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Sunday 2 July 2023

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Falling Again [Buckaye Falls 03] by Libby Kay!


   Closing the distance between them in three strides, Anthony took Natalie by the shoulders and tugged her up against his chest.
   “I don’t want to drive you to talk about work, or this town, or anything else. I just want to have another few moments alone with my wife. Is that too much to ask?” Anthony watched her intently, waiting to see how she’d reply to his words and actions. The forcefulness of his tone surprised even Anthony.
   “Okay,” Natalie exhaled, so close her breath tickled his lips. He wanted to kiss her, whether or not the whole town was watching.
   Raising a hand to cup her cheek, he relished the feel of her soft skin under his fingers. Anthony leaned in and kissed Natalie. It was tender at first, as they searched to find the perfect angle and rhythm. Then a spark ignited, and Natalie got on her tiptoes to close the remaining distance and deepen the kiss. A quiet moan escaped her lips as she slid her tongue across his bottom lip before pulling away.
   For the first time in months, Anthony felt like a red-blooded man. He wanted to throw his wife over his shoulder like a caveman and take her back home. Reality be damned.

Welcome back to Buckeye Falls, Ohio!
Does this small town mayor have the political savvy to negotiate his way back into his wife’s heart?

From the outside, Mayor Anthony Snyder and his wife Natalie have it all. Adorable children, a lovely home, and a never-ending supply of free food from the local diner. But behind closed doors, this duo struggles to stay connected. The sparkle they show Buckeye Falls has turned a little dull on the home front.

Over the last decade, things became hectic in the Snyder household. Anthony was elected to office, following in his father’s footsteps. Unfortunately, he’s reminded regularly that these are big shoes to fill. Being the best mayor takes a lot of time—time he’s not spending with his family.

Natalie prides herself on being everything to everyone, but the job of a wife hasn’t been smooth sailing. Wrapped up in her own growing business and their kids’ activities, her time with Anthony has dwindled faster than her secret stash of Halloween candy. Natalie longs for quality time with the man she loves, but it never seems to be in the cards.

A chance to visit their family lake house promises a week away from it all, but can these two reconnect when there’s no distractions? Or is it time for these high achievers to admit that love might be the one thing they can’t master?

With a little help from the residents of Buckeye Falls, this power couple will find their way back to happily ever after.

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Author bio:

Libby Kay lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband. When she’s not writing, Libby loves reading romance novels of any kind. Stories of people falling in love nourish her soul. Co
ntemporary or Regency, sweet or hot, as long as there is a happily ever after—she’s in love!

When not surrounded by books, Libby can be found baking in her kitchen, binging true crime shows, or on the road with her husband—traveling as far as their bank account will allow.

Writing is a solitary job, and Libby loves to hear from readers. Reach out, ask questions, and review her stories anytime. She’d love to hear from you.