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Friday 19 March 2021

Release Day Blitz: Betrayed Honor [Ivanov Crime Family 03] by Zoe Blake!

Her innocence was going to get her killed.
That was if I didn't get to her first. 
She's the protected little sister of the powerful Ivanov Russian mafia family - the very definition of forbidden. 
It’s always been my job, as their Head of Security, to watch over her but never to touch.
That ends today. 
She disobeyed me and put herself in danger. 
It was time to take her in hand.
I’m the only one who can save her and I will fight anyone who tries to stop me, including her brothers. 
Honor and loyalty be damned.
She’s mine now.

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Author bio:

USA TODAY Bestselling Author in Dark Romance

She delights in writing Dark Romance books filled with overly-possessive Billionaires, Taboo scenes and Unexpected twists. She usually spends her ill-gotten gains on martinis, travel and red lipstick. Since she can barely boil water, she’s lucky enough to be married to a sexy Chef.

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