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Thursday 27 July 2023

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: The Protector's Pressure [The Human-Born Chronicles] by Susan L. Markloff!

Then there's the Second, Protector of all. One noble, a shield for his role.

To the outside observer, Skylar Mitchell has a life most people only dream of. With the wealth, fortune, and power granted to a nobleman's son, life should be perfect. But the ideal family seen by all and sought by many for political gain are shadowy illusions of the truth: the Mitchell family is anything but perfect. Wrapped up in the politics that have infected their home, Skylar yearns to find the one thing he's craved his entire life: a genuine family.

Adding to the conflict, Skylar is a Human-Born with extraordinary powers that aren't becoming of a nobleman's son. Though he wishes to explore his abilities and grow in his strengths, his parents have staunchly denied his involvement with anything outside the norm.

Until one day, a portal opens from another world, unleashing enemies aimed at attacking Skylar, and threatening to tear the veil that masks the Mitchell family's happy facade. In that moment, everything could crumble, most notably the boy who was supposed to be unbreakable.

Caught between duty to his family and his remarkable destiny, Skylar may be forced to make a decision that could fracture the Mitchell family. Will he be bold enough to step into the path he was made for, or will he cower under the weight of family pressures?

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Author bio:

2022 Readers' Favorite Award Winner.

Susan Markloff spent a majority of her childhood pretending to live in other worlds. Coupled with her admiration for fantastical stories, she crafted one of her own. Studying writing at Houghton College, she learned how to hone her skills as an author, writing first drafts of five books during her college career. The Rise of the Raidin is her debut novel and the first in the Human-Born Era series. Susan resides in her hometown of Sellersville, PA with her faithful dog, Pinkerton.

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