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Monday 6 May 2024

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Keepers of Time [The Keepers of Time Trilogy 01] by M.N. Kinch!


   Centuries alone can change a man. Especially a man who’s done what I’ve done. I appreciate New York City and its eccentricities, though I liked it better when it was newer. Cars are faster, but I think it took less time to get around in horse-drawn carriages. Now, shiny automobiles fill the streets, honking and spewing smoke into the air, banishing pedestrians to even more crowded sidewalks. I don’t mind the crowds, however. They make it easy to disappear in, like a tree blending into a forest. Everyone is in a hurry and not paying a speck of attention to one another. At least, until they believe you’re in their way.
   As I flow down the sidewalk with the usual wave of foot traffic, a middle-aged (what a strange term) woman slams into me from the side and treads on my foot. I don’t bother to look at her.
   “You could walk faster, you know,” she quips. Her bony elbow stabs my arm as she pushes around me, into my line of vision and for a moment, I stop breathing.
   A cascade of wheat-colored hair falls around her pale face in honeyed waves. She slithers through the crowd and disappears down the stairs into the subway station. Voices around me protest as I freeze in place.
   Can it be her? After all these years? I follow her. She’s fast. I scan for her as I descend the stairs to the subway and notice her rounding a corner, a mobile phone pressed to her face. A briefcase dangles from her other hand. Despite her dark gray pantsuit, she wears athletic sneakers, as is the custom for professional New York women who walk to work with their high-heeled shoes in their bags.
   I struggle to catch up to the woman, eliciting irritated grunts and exasperated hisses from commuters as I bump into them. The blond woman passes through the turnstile and I fumble for my metro card. Finally, I find the card, swipe it, and follow, far behind.
   Should I call to her? I need to see her face. I need to look into her eyes.
   Katherine. It’s been so long since I last saw her. She’d have a completely different face now, but I think I’d know if I saw her. But would she want to see me? Would she remember? Do I want her to remember? I’ve pondered these questions for centuries, and I still don’t know the answers.

A forgotten life.

A secret passed through generations.

A dangerous immortal with nothing to lose.

Joan Sanders is on track for a bright future at NASA, but a strange accident and even stranger dreams draw her to the Cardozas, three mysterious siblings with a charming coffee shop, a dark past, and an uncanny knack for knowing things they shouldn’t.

As Joan grows closer to the Cardozas (especially the grumpy, yet charming, older brother), she’s thrown into a world of secrets and magic that challenge everything she believes. And she realizes she may have more in common with them than she thought.

While Joan and the Cardozas race to unravel a centuries-old secret that could destroy time itself, an ancient, heartbroken drifter lurks on the edges of their lives, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

And he may know more about Joan’s past than she does.

In this funny and mesmerizing first installment of the Keepers of Time trilogy, M. N. Kinch weaves a magical story of romance and found family, with unforgettable characters you’ll love from the very first page.

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