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Sunday 5 March 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Fall Hard [Sun City 02] by Jade Church!


   1. Love sucks. I wasn’t much of an expert, I’d only really fallen once—but there was only one thing worse than loving someone who didn’t love you, and that was watching them fall in love with someone else. So there I was, about to do something that was probably a terrible idea—but lately all my ideas seemed terrible, so what could one more hurt?
   2. “Are you, ah, coming in with me?” I stared out at the lake apprehensively. It was a great day to do this, weather-wise, but I hadn’t had the time to psych myself up (or out) about it first. I tried to focus on the physical sensations, blocking out the threads of nervousness that threatened to overwhelm me as I inhaled the scent of water and warm grass, the buzz of insects nearby replacing the sound of my heartbeat in my ears.
   I could feel Bryn staring at me and I met her eyes before we walked to the edge of the grass.
   “Unless you don’t want me to?”
   “Oh, no, it’s fine, I just meant—”
   She swept her tee off over head before I could finish speaking and I choked on my own spit at the sight of her breasts pressing against the pale blue bra she was wearing. I froze and she raised an eyebrow.
   “You know, to skinny dip you have to take off your clothes.”
   3. “Let’s have it then.” Bryn didn’t wait for me to protest, just grabbed the small piece of paper from my hands and scanned it quickly before nodding as if satisfied. She looked up at me, her serious blue eyes in strange contrast to the cheery white sundress decorated with cute cherries she had chosen to wear out. The neckline was a sweetheart scoop and I had to work surprisingly hard to keep my focus from dropping too low. Anyone likely would have had the same problem, Bryn was stunning and that was just a fact. I probably looked like a slob in comparison—it was too hot today for me to care about make-up or pretty dresses, so I had thrown on my most lightweight pair of shorts and a strappy cotton cropped top with sneakers when Bryn had told me we were going out. It didn’t help that she’d given me approximately ten minutes notice.
   I sniffed and nearly sneezed as I caught the scent of pollen, at least there hadn’t been any bugs trying to jump inside my coffee. That was another reason why I typically avoided sitting outside when I had food or drink to hand.
   “So? What do you think?”
   “All do-able,” Bryn said, watching me over the rim of her red sunglasses.
   I bit my lip. “All of them?”
   Was that a hint of a smirk on her mouth? “Yep.”
   I tried not to think about item number four on the list and failed. Skinny dipping. All do-able. “Well, we don’t have to do all of them—”

Falling in love with your best friend sucks—especially when they don’t love you back.

Liv needs help, and Bryn is determined to give it to her. After a night out ends in a whole lot of embarrassment for Liv, she is faced with the fact that she might need some assistance in getting over her best friend and roommate, Jamie.

When Bryn is forced to temporarily move in with Jamie and Liv, a night of drinking results in a possibly disastrous deal: All of Liv’s decisions are now in Bryn’s hands. The goal? Operation fall-out-of-love.

But when sparks start to fly between the two women, they have to wonder if maybe their plan worked a little too well.

After all, nothing hurts like love.

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Author bio:

Jade Church is an avid reader and writer of spicy romance. She loves sweet and swoony love interests who aren’t scared to smack your ass and bold female leads. Jade currently lives in the U.K. and spends the majority of her time reading and writing books, as well as binge re-watching The Vampire Diaries.

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