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Tuesday 22 December 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Rhyker’s Key [Orion’s Order 02] by M.C. Solaris!


   “I’m already sore from last night and this morning,” Keena began. “And my legs are like jello. I don’t know how productive this training session is going to be.”
   Well, didn’t that have both him and his jaguar puffing up their chest in pride and purring in pure fucking delight.
   “You’ll do fine. Besides, I have a little post-training plan in mind,” Rhyker drawled.
   “Really? And what might that be?” Keena said with a flirty smile.
   “It involves a hot bath and a rub down.”
   “I think I can get behind that.”
   He drew up close behind her and pressed his body close to hers. “Actually, I’ll be the one behind you,” he murmured in her ear and kissed the crook of her neck.
   She let out a little moan and the sensation had her clenching somewhere low and deep. “If you don’t stop that then we’re going to be late.” Her voice was a little more breathy than intended.
   “Do you want me to stop, Fire Gem?” he drawled, slowly licking the length of her neck.
   “Yes.” Although, her voice was more of an encouragement to continue rather than an affirmation to stop.
   “Very well.” He flicked his tongue over the sensitive spot on her neck.
   She moaned in protest as he pulled away.
   “Come on. Or else we’ll be late like you said.” His smirk was sinful and full of wicked promises.
   Holy healer hell. What that male could do with his tongue. She shivered at the memories that decided to resurface at that thought.

Rhyker, tattooed bad boy and lethal jaguar shifter, falls for the sweet and caring healer, Keena. Except, she’s determined to keep him in the friend zone… good thing he’s a predator that enjoys the hunt.

Together, can they heal their past and forge a future bonded with true love?


Orion’s Order returns in another addictive installment about their secret world of magic and mystery. A world where the most powerful words in the Universe are discovered in the fight against an ancient evil force.

I am haunted by my past mistakes. Mistakes that I have no idea how I even made. I am an educated mind and spirit healer after all. So how in the holy healer hell did I end up in a relationship where the male who I thought I loved…
Yeah, it’s probably best not to rehash those nightmares. But if I don’t dare open up that box to my past, then how am I ever going to be able to move on? Especially because I so want to move on with a certain sexy male. A male whose lips devoured mine in a darkened corner that one time. A male whose predatory piercing blue eyes practically track my every move. A male who I shouldn’t be fantasizing about every second of every day. Why? Because it would ruin me.

I’ve had my eye on a certain female for almost a year now. A female who is damn determined to keep me in the friend zone. A female who’s been hurt by her ex but refuses to open up to me about it. So, you could say I go through a lot of smokes… a f*cking lot.

Meanwhile, my pack of lethally trained and skilled hunters and I are gunning for an evil SOB who not only signed his death warrant the second he tried to come after my pack sister and mate to our alpha, but also the f*cker poses a threat to our world as we know it. Yet, said ancient powerful bastard has gone off the grid and is all but impossible to track.

Oh, and did I mention that the past seems to be mixing with the present? I mean, the f*ck is this? The revenge year of the shitty exes?

So, excuse me while I light up a smoke… or two.


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Author bio:

M.C. Solaris’s life took an unexpected turn during the super blood moon eclipse on January 20, 2019. She woke up and began writing bios for her imaginary friends that she met that day. As soon as the pen hit the paper (or fingertips to the iPhone), she couldn’t stop. It was kind of like one of those fire hydrants, spewing copious amounts of water all over the place. The characters and their stories just flowed out of her. She is honored to be the scribe, getting to share her friends’ stories. You can read all about her gifted friends in the Orion’s Order series (Book 1 is Calypso’s Heart).

On a personal note, M.C. Solaris is actually the pseudonym of Marina Schroeder, women’s health enthusiast and lover of all things paranormal romance (PNR) and happily ever after (HEA). When she is not curled up on the sofa with her partner’s oversized hoodie, a PNR novel, peppermint tea, and one of her three cats, you will find her either at the ocean with her toes in the sand or in a forest hugging a tree. Well truthfully? There is one more place you might find her: trolling the aisles of Whole Foods for a satisfying combination of salty and sweet while hiding in her partner’s hoodie… like any proper PNR-writing introvert.

Want to get the latest scoop, sneak peeks, and short shares all about her imaginary friends? Go to www.mcsolaris.com and sign up for the newsletter.

Welcome to The Order!


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