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Friday 17 March 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Filthy Punk by Saint Bryde!


   My phone screen lit up from the little compartment under the stereo, and I almost ignored it.
   From my vantage point, I saw Princess_4u’s name, and my heart raced. NSFW Twitter was a godsend because I could indulge in fantasies I’d never participate in in real life. Princess was the quintessential goodie two shoes in the way she dressed: conservative, never giving too much away in her dirty pictures she sent me. But our online relationship had expanded to conversations and occasional sexts.
   Point being, I was obsessed with her.
   I didn’t have much to go by, but I imagined it was Princess grinding on my lap, in her ripped stockings and soft cotton underwear. I raked my hands down her back before reaching her ass, holding her against me as I dominated her sweet little mouth. If we weren’t in a car, I’d have my way with her tied and bound, unable to move and only able to writhe under the unrelenting pleasure I’d give her till she was on the verge of passing out.

The one thing my overbearing mother can’t control is my online presence. On NSFW Twitter, I can explore my sexuality and express a side of myself no one else knows—except Zombi. I’ve never even seen a picture of him, but I can imagine him through his texts. Dark, dirty, and commandeering, he’s covered in piercings and listens to the Cranberries. He is a safe space in which I can be accept for who I am.

But I never expected that Zombi would be the very punk my mother has always warned me against, Dominic, someone who I haven’t seen since my adolescence. A holiday dinner turns into a tense and humiliating event. How can I get pay back and make Dominic feel as tortured and turned on as I feel?

I’ve been estranged from my family for the last six years, and when my sister’s begging me to come home for a dinner party, I have no intention of going. My band’s just made a huge mistake and I need a distraction. But Neve Bellmere will be there, and I’m in the mood to make a prissy girl like her squirm because she is just as jaded and fake as the rest of my family.

When I discover Neve is the same girl who sends me lewds, this night can only end with her in my bed. But will she want me after how mean I’ve been to her? Or does she love the humiliation?

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Author bio:

Saint writes spicy contemporary romance that gravitates to the dark side, and loves bad boy punks obsessed with their innocent heroines. When she's not writing she likes helping out at her local animal shelter, watching anime, or playing video games. You can find content warnings, mailing list sign up, and social media on her website: https://author-0sydft.mailerpage.io

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