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Tuesday 4 May 2021

Release Blitz & Giveaway: The Babysitter Blunder [Hibiscus Bay 02] Lolita Thorne!


A few days ago, social services gifted me a daughter. Six-year-old Ivy has my eyes, is cute as a button, and couldn't have landed in less capable hands than mine.

I have zero parenting skills, my bedside manner is non-existent, and my job doesn't take kindly to Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. All in all, I'm heading straight for a Worst Father of the Decade award.

Lucky for me, I manage to find a babysitter in a town renowned for their scarcity.

There's just a slight problem. I'm supposed to be evicting Quinn Foster, not paying her to look after my daughter.

Then there's the fact that Quinn is my ex-girlfriend. Our relationship was on fire back in college, before it promptly burned out.

But Quinn is doing such an excellent job of looking after my daughter, that I force myself to forget our past and focus on the present.

So why can't I stop dreaming about the future...one that includes my adorable daughter and my high school sweetheart?

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Author bio:

Thorne writes spicy small-town romantic comedy romances set in the sunny vacay spot of Hibiscus Bay.


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