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Friday 26 March 2021

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Rebel Rook [Everyday Heroes World] by Ren Alexander!

Dylan McGrath, rookie cop with something to prove and everything to lose.

Dumped. There, I said it. The day after my twenty-first birthday, my girlfriend of two years ditched me in front of an audience of coworkers and customers. For my response, I demolished a printer, a worthless job, and my sanity. Drinking my sorrows in a park with my BFF, a cop throws me into the back of a cruiser. It’s not my first ride or my greatest achievement, angering legendary law enforcement swarming my family tree, but who cares? Smelling fresh blood in the water, self-righteous, law-abiding family and friends gang up on me, drawing a line in the sand with a deal. Doing the unthinkable yet inevitable, I take it, but not without a fight.

Graduating from the police academy, I clash with field training officers who hand me off faster than a live grenade. Though my job is to enforce laws, I love to break rules and refuse to follow any leader. Now, on the verge of losing this job and embarrassing my family, the revered Malones, I’m reassigned to the Dragon, a tough sergeant who hates me for existing on her dime.

Vowing to make it through training, that notion is blown to smithereens when a gorgeous waitress graces my table. Natalia Welch wants nothing to do with me, distrusting police officers. Due to her horrifying past and association with certain people, the Dragon, my brother, and my cousin warn me to stay away from her. As if they’d stop me. Breaking through Natalia’s hard shell, we attempt a friendship that ignites until she freaks out after discovering our age difference. However, we find the more she avoids me, the more we crave each other, leading to a passionate explosion that could end my career or her life.

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Author bio:

Ren Alexander writes steamy contemporary romance, including the Wild Sparks Series, and contributes to K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Series from her desk in Motown—Detroit, Michigan. Yes, part of her state is shaped like a mitten, 8 Mile Road really exists, and Eminem is her neighbor and carpool buddy. Unfortunately, she and Slim Shady don’t ride in the same car. She’s still working on that part.

Writing her romance novels with a big dose of reality, the good and bad, Ren embraces the gritty and raw with a side of funny and crazy. No matter what, there is always an explosion. You never know what you'll get in her mixed bag. That's personal, anyway.

Ren lives in Detroit, Michigan, with her husband, two daughters, and two cats.

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