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Sunday 21 February 2021

Release Tour & Giveaway: Whole Lotta Love [Calamity Falls Small Town Romance 08] by Erika Kelly!


Xander's gaze skimmed over her features, as if she were precious to him. “The thought of you being here with Griffin drove me crazy.”
   “Why?” Lulu whispered.
   “Because I want to be with you.” He pressed his mouth to hers, softly, gently. “Only you.”
   And then he kissed her.
   It was soft, sweet, but his body practically vibrated with restraint. She wanted him—God, did she want him—but her fears were screaming. Still, she knew--she absolutely knew--if she didn't take a leap of faith and kiss him back, she'd never have a chance at this kind of love.
   Clasping her hands around his neck, body pressed up against his, she opened her heart, her soul, and let herself fall into him. And it was dizzying. “What part of me do you want?” She lowered her forehead to his chest. “Because if you just want my body for a night or two, that’s just…I mean, if you know me at all, you have to know that won’t work for me.”
   "I want all of you. I want us. Nothing feels better than being with you.”
   She flung herself against him, lifting up on her toes to reach his mouth. His kiss was hot, urgent, and sent her senses spiraling. She thought she might melt from the heat of his desire, and when she whimpered, he bent his knees, lifted her, and carried her to the blanket.
   “You want this, too? Us?” His eyes were wild.
   “More than anything.”

Lulu Cavanaugh’s a liar.

The moment she lost her job running the fanciest restaurant on Maui, Lulu threw herself into recovery-mode. She's pitched a cooking show, and as soon as it gets the green light, she'll come clean to her family. Prodigy chefs don't fail--so she's waiting until she has the kind of news that will blow them away.

Alexander Wilder flamed out.

An injury cut short the quarterback's promising career, but he's determined to find his way back--even if it means swerving in the most unexpected way. So, when a producer offers him a cooking show, he takes it. He grew up in his mom’s restaurant, so he knows his way around a kitchen, and it'll give him much-needed visibility...why not?

Lulu nails her audition. But before she can pop open the champagne in celebration, the producers drop a bomb: they're giving her a co-host. And she can pretty much take it or leave it, because the quarterback's got the starring role.

What happens when these enemies become lovers?

Heat so hot even the kitchen can’t stand it.

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Author bio:

Award-winning author Erika Kelly writes sexy and emotional small town romance. Married to the love of her life and raising four children, she lives in the southwest, drinks a lot of tea, and is always waiting for her cats to get off her keyboard. Please note that 10% of the net income of all Erika Kelly books goes to the Semper Fi Fund (semperfifund.org)


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