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Thursday 25 May 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: The Keeper [Royals and Legends 01] by Lynn Montagano!


   “You should get back to the hotel before they find out you’re not in the room.”
   “It’s the middle of the night,” he flicked his wrist dismissively. “Nobody’s checking.” An intense stare focused on me. “I’m not leaving you alone right now.”
   The last time he said similar words to me I told him I’d only slept with him to distract myself and we were nothing. From the way he kept his eyes glued to me I could tell he was thinking the same thing.
   “Okay,” I said. “But promise me you won’t get in trouble.”
   “You’re worth it,” he declared, gently stroking my cheek. “Bedroom?”
   I nodded, standing up. There’s no reason to fight this anymore. Our lives are forever entwined thanks to one fateful summer when we were both teenagers, blissfully unaware of the other’s existence. And now here we are, pressed together in a gentle embrace on my bed.
   He played with my hair as I slid my hand under his t-shirt to caress his skin. My earlier fantasy of us as a couple came roaring back.
   I didn’t stop it. I liked how it made me feel. I liked how he made me feel.
   “Thank you,” I said.
   “For what?”
   “This. Being here. I didn’t realize how much I needed it.”
   He held me tighter. I curled into him, tangling my legs with his. He threaded his fingers through my hair, gently massaging my scalp.
   “I’m sorry I wasn’t with you today.” A soft kiss lingered on my forehead.
   “You don’t have to apologize.”
   “I do. My first priority is you. I promise I won’t make that mistake again.”
   “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” I nuzzled into his chest. “Especially during the season. If your schedule is anything like—”
   I sighed. “Yes?”
   “My first priority is you,” he repeated.
   Propping myself up, I leaned on an elbow and admired his handsome, exhausted face. In the dim light, he appeared vulnerable.
   Quiet anticipation filled what little space existed between us. I traced the curves of his lips and the slope of his nose, the sturdy angle of his jaw and the strong column of his neck. His eyes never left mine as I continued touching him, memorizing his features with my fingertips. I watched the tension in his face melt into a relaxed peace as his eyelids became heavier and his breathing slowed to a steady rhythm.
   Giving him this gift of serenity made my heart sing.
   I kissed his forehead and without any pretense or forethought, I let my lips wander to his scar, pressing soft kisses along the entire jagged length. Tremors shook his body but he didn’t flinch away or stop me.
   So I kissed it again, each touch of my lips leaving behind an invisible mark of affection and gratitude.
   Then I kissed his cheek. The corner of his mouth. And ended with a small kiss on his lips.
   His whole body exhaled when I pulled back.
   “Show me again,” he growled.
   “Show you what?”
   “How you feel about me,” he commanded, his voice thick with emotion. “Kiss me.”

It started in the English countryside when he stopped to see if I was having car trouble.
It should have ended there.

But it turned into three of the most intense days of my life. And guess what? It didn’t end there either.
His name is Xavier Maddox. Sexy, talented, athletic. A British soccer star. The enticing bad boy.
He should be off limits for me.

My name is Victoria Chase. Ambitious, successful, broken. I’m the media relations director for the most successful football team in the United States. I have this policy about getting involved with athletes…or as I call them, the product.

Xavier was only supposed to be a one night stand. A distraction for me while I dealt with a long ignored family situation.
But he had other plans…
If he finds out what I’ve done, what I’ve destroyed, he’ll leave. Broken people like me don’t deserve a happy ending.

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Author bio:

Lynn Montagano is a contemporary romance author, writing coach, podcaster and unapologetic football fan. When Lynn isn't writing or recording her weekly podcast, you can find her cheering loudly for her beloved New England Patriots or traveling somewhere new in this great big world.

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