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Wednesday 15 June 2022

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Discordant Memories by Dee Rollings!


   I took his phone and searched for things to do on the way from Albuquerque to Phoenix. “Ooh! If we leave now, we can stop at Petrified Forest National Park! It’s on the ’40 and we won’t lose any time getting there.”
   “The where?” He came out of the bathroom with his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth.
   My eyes dropped to the V-shaped muscles peeking out just above the towel wrapped around his waist. I bit my bottom lip, taking him in as he rolled his eyes at me, exasperated at my inability to focus when he wasn’t wearing any clothes. He turned and walked back into the bathroom, leaving me to sit and think about his perky backside.
   The memory that had come to me the other night, the one with someone else standing in a hotel room with a towel draped over his hips, jumped to the forefront of my mind.
   I shook my head, erasing the memory like an etch-a-sketch. Then I uncurled my toes and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm my racing heart.
   “Did you say Petrified Forest?” he asked as he came out of the bathroom and started to get dressed.
   “The place with all the fossils?”
   “Oh, yeah…

A car accident, amnesia, two supposed lovers, and many dark secrets. In a race against time, who will come out on top?

Catrina Banks wakes up with bruises on her body and no memories from the last six months. An illustrious painter, she feels as though someone has stolen the colors from her canvas.

Under the teeming hospital lights and white coats crowding around her, Catrina faces questions she has no answers to. How did she end up in a city far from home? What was she doing there? Where is her phone, her ID, and most of all: Who assaulted her?

Struggling with intermittent flashbacks, Catrina tries to piece her life together. Cradling a gray hoodie and wedding bands she has no memory of, Cat returns home with her boyfriend Danny.

Even after she’s safe at home, she can’t shake the weird feeling that something is off, nor can she ignore the haunting glimpses she gets of a different life with another man.

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Author bio:

Dee Rollings was born and raised in the big city, but her heart lives in the forest.

She does her best writing on the porch of her tiny house in the woods when she’s not wrangling her kid and her dogs or having one-way conversations with chipmunks.

She has a gorgeous husband who resembles Paul Bunyan and builds the best campfires, which makes all her dreams come true.

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