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Monday 20 May 2024

Book Blitz & Giveaway: The Winchester Codex by Frances Spurrier!


   When he surfaced from the Tube, he realised with a jolt of panic that no-one had given him directions to the museum entrance. Or he’d forgotten to print out the email. Find phone, he thought grappling for his mobile in his rucksack. Find email. The arrangement was for two interviews, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, plus he was to be wheeled out for some guest appearances among the exhibits. The traffic as ever was dense and impatient. How could anyone think straight in all this noise and busy-ness? Already he felt a headache coming on.
   He stood with a crowd of people waiting to cross at the lights. Curious stares surrounded him as they always did. Yeah I’m a dragon. There’s still some left. So get over it.
   Exhibition Road. The right place at least. A queue already? That was gratifying. A young child with a pink parasol and gum boots patterned with yellow ducks stared at him, apparently unpeturbed by the sight of a live dragon wandering down Exhibition Road. The child called out ‘Hey Dinosaur. Are you lost?’
   Kind of.
   ‘Ssshhh! Gracie’ the young woman with the child looked embarrassed. ‘Sorry… so sorry…’
   ‘Not at all. It’s a common confusion.’
   ‘About being lost. Or about being a dinosaur?’

Books can be dangerous. Fitz believes he is guardian of one of the most dangerous of all – The Winchester Codex was responsible for wiping out the entire draconic race, of which he is one of the last vestiges. Caught in a trap from the deep time of history, the dragon had vowed to protect the book’s author. Yet in the 21st century, what relevance does this ancient manuscript have? He hides the codex in his attic and tries to forget about it.

A surprise visit from a friend leads to one last quest, forcing them both to confront their past.

In Swansea, Fitz and his friend Perceval happen upon a temporarily homeless teenager who joins them on a walk around the coast of Wales to raise funds for charity and records everything on social media.

But not all their followers are benign. Someone wants the codex that has lain neglected in Fitz’s attic for centuries and wants it badly. What started as a simple walk, ends with a journey into darkness and to the gates of death.

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Author bio:

Frances Spurrier is a published poet, essayist, reviewer and blogger. The Winchester Codex is her first novel. She lives in London with her husband and Suki the Golden Doodle.



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