he was completely riled up.
   Had she done that to him?
   In a deep, raspy rumble, he said, “All the whys come down to two basic facts. I missed you. A lot. And I realized when I finally saw you again today that I wanted to kiss you.” Jasper tilted his head to speak the rest with his breath, fanning warmth across her ear. “You, Cady. That’s it.”
   That was…an escalation on the level of an eye dropper of water turning into the entire freaking Pacific Ocean.
   Or was it a challenge? What was she supposed to do next? That type of question was the thing she always ran past her best friend. AKA, the confounding man causing this question. But hey, why ruin a solid track record out of potential humiliation?
   “Not so sure how to interpret that little disclosure. Since you just said that you don’t want a hook-up with me.”
   “Because you’re better than that. Because our friendship deserves better than that. I don’t want a hook-up. I want to go out with you.”
   When she fell asleep last night over a plastic cup of Pinot Grigio with the guy in the seat next to her snoring almost as loudly as the plane’s engines? She would’ve laid down a bet of everything in her bank account that Jasper had an allergy to commitment that even an EpiPen couldn’t cure. “A date? According to the dictionary definition?”
   “Yeah. A no-strings-attached date. For the safety of the friendship.”
   Cady’s head—no, her whole world—was reeling. “No strings? Is that man-code for no sex?”
   “It’s whatever you want, Cady. I’m trying to be smart. Listen to my brain and my heart for once, instead of only my dick.”
   “You’ll probably need a translator for that. Or a feather duster to sweep off all the cobwebs from those two parts of your body.”
   “Very not funny.” Jasper put a minute amount of space between them. “Look, I don’t know what I’m doing here. I don’t know how to do it. We should try, though.”
   “Should we, though? Or should we maybe not risk ruining our friendship?”
   “See, that’s the beauty of this plan. Remember? Everything that happens in Venice stays in Venice. One weekend. No strings. No expectations. And if it doesn’t work? No fault.”
   It was tempting. The same way that doing an eating challenge consisting of nine ice cream scoops was tempting. You knew you’d be miserable when it was over, but the doing of it would be glorious.
   After all, then she’d know. She’d know the answers to all the secret questions she’d amassed over the years.
   What were Jasper’s magic moves?
   What did the skin on his inner thigh feel like beneath all that golden hair?
   Was it possible to literally combust from the heat of him sliding inside her?
   Blissful ignorance was overrated. She could go into this with her eyes wide open. Knowing that it’d never work, and so the only rule was to enjoy this one weekend with him.
   And when it did fail, maybe there’d be a big fight, giving her the strength to reveal her secret project to him. It wasn’t good to hide things from your best friend.
   Aside from how much she’d always lusted after him. That was fine to keep hiding.
   So she stared into those blissfully blue eyes and said, “You forgot one rule. No regrets.”

Cady Staunton and Jasper Holt have been best friends forever–and only friends, aside from one unexpected kiss in Vegas eight years ago. But everything changes during a destination wedding in Venice.

Their rock band may or may not be breaking up. Jasper is definitely hiding a secret from her. Actually, they’ve both always hidden their true desires for each other. They intended to keep it that way until circumstances–and another accidental kiss–lead them to take a leap.

They’ll use this weekend in Venice to test shifting from friendship to something…more. If it doesn’t work? They’ll go back to being best friends. Except…that never works. And there’s still the problem of Jasper’s big secret and what to do about their band. Will their friendship, let alone their attempt at love, even survive the weekend?

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Author bio:

USA TODAY bestseller Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage. A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning. Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes contemporary romance. Christi lives in Maryland with her husband.

Sunday 26 May 2024

Book Blitz & Giveaway: So Hectic [Silver Daughters Ink 03] by Eve Dangerfield!


   He thought he’d been feeling heat before, but this was a fucking inferno. His blood turned to fire, his cock swelling to the point of pain. He liked topping. Liked being in charge, and while he only wanted Tabby for himself, if she wanted him to play the amoral asshole, he could do that, too.
   He poured himself more tequila and then rested the bottle on the carpet. “If I had five minutes left on earth, I’d still use it to try and fuck you.”
   She touched a hand to her mouth. “And… if I had a boyfriend?”
   Was it the Village Belle that made her think of him this way? Or had this always been a kink of hers? It didn’t really matter. He'd always loved wrestling, so he could play the heel, the fuckboy, and sensed that was what she wanted. A way to flirt while keeping some distance between the people they’d once been.
   He painted the biggest asshole smile he had all over his face. “I don’t care if you’ve got a fucking husband. I’ll fuck you on this couch and send you home to him with my bruises on your ass and my cum dripping out of you.”
   A beat longer than any second on earth, as Tabby’s fingers gripped her tumbler like she was hanging on for dear life.
   “Does that turn you on?” he said, his voice like gravel. “Ruining some dumb fuck’s life because you’ve got an itch he can’t scratch?”
   Tabby quivered like a leaf in the wind. “I… Let’s say it does. I don’t… Would you really…?”
   “I think we’ve established I would.” He drained his glass, placed it beside the bottle, and sat back on his couch with his arms spread. “Come here and kiss me. Find out.”

A Super Spicy, Enemies to Lovers, Playboy, standalone romance from critically acclaimed author Eve Dangerfield

Tabby DaSilva’s life sucks. Her dad’s AWOL, her Prosecco-themed music festival ‘Sparkling Whine’ bombed, and her big sister’s pregnancy means she’s officially transitioning from ‘youngest kid’ to ‘weird aunt.’ But hardest to take is her best friend Toby Tennant becoming pure evil.

Relieving him of his virginity was supposed to seal their alliance. Instead, Mr Nice Guy vanished only to resurface as a full-blown finance douche, complete with Lamborghini and a podcast shilling creatine every five minutes.

Frankly, it’s a fate worse than death.

But Tabby has the perfect solution: run away! All she needs is enough cash to start a new life in Colombia, and since Toby’s petitioning for her to tattoo him, what’s a girl to do but slowly inject ink into her enemy’s rippling Ken doll torso?

Little does she know that her ex-best friend doesn’t really want a tattoo. Toby wants her, mind, body, and soul. He’s spent the last two years becoming the Sugar Daddy of Tabitha DaSilva’s dreams, and he’s finally ready to show her that he can take care of her and dominate her in ways she can’t even imagine…

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

Eve Dangerfield’s novels have been described as ‘genre-defying,’ ‘insanely hot’ and ‘the defibrillator contemporary romance needs right now’ and not just by those who might need bone marrow one day… OTHER PEOPLE! She lives in Melbourne with her beautiful family and can generally be found making a mess.


Saturday 25 May 2024

Stacking the Shelves [106]!

Stacking The Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality where we show what books we got recently. I do this post once a month.

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you’re adding to your shelves, be it buying or borrowing. From ‘real’ books you’ve purchased, a book you’ve borrowed, a book you’ve been given or an e-book, they can all be shared!

Purchased (Ebooks):

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I, unfortunately, didn't receive any paperbacks or hardbacks this month.

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Friday 24 May 2024

Book Blitz & Giveaway: My Enemy’s Boyfriend [The Seven 02] by Linda Kage!


   “What the hell are you wearing?”
   “Huh?” He glanced down at himself, then added, “Oh. Yeah. I had my six-month evaluation at work this evening. Didn’t get a chance to change out of the monkey suit before I had to leave home again.”
   I wanted to ask him why he’d had to leave home so unexpectedly in the first place, but...
   He was wearing a suit.
   Unable to get past that, I backed myself into the nearest wall and stared, basically forced to gawk unashamedly.
   “Suit,” I whimpered, no longer operating with brain cells but supercharged by hormones alone.
   He sent me an amused squint as he slipped his hand down his tie and stepped close. “Yes, I’m in a suit,” he answered before he grinned suddenly and winked at me. “And I look good in it, too, don’t I? But, uh…” He motioned his finger around me. “Why are you hovering against the wall like that?”
   I shuddered, and all my self-discipline crumbled. “To keep myself from doing...this.”
   Reaching out, I grabbed his tie and yanked him forward with it, intent to crush his mouth against mine.
   But the man had super reflexes. “Whoa. Hey!” he cautioned, slamming his palm against the wall near my face to brace himself from getting tugged all the way in.
   Our noses were about five inches apart as he grinned and shook his head. “Down, girl. I thought you were an all-looky, no-touchy kind of stalker.”
   “What in God’s name made you think that?” I demanded, scowling slightly as I tugged experimentally on his tie, only to find his resistance firm and unwavering. “I never agreed to that.”
   “It’s part of this unspoken thing between us,” he argued, looking amused as his attention strayed down to my mouth.
   I scowled. “There’s no unspoken thing between us.”
   His gaze shot back up to mine, and when his eyebrows crinkled in a really? kind of way, I started to melt.
   “Sure there is,” he murmured in a silken, hot voice that made my freaking ovaries start to sizzle.
   And those eyebrows...
   Oh God, he was using them on me, and it was the most amazing thing in the world.
   I begged him with my stare, pleaded with him to change his mind and just kiss me already.
   In return, his features softened. His head swayed toward me, loosening to the pull between us. He was giving in to the idea, I could see it on his face.
   So I whispered...


It was no mystery why I hated Genesis Gusano. She liked to take other people’s things. The bitch stole a pair of my cutest shoes along with my favorite necklace and a school paper I’d written, which had nearly gotten me expelled from Haverick University entirely. But the last straw came when she dared to take the one thing I’d been pining over for two years.


I had craved Hudson Ivey in a way I didn’t even know craving was possible, and that was before I’d learned his dang name.

He had no idea he’d become a possession that two enemies were warring over. All he wanted to do was graduate with his culinary arts degree and become the best chef possible.

But now he’s stuck in Genesis’s sick game until a ghost from his past changes all the rules, possessing him in a whole new, far more dangerous way.

I promised myself I was done with the paranormal life. I was determined to be a normal, everyday, average girl. But I can’t just stand aside and watch him be destroyed. So I guess it’s time for a little Faith to step in and save the day.

Check it out on Goodreads!

Buy your copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo or Apple Books

Author bio:

Linda writes romance fiction from YA to adult, contemporary to fantasy. Most Kage stories lean more toward the lighter, sillier side with a couple meaningful moments thrown in. Focuses more on entertainment value and emotional impact.
Published since 2010. Went through a 2-year writing correspondence class in children's literature from The Institute of Children's Literature. Then graduated with a Bachelors in Arts, English with an emphasis in creative fiction writing from Pittsburg State University.

Now she lives with hubby, two daughters, cat Holly, and nine cuckoo clocks in southeast Kansas, USA. Farm girl. Parents were dairy farmers. Was youngest of eight. Big family. Day job as a cataloging library assistant.

Harry Potter House Gryffindor, Patronus White Stallion, character match Hagrid. Supernatural Team Dean. Game of Thrones Team Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister. The Walking Dead Team Daryl. Outlander Team Jamie Fraser. Teen Wolf Team Stiles. Avenger Team Thor...or Hulk (can't decide). Justice League Team Flash. Arrow Team Stephen Amell. Stranger Things obsessed. Heard Laurel, not Yanny.

Started out reading with the Baby-Sitters Club. Then moved to Sandra Brown, Linda Howard, Julie Garwood, and LaVyrle Spencer in high school. Now all over the place with her romance reading tastes.

Thursday 23 May 2024

Release Day Blitz: The Keeper [Fall River 01] by G.K. Brady!

A mountain blizzard. An injured dog. A romance that caught them both by surprise.

Hailey Bailey craves safety. Raised by an alcoholic father chasing a dream of surfing superstardom, the down-to-earth health inspector just wants a comfortable salary and benefits. But when she attempts to save a lost dog in a blizzard and causes a pickup truck to crash, she’s awed by the handsome driver who protects her from the storm.

Noah Hunnicutt can’t catch a break. Struggling to keep his tavern afloat and impress his judgmental father, the twenty-eight-year-old family pariah is also fending off an obsessed hookup and his money-grabbing, two-timing ex-girlfriend. To top it off, he never expected he’d be rescuing the very woman who made him wreck his truck. But with the gregarious beauty now stranded in town, he can’t say no when she offers to help him out by waiting tables.

Enchanted by the tiny hamlet’s cast of quirky characters, Hailey begins to envision a life there … with the hunky bar owner on her arm. But a series of menacing notes has her rethinking that future. Meanwhile, Noah discovers his troubles aren’t only with vengeful exes when the lovely lady’s smarmy boss arrives to shut his business down. As Noah grapples with doubts about Hailey's honesty, she contends with an increasingly hostile work environment that has her questioning her moral compass.

Can they overcome the outside forces working against them and cultivate a lasting love? Or will they be left to wonder what could have been?

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

Since childhood, all sorts of stories and characters have lived in G.K. Brady’s imagination, elbowing one another for attention, so she’s finally giving them their voice on the written page.

An award-winning writer of contemporary romance, she loves telling tales of the less-than-perfect hero or heroine who transforms with each turn of a page. She also writes historical fiction under the pen name Griffin Brady.

G.K. is a wife and the proud mom of three grown sons. When she’s not writing, she might be reading, traveling, drinking wine, listening to music, or gardening—sometimes all at once! She currently resides in Colorado with her very patient husband.

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Book Blitz & Giveaway: The Closed Tunnel by Anthony Harold!


Chapter 51. Messages to Die For

Professor Ron Jefferson

   Bursting through the front door, Ron immediately bolted it from the inside and pushed against it with all his weight. He felt as if he was being pursued. It seemed to him that they would be here in a minute to take him to a distant underground grave and separate him from his son for years.
   With the frenzy of a mad scientist, he tore himself away from the door and dashed up the stairs. Desperately searching through a stack of papers on the desk, he sought that particular notebook. He distinctly remembered placing it on the edge of the desk . . .
   No, it must be in the top drawer . . . No, dammit, where is it?
   The thought that people from the Consortium might have already rifled through his papers and taken the precious notebook shot through his head.
   Oh, here it is, on the coffee table by the chair. I must keep a cool head. I’m still in control.
   In a flurry of movement, Jefferson swept the papers from the table, snatched up the notebook, frantically flipped through its filled pages, tore them out, and secreted them in a hidden pocket. Then, ripping out a blank sheet, he scribbled down crucial information in a hurried, nearly frantic script, struggling to maintain his composure. Time was of the essence, and he feared they might arrive at any moment.
   This made Ron cast anxious glances at the locked office door after every few lines.
   “They don’t even need a key, do they? They don’t even need a damn key . . .” he mumbled, startled by his deteriorating mental state.
   After filling both sides of the sheet, he hastily folded it several times and concealed it in a spot that strangers would overlook. Still, its intended recipient would undoubtedly uncover—inside the double bottom of the dracaena plant pot.
   They won’t find the letter. They just can’t. It must not fall into the wrong hands.
   Jefferson paced the room for a minute, uncertain what to hold onto. Then his eyes landed on a picture of his son on the table.
   The boy was smiling, hugging their favorite dog.
   “Rover . . .” Jefferson whispered.
   He opened the adjacent break room and found a golden retriever sleeping peacefully in the middle of a large bed. The dog perked up and bounded toward his master, then jumped with his front paws on his chest.
   As Ron stroked Rover’s back, a new plan crystallized in his mind. He decided not to take the priceless notes with him but to hide them in the house, just as he had hidden his letter, in an even more secure location. Here, in the favorite soundproof room of his ever-barking dog.
   “Soundproof . . .”
   That word triggered a chain of thoughts. He retrieved his cell phone from his pocket, muttering, “I still have some time.” His eyes gleamed with frenzied determination.
   A knock on the door made him wince.
   “Professor Jefferson, do you require assistance with your packing? Your capsule departs in an hour. We must hurry.”
   Ron locked Rover inside the break room so he wouldn’t witness his beloved master leaving. With three heavy steps, Jefferson reached his office door, slowed down . . . and opened it, fully aware that he would never be back to his cozy house again.

What if we told you that 3,000 feet underground is a network of high-tech cities connected by tunnels? Yes, right now.

The main character of this story, Tony from New York, accepts a job from the strange head of a pharmaceutical company. It takes him first to the National Geophysical Research Lab on Long Island and then—unexpectedly!—underground.

He finds himself in Luxor Ville, the city of the elite, and explores Hearton City with genius scientists presumed dead or missing on the Surface.

Meanwhile, in the ancient tunnels, the world’s greatest physicists are conducting an unbelievable experiment that should redefine our understanding of the laws of the universe…

Why are the richest people buying up the last subterranean luxury apartments? How are NASA and Neil Armstrong connected to the underground world? How does the hostess of the Elusive Cafe predict the future?

And is there a common secret that unites Hearton City’s inhabitants, or is it an illusion?

Feel the forgotten vibe of the TV series Lost, unlock a jar of puzzles in the wave of The Da Vinci Code, and prepare for a journey into the depths like in Wool/Silo!

The Closed Tunnel units author’s own inventions, suspense, fantasy elements, physical experiments connected to Montauk project, mystery and thriller, fashion (!), real underground wonders, and a pinch of spice.

There are diverse characters, multiple POVs, Elusive Cafe, ancient board game, scientifically created oracle cards, and a central question: whom to trust.

Check it out on Goodreads!

Buy your copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Kobo

Author bio:

Anthony Harold is the author of the upcoming sci-fi sensation The Closed Tunnel. This book explores underground cities connected by ancient tunnels and will hit shelves in April 2024.

Anthony holds a Master's degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Economics. He has an impressive background of nearly 15 years in the space industry, including developing space-based laser systems and managing finances for a leading rocket company.

Anthony dislikes most modern movies due to plot holes, so he prefers to read and, better yet, write. He's passionate about delving into the mysteries of Earth, exploring ancient history, and studying the wonders of techno-civilization.

Currently living in Cyprus with his grown son, a lively Jack Russell terrier, and his talented wife, who doubles as his editor and marketer, Anthony enjoys spending his free time on the tennis court, jogging along the coast, or fishing.