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Tuesday 12 November 2013

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Trust Me [Trust 01] by Kristin Mayer!

Publication date: 4th October 2013
Paperback edition: 315 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 4.5 stars
Synopsis: After the loss of her parents, Allison Scott spent the past year of her life being emotionally disconnected, and afraid of the loss that comes from loving someone.

Allison is finally ready to find the person she used to be when she embarks on her
getaway vacation to Miami. In Miami, she meets Damien Wales—a man who will stop at nothing to make Allison his—in every way possible.

Being heavily pursued by Damien, forces Allison to decide whether or not to open herself up again. Her attraction to him is undeniable, and she finds herself being brought back to life by the mere presence of him. But does she truly know enough about Damien to let herself be open for that kind of pain again?

Damien's tragic past has left him a cold and distant person. However, the moment he sees Allison, he's inexplicably drawn to her. She brings out a side in him that he thought was lost forever.

Damien’s dark past starts to collide with the present in a way he never thought possible. He's now forced to do everything he can to keep Allison in his life as she learns about his past.

Will both Damien and Allison be able to put aside their pasts and learn to trust each other?

Favourite quote: "Love means giving someone the chance to hurt you but trusting them not to."

I LOVED this book! Completely loved it! I met the author through chance on Facebook one day and we talk constantly! When I first heard about this book, before I spoke to the author, I knew I wanted to read it as soon as possible! I can't believe how long I had to wait for it, but the wait was completely worth it! This book really was amazing and was definitely worth the wait! The plot of this book was also amazing! It was so beautiful and full of suspense! I wasn't really expecting the plot to go down the suspense route, but it added so much to the story and I was literally on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what was going to happen next! I do have to point out something that did annoy me and distract me whilst reading this book! It wasn't abbreviated! My pet hate with books is when words aren't abbreviated and quite a lot of this book's words weren't! If a book isn't abbreviated then I always bring it up in my review, so please don't be offended, Kristin! The sexy scenes in this book definetely made me forget about it though lol! They were off the charts hot! The characters were judt as amazing as the plot! Allison was the main character and I adored her! I found it really easy to connect with has as well! Allison was such a likeable character because she was so normal! She was so genuine and so nice as well! I loved her determination as well and just overall she was a wonderful, likeable character! I also loved her relationship with her love interest as it was so cute and hot! Damien was the love interest of Allison and he was fiercely protective of her! He was also scrumptiously hot! I loved Damien because he was such an alpha male, but he had a seriously sweet side to him as well! I loved how much he adored Allison and I could tell that he had genuine feelings for her! I also loved his protective and loving side! I did think that Allison and Damien's relationship developed a little too quickly and it was a little bit instant, but their relationship was so beautiful that I forgot all about it! The ending of this book was unreal! I didn't see it coming at all and now I'm on pins and needles for the next book! As I said, I can't wait to read the next book in this series! When I first heard about this book I did think that it was a standalone until the author told me that it was actually the first of three books! I'm really looking forward to seeing where Allison and Damien's story is going to go next! I'm just annoyed that I have to wait until next year for the sequel lol! I also love the cover for this book! I love that it doesn't have a couple on it and that it has something to symbolise the book instead! Big thank you to Kristin for a copy of Trust Me and to Allison for having me on the Blog Tour!

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P.S. I made it ;)

Trust Me

 Author bio:

Kristin Mayer is a wife, a proud mother, and a full-time Analyst and Import Manager. Since an early age, she has always enjoyed reading and writing. While visiting her father one weekend, he suggested that she should take up writing again. With family and a career, she didn’t give it a lot of thought, until a story entered her mind and wouldn’t leave. It just kept forming and developing over a couple of months.
At the beginning of 2013, she decided to sit down and write it all down, but she kept it to herself. One sentence developed into two, and before she knew it, she had the makings of a novel.
Kristin tries to live life to the fullest during every moment. She loves to travel and meet new people. She holds a degree in International Business and uses it daily in her job. Kristin now adds “author” on her list of jobs, and feels very blessed and thankful.



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