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Wednesday 19 July 2023

Release Blitz & Giveaway: Seung [2 Hot 2 Handle Shared World 04] by Marilyn Jeulin!

Until a few years ago, 2Hot2Handle seemed to be the best-kept secret in K-pop, but that all changed after a famous Asian award show performance. Now, 2H2H is suddenly the hottest thing in music in Asia and the world.

For Seok Seung, this period should be the most important of his career. This is when he’ll be recognized for his work in the group alongside his bandmates. However, his mind is not on the comeback or the world tour. Before the sudden fame, Seung was about to quit the K-Pop world, return to France, and be Lucien Seok again. However, he knew he couldn’t let down his fellow members.
When the World Tour arrives in Paris, a much-needed break is a blessing in disguise. Being in France should be a relaxing time. But, when Seung and his brother are together, the competition between them threatens to break the last ties that bind them together.
Charlotte de Longcamp has returned to France on a mission. She’ll become a full-time artiste and be able to pay the rent without having to do another job. However, she ends up taking a job as a server for Seok Seung’s father instead.
The only positive thing that comes with the job is the possibility of reconnecting with Seok Seung. Once upon a time, he was her friend’s younger brother who always hung around their group. But now, he’s one of the most recognizable K-Pop Idols and the object of her affection. 

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Author bio:

Born in the Wild West and raised in a tropical paradise, Marilyn has always thirsted for a good story and adventure. She’s a massive fan of Anne Rice, Stephen King, and GRR Martin. And when she’s not reading, she’s an avid gamer.

She currently lives in Central Florida with the Frenchman and their two children in a house that looks relatively normal until things go bump in the night.

She also writes Young Adult Paranormal stories under the name, Marilyn Almodovar.

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