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Saturday 30 March 2024

Book Blitz & Giveaway: The Professor [Tanglewood University 01] by Skye Warren!


   “What’s going on out here?” Professor Stratford asks.
   Panic pricks every inch of my body. “Nothing.”
   He peruses me with deep interest, his dark gaze taking in my tense stance, my messenger bag clutched to my chest like a shield, the anxiety I’m barely holding back. He turns to Brandon, who shifts his weight, trying to look innocent but with defiance coming through.
   “Brandon?” he asks, his voice low.
   I hadn’t realized he would know him. After all, Professor Stratford is new to campus. And he teaches an advanced class in the Humanities Department, something Brandon doesn’t need to take as part of his MBA track program.
   “Talking to my girlfriend,” Brandon says, his voice tight. “Or do you have a problem with that? Maybe you’d like to get a transcript of our conversation.”
   My eyes widen. That’s a super intense way to speak to a professor, especially one who did nothing more than step outside his own office. And it sounds weirdly… personal. “We’re not…um… We’re not dating anymore.”
   Brandon glares at me, even more pissed off with an audience. “Maybe we would be if you hadn’t gone and slept with—”
   An involuntary squeak escapes me.
   The man I slept with is standing right beside us, watching us with too-perceptive eyes. “Do you need assistance, Ms. Hill?”
   “No, thank you. I’m done talking with him.” I turn to Brandon. “Please leave.”
   My ex-boyfriend gets a sulky expression. “I didn’t mean to get so mad, Annie. It just took me by surprise, that’s all. Let’s meet up after class.”
   “She asked you to go,” comes Professor Stratford’s voice, silky with threat.
   Brandon doesn’t seem to recognize the danger. “I’m an adult now, Dad. You can’t tell me what to do anymore. You can’t send me to my room or ground me.”
   For a second, a sweet second, I think it’s a joke. The way Daisy rolled her eyes and said, okay, Mom, when I asked her to put her seat belt on in the cab ride over to the hotel.
   For that second, I can believe that these two men, my past and present, my ex-boyfriend and my one-night stand, aren’t related to each other.

New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren, delivers the sizzling first book in a brand new trilogy, The Professor, a forbidden, student/professor, ex-boyfriend’s dad romance.

One night only with a handsome stranger.
Older. Alluring. Savage. Dominant.
No last names or expectations.
Just raw, carnal, filthy pleasure.

I never thought I would see him again.
Until the first day of class. He’s my new professor.
And my ex-boyfriend’s father.

He has a world of secrets in his eyes and the weight of the world on his shoulders. I should stay away from him, but the more I try, the more consumed he gets.

His possessiveness is rivaled only by his secretive nature. He knows everything about me, but mystery surrounds him. Shadows threaten the entire university…and our forbidden love.

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Author bio:

Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance. Her books have sold over one million copies. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, sweet dogs, and evil cat.

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