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Sunday 20 March 2022

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Moon Madness [Dirigo Pack 02] by Sabrina Silvers!


   A warm breeze coasted across her coat, ruffling the fur and teasing her nose with a scent that was unfamiliar with just a hint of marshmallow and fire. Since tonight was the formal mating ceremony between Kane and Sheridan, several wolves had traveled here from the outer dens to pay their respects and swear their oaths to their second-in-command, the Alpha-Heir and his mate, a tradition of the Pack. Kane had wanted to keep the ceremony simple, especially since it was also the first night they would see if Sheridan could shift, but tradition had to be adhered to. They might be a progressive Pack in many ways, but they followed their history and took comfort in it.
   Now, Sloane had to figure out whether the scent she was smelling emanated from one of their own or someone using the influx of strange wolves as a cover to sneak into their borders and create havoc.
   She crouched low and stalked across the forest floor, avoiding leaves and twigs where she could, staying silent and cautious while extending her senses to determine whether she was alone or if someone else lurked in the shadows. The moon was full and high in the sky, the bright beams penetrating the forest in areas, like a spotlight on a theater stage, yet leaving shadows and darkness in other spots, easy places for a wolf or other shifter to hide, especially one who might know the area. And, as Sloane had recently discovered to her chagrin, just being a member of the Pack didn’t mean you were a friend.
   The bonfire scent teased her nose again and her memory. How the hell did she know it? It wasn’t from an enforcer or one of the soldiers—the only ones who should be out this far this evening. The rest of the Pack should be close to the center of the den or on the hunt, especially in this time of turmoil for their own safety. She paused, crouching next to a copse of oak trees and gazed out over the small watering hole, trying not to remember the last time she had been there, or who she had been with.
   The scent faded, and she ventured forward a couple of steps, her gaze scanning the area around her, but there was nothing around. She let out a huff of annoyance and slowly straightened. She must have been mistaken.
   At that moment, she was hit from the side by a heavy body that felt like a solid mass of concrete falling on her, knocking her on her side. She rolled as she had been taught, intending to come up fighting, but the wolf followed her down, pinning her to the forest floor. The male wolf pinned her, his mass much bigger and heavier than her, and settled over her.
   Then his jaws closed over her throat, and she stilled.

A wolf on the edge, deadly shifter political games, and an unexpected attraction.

Sloane Wyman is haunted by her past and she’ll let nothing get in the way of her future. She’s vowed to defend her pack as long as there is breath in her lungs.

Benedict MacKinnon can’t trust the beast within. Not since it burst forth and nearly cost him everything. But, when his brother and mate are accused of murder, he’s willing to put everything on the line. Benedict must stand before the Supreme Council in their defense, even if it costs him his life and future.

Lying and scheming enemies eager to see him spiral out of control test his resolve at every turn. Sloane, as his back-up, is more of a hindrance than a help thanks to the unwanted primal attraction that leaves his inner wolf rumbling.

As they become targets in a game they don’t know the rules, and the clock ticks down on their deadline, can they outsmart their enemies? Will they allow themselves to unite via the mate bond? Or will their attempts to save those they love meet a bloody end?

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Author bio:

Sabrina Silvers began her writing career dreaming of elves, orcs, and hobbits in the fantasy section of her local library, looking in wardrobes for Narnia and Aslan, and hunting for gnomes in the forest. To her dismay, she never found any of them except between the pages of her books. So, she had to go out and create them for herself, leading to her lifelong love of reading and writing and dreaming about adventures, fantasy creatures and love in fantasy lands! She divides her time between writing sexy contemporary romances under a different pen name, reading, knitting and being owned by a very spoiled cocker spaniel who does not share her love of fantasy creatures.

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