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Monday 3 January 2022

Release Blitz & Giveaway: Sundown [The Grid 09] by Jas T. Ward!

If you ask Sundown if this is the end of the world? Maybe. Maybe not? The 'F' if he knows.

The dark split side of a personality should never have to drive. But when the primary idiot in charge checks out with a shattered heart, what choice did I have? I've got to keep my shit together. I must keep Madness at bay. The Grid has fallen. And now everyone is counting on me. Can you hear me laughing hysterically where you are? And to make things even more complicated? I met her.

Deja Bloom not only lost everything, but a blast took her sight. She somehow survived when I came along. Yes, I was grumpy and angry. Hello, when am I not? I saved her and had no choice but to drop her into the once secret world of The Grid. I'm sure she knows there's something not being said about me. But this woman is smart. But the last thing I want is her to find out my secret. But I'm not sure why it matters. Just that it does.

The end of the world is knocking on humanities door. Sundown finally has a chance to taste a life of his own. But the piece Reno's left behind is shattered, cracked, and spinning out of control. And somehow, some way, love is trying to slide through the mess in the form of a sharp-tongued woman wicked good at hitting him with a damn stick.

If only he had the chance to fully claim the love she offers. Before it's snatched away.

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Author bio:

USA Today Bestselling Author Jas T. Ward is a born and raised Texan residing in the Austin area. A mixed bag of creativity spinning tales of paranormal, urban fantasy with a touch of darkness and horror wrapped within a love story. Diving into contemporary romance (after being dared to do so by her readers) she created characters both real and uniquely twisted like the author herself. She publishes titles as a hybrid author. Her contemporary romances are published by Hot Tree Publishing. A mother of three diverse and independent grown children and fur mom to foster fails fondly called The Ward Herd. She prides being known as the “Queen Niche’ Bitch” which is a fun way of saying she sucks at writing to market.
But her readers don’t seem to mind.

“Why the Ward Way? Because I believe in writing books that take a reader on a thrill-ride. Action, danger, drama, sure. But also, laughter, tears of joy and moments that make you want to stop just to scream. My books are twisted, complex and full of heroes and heroines full of flaws and heart, but you can’t deny–total badasses. Welcome to my worlds, take a seat, get to know me and the characters and I assure you… You’ll be glad you did.” - Jas T Ward


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