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Saturday 1 July 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Wasted On You [Bittersweet Echoes Trilogy 01] by Colleen Charles!



   Immediately, my gaze clocks Elowyn, backed against the wall next to the green dumpster by some guy. It’s the same denim jacket and man-bun as last time. He’s gesturing at her and yelling obscenities.
   Scaring her. “Hey!” I bellow, crossing the distance between us as fast as I can. “You’re trespassing. Get the fuck out of here!” Man Bun barely looks over his shoulder at me and sneers. “Oh, wow. You again? Do you work here? Or does this little cunt just get you to follow her around all the time like some kind of hired help? You her personal servant, tough guy?” “I know you know you’re not allowed here. Pretty sure this counts as ‘on the premises.’” I try to turn the conversation away from her, simply stating the facts. The way he speaks to her makes my blood boil. That word he just called her… I can’t believe she ever dated this creep. The thought of this ignorant waste of space kissing Elowyn tightens every muscle I have into a bow string. The thought of him touching her nearly makes me lose my shit. My fingers naturally curl into a fist at the thought. “So shut the fuck up. And move along home, my guy.” “Or what?” Turning to face me, he juts out his chin. Then he shoves at my chest, stumbling forward a little when he does it. He’s been drinking. I don’t take the bait, crossing my arms and standing as still as I can.
   My eyes narrow into slits. “Do you want to fuck around and find out?”
   Man Bun’s gaze darts from Elowyn to me and back again. Finally, he shakes his head, then spits at her feet before storming off toward his car. When he reaches it, he gives us two middle fingers. Neither of us moves until he slams his car door shut, peeling away from the lot with squealing tires.
   I open my mouth to ask Elowyn if she’s okay, but before a single word comes out, she throws her arms around me and buries her face in my chest. She cries for a minute, and I let her as I hold her tight, feeling her small shoulders shake against me. The warmth of her body seeps into mine and my mind races. And then I’m drowning in the feel of her in my arms, the soft press of her breasts against my chest, and the silk of her hair on my chin. This is the kind of woman who changes a man. I can’t believe I let that scumbag get this close to her again. I wait until she begins to pull her face away, and I bend down to apologize to her.
   Before I can get a word out, she stares at my face. My lips. There’s a ragged quality to our breath as our gazes lock and hold. Fuck, I like the things that look in her expressive eyes is telling me. Like whatever good there is left inside me, she sees it. As I’m hanging there in a fog of confusion of my own making, she closes the gap and presses her lips to mine.
   The bottom drops out of my world in the blink of an eye. She smells like butterflies and rainbows.
   This is the kind of woman you keep.
   Her lips are soft and they taste like cherry Carmex, and all of this is wrong. Even as my dick tells me he won’t be listening to my bullshit cease-and-desist demand for one single second longer, I pull myself away as fast as I can, trying like hell to put air between us. Before I fucking fall for her even further than I already have. Before everything between us changes.
   Before I lose the one sliver of happiness in my life.
   But just as I open my mouth to stammer out any kind of explanation, the backdoor bangs open.

I’m not good for her, but I can’t resist her anymore.

Elowyn, the new girl next door, is sweet, kind and radiates joy. My past makes it impossible to feel like that, but just being near her eases something in me that I can’t explain. When I see a strange man outside of her door making her uncomfortable, I have to get involved.

Turns out, her ex is there to make trouble, and if that’s what he wants, I’m more than happy to give it to him. As I wrap my arm around her, I feel a connection that’s undeniable.

As Elowyn leans on me, I realize that the shadows of my past can’t hold me back any longer. She ignites a fire within me that I never knew existed. We’re drawn together, like magnets, unable to resist the pull.

But with her ex still lurking around making threats, she’ll never truly feel safe. I vow to protect her, to be there whenever she needs me. For Elowyn, I’ll face my darkest fears to see her light shine again.

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Author bio:

USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles, invites you to come along for the ride as she brings her snarky, woo-woo, and 'a little bit extra' personality to the world of steamy romance. A go-to author for hot hockey action with dirty-talking, cinnamon roll heroes, and smart, capable, independent heroines, Colleen's writing will leave you laughing, emotional, and hungry for more.

When she's not penning tales readers devour, she indulges in the Starbie’s pinkity drinkity with chocolate cold foam, wrangles her crabby Ragdoll cats, and douses her salads with blue cheese dressing and bacon bits. I mean… she’s firmly anti-diet culture, and everything's better with bacon. With her unique mix of humor, heart and heat, Colleen Charles is the romance author you never knew you needed until now. She’s not your basic bitch. Okay… maybe just a tiny bit basic. At least during pumpkin spice season.

Colleen creates perfectly imperfect characters you'll root for until the very last page.

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