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Monday 31 July 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Year of the Fledgling by Linda Kage!


   “Xia?” he rasped in confusion. “What’re you…” His eyes flared wide. “No! What’re you doing here? You can’t be here. Go!”
   “You’re hurt,” she told him, shaking her head. “I’m here to tend to my patient.”
   “But the dark one—”
   “Is dead,” she promised gently. “It stumbled from the woods and dropped dead at the edge of the forest, right next to the keep.”
   “No,” he rasped urgently. “There were two. I—I tracked an adult…and a fledgling.”
   Heaven have mercy.
   Xia pulled back and immediately glanced around her, her breathing picking up speed as well. “Which—er—” She veered her gaze back to Theron. “Just out of curiosity, but which one did you kill?”
   “The smaller one,” he said, wincing in apology. “The larger one is still somewhere out here. With us.”
   Great. That was all she needed to hear right now.
   “You need to go, now,” Theron ordered urgently. “Xia, run!”
   She didn’t move, partially because her limbs were literally frozen with fear and partially because she wasn’t leaving him. “Not without you,” she promised.
   He swore loudly. “Dammit, woman. I’m pinned here and can’t get out. You need to save yourself.”
   Her back straightened stubbornly. “I’m the master healer,” she argued righteously. “And I do not leave my patients behind. Especially when I’m in love with them!”

Theron, the Eradicator, has one job: to protect the people of Starcast by killing the deadly creatures that attack them. That’s it.

Being an Eradicator comes with a heavy price, however, for he’s strictly prohibited from having any kind of personal contact with the villagers.

But one night, he sneaks into the town’s harvest festival, anyway, and meets the lovely, young healer’s apprentice.

As Theron grows close to her, it becomes harder to tell what’s more dangerous: risking a fatal injury while battling dark ones or risking fatal punishment by beginning a secret dalliance with a forbidden girl.

In either case, doom seems to be the only outcome, and tension mounts as love and danger blur across the reach of this fantastical, seaside landscape.

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Author bio:

Linda writes romance fiction from YA to adult, contemporary to fantasy. Most Kage stories lean more toward the lighter, sillier side with a couple meaningful moments thrown in. Focuses more on entertainment value and emotional impact.
Published since 2010. Went through a 2-year writing correspondence class in children's literature from The Institute of Children's Literature. Then graduated with a Bachelors in Arts, English with an emphasis in creative fiction writing from Pittsburg State University.

Now she lives with hubby, two daughters, cat Holly, and nine cuckoo clocks in southeast Kansas, USA. Farm girl. Parents were dairy farmers. Was youngest of eight. Big family. Day job as a cataloging library assistant.

Harry Potter House Gryffindor, Patronus White Stallion, character match Hagrid. Supernatural Team Dean. Game of Thrones Team Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister. The Walking Dead Team Daryl. Outlander Team Jamie Fraser. Teen Wolf Team Stiles. Avenger Team Thor...or Hulk (can't decide). Justice League Team Flash. Arrow Team Stephen Amell. Stranger Things obsessed. Heard Laurel, not Yanny.

Started out reading with the Baby-Sitters Club. Then moved to Sandra Brown, Linda Howard, Julie Garwood, and LaVyrle Spencer in high school. Now all over the place with her romance reading tastes.

Sunday 30 July 2023

Stacking The Shelves [96]!

Stacking The Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality where we show what books we got recently. I do this post once a month.

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you’re adding to your shelves, be it buying or borrowing. From ‘real’ books you’ve purchased, a book you’ve borrowed, a book you’ve been given or an e-book, they can all be shared!

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Saturday 29 July 2023

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Taming the White Wolf [Lone Wolf Legacy 01] by N.J. Walters!


   Whoever this woman was, she was pure temptation, a dangerous distraction he didn’t need. If anything, he needed to keep his guard up until he discovered why he’d been drawn to her.
   She licked her lips again. Unable to resist, he leaned toward her. When she didn’t object, he brushed his mouth against hers. Lust roared through him like a runaway freight train. He almost staggered under the onslaught. Every muscle in his chest rippled as her hand skimmed over it before settling on his shoulder.
   Mine! The possessive impulse caught him off guard. Wolves mated for life, but not lone wolves. As the name implied, they were solitary creatures by necessity.
   Inhaling sharply, he sorted through myriad scents. Beneath the layers of sweat, liquor, and artificial fragrance lay a richer one—sweet with a hint of arousal—hers. It went straight to his dick, making it throb. Then he caught a darker, musky scent mixed with a hint of blood.
   A low growl escaped him before he could swallow it back. Everything inside him stilled as he scented his quarry. Needing to be sure, he buried his face against her neck and shoulder. It was stronger near her back. There was no mistaking it. This was no mere brush from someone passing by. The rogue had marked her with several drops of his blood.
   Either she was involved with the rogue he was hunting, or the male had watched him save her life earlier and decided to draw her into their deadly game of hide-and-seek. Whatever the reason, she’d been marked. Rogues chose their victims at random to leave no pattern to track, but this was deliberate.

White wolf Devlin Moore has spent nearly the last century following his destiny: hunting rogue werewolves. His fate is to be the only one of his kind—hardened, feared, and brutally ruthless. Only now, Devlin’s not alone. There are two others. And if that wasn’t unsettling enough, Devlin is drawn to New York City for what appears to be a human…

As far as Devlin can tell, vibrant artist Zoe Galvani is no threat. But there’s something about her— from her unusual eyes that look similar to the same shocking hue as his own, to his growing need to mark her as his that suggests magical forces may be at play.

Now there’s no escaping each other, or the attraction that grows stronger by the second. But no one, especially a human woman, should have this effect on a lone wolf. And just when he’s sure that having her could be his undoing…the truth steps out of the shadows.

Check it out on Goodreads!

Author bio:

Once upon a time N.J. had the idea that she would like to quit her job at the bookstore, sell everything she owned, leave her hometown, and write romance novels in a place where no one knew her. And she did. Two years later, she went back to the bookstore and her hometown and settled in for another seven years.

One day she gave notice at her job on a Friday morning. On Sunday afternoon, she received a tentative acceptance for her first romance novel and life would never be the same.

N.J. Walters is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks--all vie for her attention. It's a tough life, but someone's got to live it.

Friday 28 July 2023

Release Day Blitz: Wrathful Malice [Saints Purgatory MC 02] by Andi Rhodes & Lacy Rose!

There isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t committed a sin. Some sins are worse than others, but seven of them are deadly. But those seven worst of the worst? They’re what drive Saints Purgatory MC to keep fighting.

I live my life as a free spirit, a woman determined to carve out her place in the music industry… Hell, in the world. Writing songs and playing gigs is how I survive, and for the most part, it works. Until it doesn’t. I never dreamed I’d get sick and be dragged to a motorcycle club for help, but that’s where I find myself.

When dark forces come for blood, I don’t believe for a second that I’m the target. How can I be when I’m surrounded by men who make their living as vigilantes in a sinner’s world? But I’m proven wrong, and that scares me more than I thought possible. My best friend assures me that I’m safe with Saints Purgatory MC, and I want to believe him.

But how am I supposed to trust the brother he hasn’t seen in years? Not only with my life, but with my heart?

As the Vice President of Saints Purgatory MC, I need to keep a cool head. Unfortunately, fury is my middle name, and there’s nothing cool about me. But I’ve learned how to take that rage and use it to fight the battles that most would run from. I’m talented like that.

With a past that haunts me and a present that’s full of sinners, it’s a miracle I’ve done anything at all with my life. The one thing I don’t do is let people get close. Aside from my club, I don’t need anyone. Until my brother shows up with his best friend, and she needs more from me than I’ve ever willingly given.

I don’t know if I can be the man she deserves, but for the first time, I know I’ll move heaven and earth to try.

I am Saints Purgatory, and I’m a sinner who takes out the sinful.

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Author bios:

Andi Rhodes is an author whose passion is creating romance from chaos in all her books! She writes MC (motorcycle club) romance with a generous helping of suspense and doesn’t shy away from the more difficult topics. Her books can be triggering for some so consider yourself warned. Andi also ensures each book ends with the couple getting their HEA! Most importantly, Andi is living her real life HEA with her husband and their boxers.

For access to release info, updates, and exclusive content, be sure to sign up for Andi’s newsletter at andirhodes.com.

Lacy Rose is an author who loves to write gritty MC (motorcycle club) romance. Lacy loves multiple genres and can be found reading almost anything in her free time. She lives with her husband of 23 years and two children. When she isn't writing, her life is often filled with mayhem from kids’ school activities, so she reads and writes in her free time to escape reality. Lacy enjoys sharing her stories with others, and they always have a HEA.

Thursday 27 July 2023

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: The Protector's Pressure [The Human-Born Chronicles] by Susan L. Markloff!

Then there's the Second, Protector of all. One noble, a shield for his role.

To the outside observer, Skylar Mitchell has a life most people only dream of. With the wealth, fortune, and power granted to a nobleman's son, life should be perfect. But the ideal family seen by all and sought by many for political gain are shadowy illusions of the truth: the Mitchell family is anything but perfect. Wrapped up in the politics that have infected their home, Skylar yearns to find the one thing he's craved his entire life: a genuine family.

Adding to the conflict, Skylar is a Human-Born with extraordinary powers that aren't becoming of a nobleman's son. Though he wishes to explore his abilities and grow in his strengths, his parents have staunchly denied his involvement with anything outside the norm.

Until one day, a portal opens from another world, unleashing enemies aimed at attacking Skylar, and threatening to tear the veil that masks the Mitchell family's happy facade. In that moment, everything could crumble, most notably the boy who was supposed to be unbreakable.

Caught between duty to his family and his remarkable destiny, Skylar may be forced to make a decision that could fracture the Mitchell family. Will he be bold enough to step into the path he was made for, or will he cower under the weight of family pressures?

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

2022 Readers' Favorite Award Winner.

Susan Markloff spent a majority of her childhood pretending to live in other worlds. Coupled with her admiration for fantastical stories, she crafted one of her own. Studying writing at Houghton College, she learned how to hone her skills as an author, writing first drafts of five books during her college career. The Rise of the Raidin is her debut novel and the first in the Human-Born Era series. Susan resides in her hometown of Sellersville, PA with her faithful dog, Pinkerton.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Watch Your Back [Ariana Jones 01] by Stacy Claflin!


   Pain shot through the left side of Rita’s neck.
   She moaned and rubbed the spot. Tried to turn her head.
   More blinding agony.
   She opened her eyes. Darkness. How long had she been asleep?
   Was this a hangover? She and her boyfriend often acted like stupid teenagers and got drunk when they spent time together. It was idiotic, but at least it got her mind off her miserable marriage — the worst decision of her life. How had she not seen through Boone before the wedding?
   Not that it mattered. Right now, she needed water and a handful of ibuprofen.
   Rita sat up. Tried to, anyway. Something prevented her from getting up.
   Ropes. They wrapped around her arms, just above her elbows, and at her knees. Fabric covered her eyes.
   Gasping, she pulled it off.
   The room was bright after having been blindfolded, but it was dim from the black curtains. Light streamed from above them, indicating it was daytime. The walls were as bare as the bed underneath her. Couldn’t see much more without sitting up.
   Rita struggled to free herself from the ropes, but they were too tight and fastened out of her reach. She struggled for a better look around the room. Didn’t recognize it.
   Where was she? How had she gotten here?
   Everything came tumbling back.
   Leaving the restaurant.
   Seeing him.
   She choked on air.
   To think she’d once trusted that man.
   What was he going to do with her? Why did he have her tied up here?
   One thing was certain. She couldn’t afford to wait and find out.
   There had to be a way out of the restraints, out of this room.
   Rita struggled against the ropes. They burned, even through her clothes. Didn’t loosen.
   Maybe she could twist them so the ties pulled to her reach. Then she could undo them and get out.
   Run and be free.
   She tugged on the rope. Pulled and twisted.
   It didn’t budge. Too tight.
   He really knew what he was doing.
   But she was smarter.
   She would get away. Make sure he never saw the outside of a prison cell.
   Sweat broke out along her hairline as she fought to free herself. Her breathing grew ragged.
   Click, click.
   Rita froze. Lifted her head.
   The doorknob jiggled.

Even perfect neighborhoods have deadly secrets.

Ariana and Damon moved to the gated neighborhood of Rosy Hills to leave behind their traumatic pasts. Now they have their dream jobs and are part of a tight group of friends. All of that crumbles when their neighbor Rita disappears without a trace.

Now it looks like one of their own could be a killer. Ariana and Damon must figure out who it is, or they risk never finding Rita alive. If they don’t reach her in time, they could all end up dead…

Check it out on Goodreads!

Author bio:

Stacy Claflin is a USA Today bestselling thriller author who has published more than 75 novels, including Girl in Trouble and The Perfect Death. She has always been curious about the human mind, and in her quest to learn more, she earned a degree in Psychology. Her favorite course was Abnormal Behavior, which has been useful in writing fiction.

Her love for thrillers goes back to her early childhood when she fell in love with Unsolved Mysteries and America’s Most Wanted. When Stacy was five, she got mad at a babysitter who wouldn’t let her watch the evening news. These days, she spends her free time listening to true crime podcasts or watching documentaries on the subject.

She has been telling stories for as long as she can remember, and as child would often get into trouble for trying to convince friends her wild tales were true. Now she puts her creativity to better use by writing page-turning stories that leave readers begging for more.

Stacy occasionally dabbles in other genres, so as you peruse her library of works, you’ll find some romance and paranormal tales, all with strong suspense elements.

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Tuesday 25 July 2023

Cover Reveal: Beautiful Sin [Beautiful Sin 01] by Jennilynn Wyer!

I was at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong men. Men who are not what they seem. But neither am I.

Scarred, isolated, and practically alone–that was my life before attending Darlington Founders University.

I spent my days in the shadows, fading into the background and hiding the person I was ten years ago. A broken, damaged girl I didn’t want to remember.

My life changed when I met them. Three men who altered everything. I witnessed something I shouldn’t have, and now I’m suddenly the object of their obsession. Tristan Amato, Hendrix Knight, and Constantine Ferreira. Wealthy playboys hellbent on claiming me for their own.

When I’m thrust into their lives and given no choice but to live with them for my protection, I realize there is a lot more to these dangerous, enigmatic men than meets the eye. As the past and the present collide, dark truths are revealed and whispers of a secret society start to surface. I’m forced to face the very things I repressed all those years ago and question everything I know about who I am, who I can trust… and something much worse…

Am I falling in love with the enemy?

Add it to your TBR list on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

Jennilynn Wyer is multi-award winning romance author (Rudy Award winner for Romantic Suspense, HOLT Medallion Award winner, three-time Contemporary Romance Writers Stiletto Finalist, three-time HOLT Medallion Award Finalist, and a Carolyn Reader's Choice Award Finalist). She writes steamy, New Adult romances as well as dark reverse harem romances. She also pens YA romance under the pen name JL Wyer. She is a sassy Southern belle who lives a real-life friends-to-lovers trope with her blue-eyed British husband. When not writing, she’s nestled in her favorite reading spot, e-reader in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, enjoying the latest romance novel.

Monday 24 July 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Taniwha Creek [Otago Waters] by Stephanie Ruth!


Brothers Best Friend:

   “Why can’t you just get an eyeful and keep your mouth shut like everyone else?”
   Todd looked around pointedly. “But there isn’t anyone else.”
   “Not this time.”
   “Not this time,” Todd repeated more slowly, blinking. The little gems of water on his eyelashes caught a shaft of afternoon light, and sparkled.
   So he remembered it too—the last time they’d swam here together.
   “I hadn’t thought it through. The wet T-shirt, I mean.”
   Todd laughed. “The wet T-shirt was epic. Every hetero-eighteen-year-old-guy’s wet dream.”
   At the time, Maddie hadn’t realised her ‘modesty’ T-shirt had plastered itself to every damn curve she’d been trying to hide until it was too late.
   Her sixteen-year-old-self’s embarrassment had been minor, she was among friends after all, but was compounded tenfold by her brother’s over-the-top reaction.
   Trying to cover Maddie from head to toe with a random towel, Mitchell had ordered his ogling mates to look the other way.
   “Bloody Mitchell,” she muttered.
   Todd grinned. “If you need me to act all protective and cover you up, I can do that.” He held two hands up, palms cupped as if holding her chest, making Maddie snort.
   “Hey, how are you doing that without going under? Are you touching bottom?”
   “Tippy toes,” Todd admitted.
   It wasn’t just their clothing missing, something else had eased off between them, slowly worn through by continual proximity and shared history. Maddie slid one hand onto Todd’s shoulder, using him as support so she didn’t have to tread water anymore. It felt so natural there, she followed suit with the other one, framing his neck.
   “You planning on dunking me?” Todd’s eyes glinted with amusement, but there was something else there too.
   A light. A spark…
   “The thought had crossed my mind,” Maddie informed him loftily, though to be honest, she was seriously considering his mouth as her next move.
   A shiver of excitement ran through her.
   “Want to get out?”
   No. She most definitely did not want to get out.

Maybe friends really do make the best lovers…

Barista Maddie Stalwart-Jones has known Todd Kaihanga all her life, but no matter where her brain wanders when she’s not vigilant, she refuses to consider her brother’s best mate as anything other than off limits. It would be all wrong, right? The self-proclaimed pessimist is intent on ignoring the fact her cafe manager is the only guy she can relax and be herself around, and the only person she’s comfortable talking about her dead brother with.

Intent on escaping Wānaka, where everyone seems to have an opinion on her intimate business and family history, falling for Todd would be highly inconvenient.

Todd’s a patient guy, but he’s over waiting around for Maddie to notice he could be so much more than a shoulder to lean on. When Maddie’s mother finally agrees to accept some much needed help with her run down property, it’s a perfect catalyst for Todd to prove to his high school crush that his optimistic streak isn’t a curse, it’s the perfect yin to her yang. The wedding of the year is about to kick off, and there’s only one woman he wants to be dancing with.

Check it out on Goodreads!

Buy your copy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Author bio:

Award winning New Zealand contemporary romance novelist and short story writer, Stephanie Ruth lives in the South Island, Te Waipounamu, with her husband, three children, and an ever expanding array of animals. If it doesn't have a happy ending in some form or other, Stephanie's not writing it.

Sunday 23 July 2023

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Cherished By the Mountain Man [Wild Heart Mountain: Military Heroes 05] by Sadie King!

Author interview!

Can you, for those who don't know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author?

I’m Sadie King and I write short instalove romance with curvy girls and growly alpha men. I published my first book in October 2019 and since then I’ve published over 100 short romances.

What is something unique/quirky about you?

I used to perform improv comedy. On stage with no script, just making silly stuff up. It was so much fun and I’ve been lucky enough to perform at the Edinburgh Festival and the Chicago Comedy Festival.

Where were you born/grew up at?

I’m from Auckland, New Zealand. In my early twenties I moved to the UK to travel and see the world and I spent time living and working in London and Peterborough. Just when I was ready to come home, I met my husband and ended up staying for another nine years! We recently re-located back to New Zealand. It was always part of the deal when I met him to come back here to raise our family. New Zealand is the best country in the world to be a kid!

If you knew you'd die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?

At the beach with my whanau (extended family). Eating scallops and drinking wine.

What are you passionate about these days?

I’m passionate about leaving the world in a decent state for my son and (hopefully) other descendants. I volunteer for a local conservation group looking after New Zealand’s unique wildlife that unfortunately is mostly endangered. I spent a fair few hours last spring watching over a rare Dotterel nest to make sure no predators got at the eggs. Two chicks fledged, so that’s a win!

What do you do to unwind and relax?

Read of course! I usually have several books on the go. I read mostly on my kindle app and always have a paperback as well so my son doesn’t see me on my device all the time. Also, there’s something nice about holding a paperback, especially if you’ve got a chilled glass of wine in the other hand.

How to find time to write as a parent?

Schedule and discipline. When my son was little, I wrote where and when I could; nap times, early mornings before anyone was up, but that’s always risky, if you wake the little one then you’re up building train tracks instead of writing. I used to write on the train on my commute into London, and on the plane when on work trips.

Now my son’s started school it’s easier to get my writing time in. And this is my full time job now so I write in the mornings after school drop off and do marketing and admin activities in the afternoon.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less!

Focused, driven, silly, thoughtful (as in I over think everything, not thoughtful as in nice)

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

It was when I had to write my occupation on the mortgage paperwork that it hit me. I wrote ‘author’ as occupation for the first time and thought, yeah, this is how I earn a living now.

Which of your novels can you imagine made into a movie?

His Big Book Stack. There’s an author and a romance-reading mountain man. They get stranded in a cabin and he helps her write the steamy scenes…

What literary pilgrimages have you gone on?

I went to Bath because of Jane Austin.

She’s my best friend’s widow and the only woman I’ve ever loved…

Paul was my best friend, my brother in arms, and the only one of us that didn’t come back alive.
I promised if something ever happened to him that I’d look after Angie, his wife.
He doesn’t know that I’ve loved Angie for almost as long as he has.
Now she’s a single mom and running a business on her own. I sense her loneliness; I sense her need.
Angie’s off-limits, but my heart beats for her. And I don’t know how much longer I can resist this pull between us…

Cherished by the Mountain Man is a best friend’s widow forbidden love romance featuring an ex-military mountain man and the curvy single mom he cherishes.

Check it out on Goodreads!

Buy your copy from Amazon

Author bio:

Sadie King is a USA Today Best Selling Author of short instalove romance.

She lives in New Zealand with her ex-military husband and raucous young son.

When she’s not writing she loves catching waves with her son, running along the beach, and good wine, preferably drunk with a book in hand.

Keep in touch when you sign up for her newsletter. You’ll even snag yourself a free short romance! www.authorsadieking.com/free

Saturday 22 July 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Golden Cord of Light [Star Rider 06] by Heidi Skarie!


   A dark shadow moved somewhere above them. Morisa looked up, thinking it was an animal or perhaps a guard who’d followed them. The shape left the cliff top and came flying down toward Baymond. It happened so fast she didn’t have time to react. The being landed on Baymond and they both fell to the ground. Baymond’s head slammed against a rock and he lay still. The other figure, a man, rose and turned to her. In the moonlight, Morisa’s knees weakened as she stared at the huge man before her. His cold eyes held dark power and she instantly knew he was a sorcerer.
   She moved past her fears and readied herself for battle.
   His fist flew toward her face. She twisted aside and slammed her heel into his gut. He gasped, doubling up, and she kneed him in the chin. Her robe hampered her movements as she dodged away from him.
   He came after her and dealt her a forceful kick, sending her sliding across the rocky shoreline. She rolled with the fall, then sprang up and defensively put her fists in front of her face.
   The sorcerer sent out a blast of psychic energy that knocked her to her knees. The spell held such power that she couldn’t escape. In agony, she focused on breaking his incantation. Her whole body began to feel hot as she chanted a counter spell. When her power hit his spell, they both flew backward.
   Trembling, Morisa rose and pulled her crystal out of her pocket. She held it in front of her, calling upon its energy. Before she could activate it, the sorcerer hit her wrist. The crystal flew out of her hand and onto the sand. He slammed his fist into her temple and she collapsed onto the ground. She rolled onto her stomach, trying to ignore her throbbing headache as she searched for her crystal. He kicked her in the ribs and her side exploded in pain. A cold chill went through her — this was a real fight, not a match. Her life and Baymond’s depended on her skills and training.
   Morisa expected to be struck again as she hunted in the dark for her crystal. Instead, she heard movement behind her. Glancing up, she saw Baymond had regained consciousness and fought the sorcerer. She turned her attention back to her search and spotted a gleam of violet light where the moonlight touched her crystal. She crawled forward and grabbed it, then drew on its healing energy to give her strength. Still weak, she looked back toward Baymond and watched the fight in fascination. Baymond moved with a grace, skill, and fluid control she’d rarely seen. He fought on a level beyond mind and body. His strength radiated out from the center of his being as he delivered forceful blows.
   The sorcerer’s foot slammed into Baymond’s chest and the youth staggered backward, barely retaining his stance and breathing raggedly. He looked like his body couldn’t withstand much more abuse. Blood flowed from a wound on his forehead and dripped into his eyes. He wiped it aside and blocked another kick, then slammed his fist into the sorcerer’s throat. A killing blow if delivered with enough force, but with Baymond’s declining strength it only knocked the sorcerer to the ground.
   As he fell the sorcerer stuck out his leg and hooked it against Baymond’s. The youth fell to the sand, landing hard enough to knock the wind out of him.
   The sorcerer was instantly on him and closed his hands around his throat. Baymond struggled frantically to pry open the man’s hands. Morisa concentrated on the power of the crystal. The psychic powers surrounding them had caused it to turn black in her hand. She visualized the crystal clearing as she called on the Lady Mother for help. Soon, she felt vibrating energy and the crystal glowed violet again. She pointed it toward the sorcerer and sent out a beam of light.
   The sorcerer cried out in agony as if he’d been stabbed in the back, then he collapsed across Baymond. The crystal’s power sliced back into Morisa’s hand and went through her being like a bolt of electricity. She collapsed.
   When she regained consciousness, she saw Baymond’s anxious face above her. “Get up quickly,” he said in a rasping voice. When she pushed her blistered hand against the sand to rise, she winced in pain.
   The sorcerer stirred next to them. Baymond grabbed Morisa’s arm and pulled her to her feet. “Let’s get out of here!”
   The sorcerer also rose, standing between them and the pathway up the cliff. He raised his hands in the air, drawing on dark powers.
   “Get to the ocean. Swim back,” Baymond yelled. When she hesitated, he said, “Run! Now.”

When darkness descends can a few courageous heroes save their planet?

Princess Morisa’s world is turned upside down. She planned to be a priestess living at a monastery for the rest of her life. But now she’s being sent to a foreign country and is expected to use her special powers to entice the prince to marry her. How can she seduce him when it goes against everything she’s been taught?

Prince Everette is embroiled in the world of politics and rebellion. With his father leaving for war and his mother ill, he’s the regent ruler and head of the military. As if that isn’t enough, he’s expected to be polite to the feisty Princess Morisa, who is staying at the palace for the summer.

Everette and Morisa’s stormy relationship intensifies as the warring world around them erupts. Can they put aside their differences long enough to keep the most dangerous sorcerer in the galaxy from destroying their planet? Or will the galaxy plunge into darkness?

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Author bio:

Heidi Skarie's life as a writer began when she had a dramatic dream about a futuristic world at war. The vivid dream was like watching an action/adventure movie. Excited about the dream, she recorded it upon awakening. That night the dream continued where it left off. After six nights, Heidi had a hundred-page journal recording the series of dreams. This awakened her interest in writing, which continues to be one of her greatest passions today.