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Thursday 13 July 2023

Release Day Blitz: Her Fearless Warrior [Omega Sky 04] by Caitlyn O'Leary!

Finding Them? Simple.
Getting Them Out Alive? Now That Will Take a Minute.

Lincoln Hart’s Navy SEAL team is sent to Syria to rescue a team of Americans who have been captured. When he realizes their interpreter, Leila Cloud is one of the people who has been kidnapped, all bets are off. He’s been dreaming about her for months.

With their protective detail dead, Leila was determined to keep her small group unhurt and alive. Can she do this without making herself a target of their brutal captors?

Linc knows that finding the group of American’s will be the simple part of the mission. Getting them out alive will be next to impossible.

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Author bio:

Caitlyn O’Leary is a USA Bestselling Author, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author and a Golden Quill Recipient from Book Viral in 2015. Hampered with a mild form of dyslexia she began memorizing books at an early age until her grandmother, the English teacher, took the time to teach her to read -- then she never stopped. She began re-writing alternate endings for her Trixie Belden books into happily-ever-afters with Trixie's platonic friend Jim. When she was home with pneumonia at twelve, she read the entire set of World Book Encyclopedias -- a little more challenging to end those happily.

Caitlyn loves writing about Alpha males with strong heroines who keep the men on their toes. There is plenty of action, suspense and humor in her books. She is never shy about tackling some of today’s tough and relevant issues.

In addition to being an award-winning author of romantic suspense novels, she is a devoted aunt, an avid reader, a former corporate executive for a Fortune 100 company, and totally in love with her husband of soon-to-be twenty years.

She recently moved back home to the Pacific Northwest from Southern California. She is so happy to see the seasons again; rain, rain and more rain. She has a large fan group on Facebook and through her e-mail list. Caitlyn is known for telling her “Caitlyn Factors”, where she relates her little and big life’s screw-ups. The list is long. She loves hearing and connecting with her fans on a daily basis.

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