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Thursday 3 February 2022

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Bluewater Bay Promise [Serenity Beach 01] by Lena Pearson!


   Meg stepped onto the beach and removed her sandals. She scrunched her toes and let them sink into the warm, grainy sand. Meg held the rolled blanket under her arm as she made her way to the shoreline.
   Waves rolled in and out marking the shore with lines of foam. Meg inhaled the salty air and smiled as the almost warm water washed over her toes. She resisted the urge to wade into the bay and would dive in without question if she’d worn her bathing suit.
   Meg made her way to a dry patch of sand away from shoreline and spread the blanket. She sat down, stretched her legs and leaned back on her hands. It was a light beach crowd which made it more peaceful than usual. She’d have space to think.
   Meg pulled her water bottle from her bag and tipped it back for a drink. In her peripheral vision, she saw someone sitting about a hundred feet to her left. She turned, then smiled. Meg picked up her blanket and trudged over.
   “Hey, Brandon, taking advantage of the weather?”
   Brandon jerked his head up from his phone. His eyes widened in surprise.
   “Meg, Hey what are you doing here?” Brandon’s voice squeaked.
   “The same as you. I wanted to get in some beach time. It’s a gorgeous day.”
   Brandon put his phone away and peeked around Meg toward the seawall. She followed his gaze, then down beside his blanket. A set of women’s sandals sat beside his flip-flops. Her chest tensed and she shifted her eyes to wipe them.
   So, he’s not alone. It’s probably where’s his attention has been lately.
   Meg pushed her shoulders back. No, she wasn’t going to make any assumptions. Besides, they weren’t a couple anymore and he wasn’t her problem.
   “Are you here with someone?”
   “Well, yeah, but you broke up with me, remember?” His voice was accusing.
   “I was just asking. Anyone I know?”
   Brandon shrugged. His shoulders hung near his ears from obvious tension.
   “Relax, I’m not here to cause trouble.”
   His eyes darted between Meg and something behind her. She turned again to see a young woman approaching. Brandon pushed himself up and brushed the sand from his hands.
   “Ashley, this is Megan. Megan, this is Ashley.”
   Megan’s eyes grew wide. It was the purple flower sweater girl.

Three Best friends. Two promises. One big fight to save a small beach town.

Megan Hollis’ life is in shambles. She is determined to keep her home and life intact after losing her job, but an offer from Bluewater’s handsome Mayor jeopardizes a friendship , and her ability to resist the growing attraction between them.

Ciara, a life long resident of Bluewater, sees through the “promise” of local politicians. When the library is demolished, she makes her own promise to save her town from the threat of development, but has to face off against the town’s Mayor who happens to be her twin brother.

Sharon is the glue of the trio, who returned to Bluewater and fulfilled her dream of purchasing the old victorian inn on Serenity Beach. Despite her sunny outlook, Sharon nurses a heartache from the past that she’s kept from her friends.

Escape to Bluewater Bay, The Serenity Beach Series and discover how Megan, Ciara and Sharon navigate the waves of this small beach town.

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Author bio:

Lena writes heartwarming books with New England charm. Her favorite place to write is her lady cave, but any old sofa will do. Lena grew up in the Boston area and returns often to visit family and refresh her accent. She calls Maryland home where everyone says she talks funny, but New England is her heart. Lena lives with her husband in a nearly empty nest where she is thoroughly enjoying washing fewer clothes and making reservations instead of dinner. Connect with Lena on Facebook and Instagram.



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  2. Facing off against her brother...sounds interesting and like something I can relate to!

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