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Saturday 11 June 2022

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Falling For My Hot Neighbor by Rachael Brownell!


   I’ve seen her every day for the last two weeks, and she’s always looked amazing. Tonight, right now, standing outside my door, she looks like a fucking goddess.
   “Uh, yeah. Hey,” I finally say, licking my lips as my eyes hover over her cleavage.
   I can’t look away. They’re perky and her skin is so smooth.
   “I was kind of thinking—”
   “No more thinking,” I interrupt before she can finish. “I’m done thinking. We’re overthinking things.”
   “What do you suggest then?” she asks, the sound of her voice drawing my attention to her lips.
   “I think you should come in before someone gets a show they didn’t pay admission for,” I state firmly, wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her across the threshold.
   Shutting the door behind her, I press my body against hers and lean in close. Her eyes are trained on mine as I am completely honest with her for the first time.
   “I’m done waiting, Harley. I can’t do it anymore, and I think you’re done too. There’s a reason you came over here tonight. What was it?”
   “I…” she stutters but doesn’t look away.
   “I’m going to kiss you, and then I’m going to hold you. Nothing more, nothing less. I can’t make you step away from helping my sister. I don’t want you to. I don’t want to hinder her progress, but I can’t stay away from you any longer. It’s not fair to you, and it’s not fair to me.
   “If you don’t want me to kiss you, if this isn’t what you want, you need to tell me because I’ve been a very patient man. That ends now. I’m taking what I want as long as you let me.”
   Her chest rises and falls against mine, but she doesn’t say a word. The seconds tick by, and then it happens. She grants me permission with the slightest nod of her head, and I capture her lips before she has a chance to change her mind.

There’s a professional line in the sand. One I refuse to cross. I can’t afford to if I want to keep my secrets safe. To keep my life from falling apart again.

Those boundaries are tested when he moves in across the hall.

My new neighbor might just be the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. He’s also my patient’s brother which is why he’s off limits. But with him this close, I find it hard to ignore my attraction to him. To deny the spark between us. To avoid the magnetic pull I feel.

Because Alex is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.

Kind and sweet, with a dirty mind and a touch that lights a fire inside me.

And he loves my son.

Which scares me the most.

It’s not just my heart at risk. The closer Alex gets, the more I fall for him, the more I risk exposing everything I’ve worked so hard to keep hidden.

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Author bio:

Rachael Brownell is an Amazon bestselling author of contemporary, New Adult, and YA romance.

She lives in Michigan with her husband, son, snuggly dog, and hateful cat. She moonlights as a bartender a few days a week (her excuse to get out of the house and socialize) and writes full time. She published her first novel in 2013 and since she’s released more than 30 additional titles.

Rachael writes all kinds of romance – dark, sexy, sweet. She started her career writing young-adult romance and as she matured, so did her characters and her writing. These days, Rachael writes steamy, new adult romance. Her favorite tropes to write are small-town and friends to lovers.

When she’s not hiding in her office, writing her next novel, you can find her hanging out with her family, watching her son play baseball, or running on the treadmill at the gym (though she skips more days than she goes).

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