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Tuesday 17 October 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Dirty Daddies 2023 Anniversary Anthology!


Bound to the DA by Vivian Murdoch

   “Did Jacob claim you?”
   Of all the questions swirling through my mind, that was the last one I expected from him. But it makes sense. “No. I’m not sure if he ever planned to do it, but now, we’ll never know.”
   A smile crosses his face, making his eyes crinkle. The relief flowing off of him is nearly palpable in the air. At least I made him happy, I guess?
   Holding out his hand, he waits for me to take it. “Ready for dinner?”
   I stare at the limb, my mind hashing out the possible repercussions of giving in even a little. “Do I have a choice?”
   He pulls back, running his fingers through his hair. “Is that how every conversation is going to be between us? Because if it is, I want to clear the air right now. In many things, no, you will not have a choice. My rules are set in place in order to keep this house running smoothly. After we try it for a bit, we can talk about it and tweak what’s not working or add something that will help. None of this is ever to make your life just unbearable.”
   Refusing to comment, I divert and turn it back onto him. “And I suppose you have rules for yourself? What happens if you break them? Do I get to spank you?”
   My fingers fly over my lips as that last question pops out. What the actual hell was I thinking? Not even Michael mentioned spanking, and here I am opening my big, fat mouth.
   This time, there’s no mistaking his reaction to my words. The front of his slacks tents up as his eyes darken. Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. That was not the reaction I was trying to get out of him.
   Backing up, a soft whine slips from my lips as he eats up the distance with his long stride. There’s no escaping him now. My back slams into his bookshelf as he leans forward, caging me with his arms.
   “Oh no, babygirl. The only one here who does the spanking is me. And that’s only if you’re a good girl for me.”
   “Good girls don’t get spanked. That’s like an unspoken rule or something.”
   “My good girls do.”

Chase by Kate Oliver

   “She’s been going through a divorce for a year. Her husband is a real twat-waffle and he’s being really mean to her. Like really mean. Her previous attorney screwed her over and now she’s not sure what to do.”
   He’d ignore the twat-waffle comment and come back to that later. He was too busy feeling his own blood get hot.
   Ava led him out to the back patio where torches lit the space, along with a gas fireplace. Several Littles were playing hopscotch on a chalk-drawn course. When his eyes landed on the only Little he didn’t recognize, his world stopped, and time stood completely still.

Another year, another round of smoking hot daddies and sassy brats giving them a run for their money.

Packed with stories from your favorite names and rising stars in the Daddy genre, this anthology has something for all the Daddy lovers out there! Whether it’s a strict Dom who loves to be called Daddy as he lavishes his partner with pleasure, or a Daddy looking for a Little one to rely on him for all their most private, personal needs, there’s a story for everyone in these pages!

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