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Saturday 17 December 2022

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Wrapped Around My Heart by Kelly Collins!


   His eyes focused on mine for a minute, then focused on a paper clip on the floor. “How much is a day worth to you, Jess?”
   “I’m not very good at valuing myself.”
   He chuckled and walked forward to rest a hand on my shoulder. “You’re priceless. You told me you would be when I hired you, and you were right.” He let go and made his way back to his chair. “But we’ll have to put a price on your time and inconvenience. It means spending time with me outside of normal work hours.”
   “That’s a real hardship.” My pulse raced at the thought. Maybe I should offer to pay him. That would certainly satisfy my desire to spend more time with Mark, but it wouldn’t solve my financial problems.
   He gripped the desk. He leaned toward me, with his blue eyes pinning me in place. “This is my offer. Two thousand a day, first-class travel, and the nicest hotel you can book.”
   “Why would you pay me that much?” Two thousand a day was insane. I was thinking he’d come up with five hundred dollars maximum.
   “Because you’re worth it.” Warmth flushed my skin. “We have to stay the night?”
   “You know I like to be prepared for my meetings, and I don’t want to take any chances on canceled flights, so getting there a day early is important. We can go over what I need on the plane and then have a relaxing evening. You can pick any place for dinner.”
   “You’re taking me to dinner?” A couple days with Mark, dinner, a hotel, first-class flight, and badly needed cash ... could it get any better?
   “Of course I’ll feed you. I don’t like my wom—er, my employees to starve.”
   “Deal.” I offered my hand to shake.
   He pulled it between his warm palms. “You failed at negotiations, Jess. You’re not supposed to take the first deal that comes your way. I would have paid you more.”
   My hand was completely covered by his. “I would have taken less.” Feeling a band of heat travel from his body to mine, I pulled my hand back like it was on fire and regretted the move when the loss of his touch was felt so profoundly throughout my body.

Mark Cantwell has a life most men can only dream of—he’s rich, respected, and ripped. There’s only one thing he wants—to regain control of his grandfather’s company. When the chance finally pops up, he jumps at it even though it means ruining Christmas for his executive assistant, Jess Stone.

Jess Stone will do anything for her handsome boss. He’s everything she wants in a man so when he needs her during her family’s annual Colorado Christmas celebration, she doesn’t hesitate to adjust her plans.

What should have been a simple flight and a quick meeting turns into a road trip from hell, leaving the pair stranded in a motel room together in the middle of a snowstorm.

Will Mark take the first chance he can to just get on with his business, or will he realize all he wants for Christmas is Jess?

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Author bio:

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International bestselling author of more than thirty novels, Kelly Collins writes with the intention of keeping love alive. Always a romantic, she blends real-life events with her vivid imagination to create characters and stories that lovers of contemporary romance, new adult, and romantic suspense will return to again and again.

Kelly has sold more than a quarter of a million books worldwide, and in 2021 she was awarded a Readers' Favorite Award Gold Medal in the Contemporary Romance category for A Tablespoon of Temptation.

You can learn more about Kelly at www.authorkellycollins.com.

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