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Sunday 26 May 2024

Book Blitz & Giveaway: So Hectic [Silver Daughters Ink 03] by Eve Dangerfield!


   He thought he’d been feeling heat before, but this was a fucking inferno. His blood turned to fire, his cock swelling to the point of pain. He liked topping. Liked being in charge, and while he only wanted Tabby for himself, if she wanted him to play the amoral asshole, he could do that, too.
   He poured himself more tequila and then rested the bottle on the carpet. “If I had five minutes left on earth, I’d still use it to try and fuck you.”
   She touched a hand to her mouth. “And… if I had a boyfriend?”
   Was it the Village Belle that made her think of him this way? Or had this always been a kink of hers? It didn’t really matter. He'd always loved wrestling, so he could play the heel, the fuckboy, and sensed that was what she wanted. A way to flirt while keeping some distance between the people they’d once been.
   He painted the biggest asshole smile he had all over his face. “I don’t care if you’ve got a fucking husband. I’ll fuck you on this couch and send you home to him with my bruises on your ass and my cum dripping out of you.”
   A beat longer than any second on earth, as Tabby’s fingers gripped her tumbler like she was hanging on for dear life.
   “Does that turn you on?” he said, his voice like gravel. “Ruining some dumb fuck’s life because you’ve got an itch he can’t scratch?”
   Tabby quivered like a leaf in the wind. “I… Let’s say it does. I don’t… Would you really…?”
   “I think we’ve established I would.” He drained his glass, placed it beside the bottle, and sat back on his couch with his arms spread. “Come here and kiss me. Find out.”

A Super Spicy, Enemies to Lovers, Playboy, standalone romance from critically acclaimed author Eve Dangerfield

Tabby DaSilva’s life sucks. Her dad’s AWOL, her Prosecco-themed music festival ‘Sparkling Whine’ bombed, and her big sister’s pregnancy means she’s officially transitioning from ‘youngest kid’ to ‘weird aunt.’ But hardest to take is her best friend Toby Tennant becoming pure evil.

Relieving him of his virginity was supposed to seal their alliance. Instead, Mr Nice Guy vanished only to resurface as a full-blown finance douche, complete with Lamborghini and a podcast shilling creatine every five minutes.

Frankly, it’s a fate worse than death.

But Tabby has the perfect solution: run away! All she needs is enough cash to start a new life in Colombia, and since Toby’s petitioning for her to tattoo him, what’s a girl to do but slowly inject ink into her enemy’s rippling Ken doll torso?

Little does she know that her ex-best friend doesn’t really want a tattoo. Toby wants her, mind, body, and soul. He’s spent the last two years becoming the Sugar Daddy of Tabitha DaSilva’s dreams, and he’s finally ready to show her that he can take care of her and dominate her in ways she can’t even imagine…

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Author bio:

Eve Dangerfield’s novels have been described as ‘genre-defying,’ ‘insanely hot’ and ‘the defibrillator contemporary romance needs right now’ and not just by those who might need bone marrow one day… OTHER PEOPLE! She lives in Melbourne with her beautiful family and can generally be found making a mess.


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