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Sunday 9 July 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Smooth Hoperator [Love on Tap 02] by Sylvie Stewart!


   Sunny mumbles something from the passenger seat, and I glance her way. “What’s that?”
   “Your toast is ready,” she says a little more clearly this time.
   It takes another couple of glances to realize she’s talking in her sleep, her sweatshirt bunched up between her shoulder and ear, and the upper strap of the seat belt falling over her nose and forehead. She can’t be more than five foot one at most, although she does her best to fudge it a little with her platform sneakers.
   “Thanks. I’ll eat mine later.” I heard somewhere that you’re not supposed to wake a sleep talker or a sleepwalker; instead, you play along and steer them back to sleep. So I figure she can make me toast if she wants.
   “But it’s breakfast in bed. Must eat now.” She’s sounding a little salty now.
   I grin when I see her lips firm under the seat belt. Even in her sleep, she’s arguing with me.
   “Okay, okay. Hand it over.”
   She doesn’t move, of course, or hand me anything at all. “I put butter on it even though you don’t eat fat.”
   “I eat fat,” I rebut like I’m having a real conversation with her. She’s never seen me eat Mama’s chicken and waffles.
   “No. You’ve got pectorals and glutes and… abdominals.”
   I chuckle to myself because this is turning into true confessions. It seems innocent little Sunny has been checking me out.
   “Well, technically, everybody has them.”
   This makes her frown. “Stop talking.”
   I laugh out loud this time. “You’re the one who started it. I was only being polite.”
   “Just sit there and look pretty.”
   This time I laugh so hard I accidentally jerk the steering wheel and have to right us before I drive into the median. Sunny startles upright. “What happened?! Is it Duke?!”
   I don’t bother answering specifically because a simple glance around will put her at ease. “Just driving,” I reassure her, biting back my smile.


After tanking my career in politics, I’m looking for new direction. But my GPS must be broken because it keeps leading me to a kooky librarian’s front steps.

It’s not easy, but I’m doing my best to let go of my old ambitions and embrace the simple life of slinging beer at my family’s brewery. But some powerful players from my past are determined to cause problems for me and my family.

When a chatty local librarian with the wardrobe of a third grader and the optimism of Spongebob begins sticking her nose into my business, I want to tell her to get lost. As fate would have it, though, Sunny and her ill-tempered grandfather are my only remaining option to get free of my past for good.

It will take some convincing to get this goofy, goat-loving librarian on board with my risky plan. But if she’ll do things my way, I’ll return the favor by playing her fake boyfriend to make her true love finally take notice and fall head over heels.

But the deeper we get into this venture, the more I realize there’s nothing fake about Sunny at all. Including the way I’m beginning to feel about her.

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Author bio:

USA Today bestselling author Sylvie Stewart loves bad jokes, dirty rom-coms, country music, and baby skunks—preferably all at the same time. Most of her steamy contemporary and romantic comedy novels take place across her favorite state of North Carolina, and her characters never run out of snarky banter or snacks. When her laptop closes, Sylvie is a sucker for hugs from her twin boys and a good laugh with her hot-nerd hubby. If you love smart Southern gals, hot blue-collar guys, and snort-laughing with characters who feel like your best friends, Sylvie's your gal.

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