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Saturday 25 April 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Dear Future Ex-wife by Jillian Quinn!


   “Hey, you think I want to get married? That’s the last thing I want to do.”
   Harley glares at me. “Happy to hear we’re on the same page because this wedding isn’t happening.”
   I close the distance between us, our mouths inches apart. “It needs to happen.”
   “I don’t have to do anything.” She shoves me out of the way and moves in front of the sink, her eyes fixed on me in the mirror. “You dug your own grave, and you should have to lie in it.”
   “I know.” I reach out, seeking her warmth. “I’m sorry.”
   She swats my hand away. “Don’t touch me, Nate. We’re not friends anymore.”
   “I could be your friend again. We can do this, Harley.” I move behind her, leaning forward to press my palms to the counter, caging her against the sink. Harley breathes loudly when I inch my lips closer to her ear. “We can turn this into a game, like old times. You can be Harley Quinn, and I’ll be your Joker.”
   She laughs. “You’re a joker, alright.”
   “Okay, fine. I deserve that.” A beat passes. “We were good at pretending to be other people. A fake wedding will be a breeze for us.”
   “We can’t get married,” she shoots back. “Even if I agreed to do it, no one would believe you’re in a relationship, let alone getting married. Not after all of the whoring around you’ve done this past year alone.”
   “I’m not that bad,” I counter.
   She snorts. “Please, Nate. If you want me to work with you, then don’t bullshit me.”
   “We can make people believe this is real. You want to hate me, but I know you don’t.”
   Harley rolls her eyes. “Think about how this will make me look, like I’m some doormat that you wipe your feet on after you’re done screwing other women. No, thank you. If I’m going to marry someone, it will be real. It will be special.”
   “You can have anything you want,” I say, not above begging. “I don’t care what it takes.”
   Harley looks down at the counter and sighs. “Nate, I want a real wedding. I want bridesmaids, flowers, the perfect engagement ring, a six-layer cake, the wedding gown I designed. And most of all,” she says, staring into my eyes. “I want to marry a man who loves me so much that he would dance with me under the stars, make love to me on the beach, and then whisper in my ear that he loves me. That he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I want it to be real.”
   And I can’t lose you.

I, Harley McQueen, do not take Nathan King to be my husband…

I wish I could say no to this wedding. But to save our fathers’ company, my ex-best friend needs a fake bride to bail him out of his latest scandal.

Nate has a reputation with women.
I want the promotion my father has denied me for years.

Together, maybe we can make this fake marriage work.

As long as I don’t fall in love with him…


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Author bio:

Jillian Quinn is an international bestselling author of contemporary romance. Her books are light and funny but also on the steamy side. So, don't be surprised if you have to fan yourself with your Kindle.

As a lover of coffee and a collector of book boyfriends, you can find Jillian most days, thinking about her next romance novel as she pours another cup.



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