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Monday 13 December 2021

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Where’s Gary? [Haunted Real Estate 01] by J.C. Valentine!


   “Didn’t you see her?”
   “Her?” He appeared genuinely confused.
   “Well, I don’t know if it was a her exactly, but it felt like a woman. Like…Mrs. Moore,” I hissed, lowering my voice in case speaking of her would conjure her spirit. The idea of a ghost inhabiting the house was admittedly intriguing, but I would wet myself on the spot if she suddenly appeared in front of us right now.
   “The same Mrs. Moore from the legends?”
   I could see his skepticism, and it only fueled my inner fire. “Of course! She lived here, and she’s the namesake of all of those ‘legends,’ so it stands to reason she would be what I saw. She’s probably what’s been following me around the house this whole time, trying to freak me the hell out too.” I glared at the ceiling then around the room, in case she really was lurking nearby, eavesdropping.
   Jed scrubbed a hand over his head, and I half expected him to give me a heavy dose of logic, but he surprised me. “Well, with all the renovations, it makes sense if you stirred something up.”
   “So you believe me?”
   “I told you before I’m a believer. It makes sense. So…yeah. I believe you.”
   A grin split across my face. “I could kiss you, Jedidiah Ethan Sprague.”
   Scowling, Jed took my hand holding the pack of ice and pressed it back against my head. “That’s not my middle name.”
   “Oh pish.” I brushed off his complaint and continued. “We’re finally in agreement about something. This is cause to celebrate.” My eyes widened and my brows reached for my hairline. “Let’s hold a séance!”
   Now Jed’s eyes grew wide and his nostrils flared with panic. “Let’s not get crazy. How about we crack open a beer instead.”
   “Okay, okay,” I relented. I would have never followed through with calling on the spirit world anyway. Not tonight, at least. Even watching it in a movie got the little hairs on my arms standing on end. But it was intriguing to think about. “Beer it is.”
   “And food. I’m ready for dinner.”
   “That’s a great idea. There’s tuna and bread in the pantry.”
   Giving me a sly smile that said he knew what I’d just done, Jed rose to his feet. “I’ll just go get some clothes on and then I’ll whip up some sandwiches.”
   “Aw, do you have to? I was enjoying the view.”
   Jed’s cheeks reddened and I winked, enjoying the ability to make a grown man shy. It was so becoming. And it made my tummy flutter.
   Would his cheeks get red again if I kissed him?
   “I see I’m gonna have to watch out for you,” Jed said over his shoulder as he headed out of the room and toward the staircase.
   “Me? What about Mrs. Moore hiding in the bedroom?” I called after him.
   There was a brief creak of a stair and then total silence. Grinning, certain I knew what was going on but still curious enough to have to find out, I leaned forward, grunting as I forced myself to stand up, and took a couple of shuffling steps until I could see the stairs from the parlor archway.
   Jed stood with one hand on the banister and one foot on the first stair, staring straight ahead toward the second floor. Slowly, he turned his head to look at me. “I think I hate you a little bit.”
   This time I couldn’t hold back the laughter, and I didn’t even try.

When a distant relative dies, Claire Montgomery inherits an ages old house with a storied past. Intending to flip it for profit, she travels to a quaint burrow in the middle of nowhere and becomes the talk of the town. Or maybe it has more to do with the house that everyone claims is haunted by a history that’s even more mysterious than Claire could ever imagine. Can she finish the renovations and get out of Dodge before the quest for a profit kills her?

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Author bio:

J.C. Valentine is the USA Today and International bestselling author of the Night Calls and Wayward Fighters Series and the Forbidden Trilogy. Her vivid imagination and love of words and romance had her penning her own romance stories from an early age, which, despite being poorly edited and written longhand, she forced friends and family members to read. No, she isn’t sorry.

Living in the Northwest, she has three amazing children and far too many pets. Among the many hats she wears, J.C. is an entrepreneur. Having graduated with honors, she holds a Bachelor’s in English and when she isn’t writing, you can find her editing for fellow authors.

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