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Wednesday 8 March 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Inflamed by Love [Sleigh Riders 02] by Martha Sweeney!



   Verity lets out a hearty laugh. “For only just meeting not too long ago, your soul connection is strong within both of you. Your souls are old and this isn’t the first time you’ve been on the planet together.” He lets out a sigh. “Your journey in life is what you make it, Daughter of Frost. A single decision can put you on a different course while another can put you back on it at any moment.”
   “We’ve been here before?” Nikolaus inquires.
   “Mm,” Verity confirms. “It is why the connection between you two is as strong as it is. It happens for many children of the Great Mother and the Great Father.”
   “Why do we come back?” Noelle asks.
   “To experience another way of life on the planet,” Verity explains. “We are infinite spirits that seek new perspectives, growing each time, having fun in the process.”
   Noelle glances at Nikolaus who seems to be as intrigued and perplexed by Verity.
   “I wouldn’t call it fun in all—”
   “It can be fun,” Verity declares, interrupting Noelle. “It is a choice. How you view the good and the bad when it all is merely a different perspective or way of seeing things.”
   Nikolaus and Noelle are silent as they consider his words.
   “I will aid you with a knowledge that I am surprised you have not garnered yet,” Verity states.
   Noelle looks on eagerly.
   “A single drop of water is not much different than a crystal or gem in some ways,” he reveals.
   Nikolaus and Noelle look at each other, confused by Verity’s words.
   “Do not think too hard on it,” he suggests. “You will waste energy and hurt your head.”
   “It isn’t meant to be a trick, Son of Klaus.” Verity lets out a grumble. “Have your clans forgotten much of what used to be known?”
   “You would know the answer to that,” Noelle teases.
   Verity lets out a roar of a laugh. “Ah, you are quick-witted. That will do you good, Daughter of Frost.”
   Noelle smirks as she looks at Nikolaus.
   “Come, Son of Klaus,” Verity goads. “You speak to those elements. What say you?”
   Nikolaus considers Verity’s words. “Stones have their own power as if they are spirits themselves.”
   “Mm?” Verity replies encouragingly.
   “They all have energy,” he adds. “Like water.”
   “Mm,” Verity agrees.
   “Some…some retain things,” Nikolaus states.
   “Ah,” Verity sighs. “What for? What reason? What purpose?”
   “They each have a purpose,” Nikolaus continues. “Some to protect, some to heal, some to….”
   “Open one’s mind as well as many other things,” Verity adds. “Even when used up, a crystal can be recharged, reused, and still retain certain things beyond their energy.”
   Nikolaus is quiet as he tries to think of the missing piece.
   “Help him, Daughter of Frost,” Verity encourages. “You of all should know this for it has happened several times to you.”
   “What?” Noelle gasps.
   “What did you feel, what did you hear, when you finally allowed yourself to connect with the Great Mother, hm?”
   Noelle’s brow scrunches. As she opens her mouth to ask a question, Verity continues.
   “Great Mother, I call to thee. Wrap her in white light here in the dead of night. Protect her with the life I have to give, and break the curse so she may live,” Verity states. “Those are words you uttered, are they not?”
   Noelle nods. “How—”
   “My time here with you is done,” Verity announces.
   “I will leave you with this, Daughter of Frost and Son of Klaus,” he adds as his body begins to twist back into his previous form. “You were not dreaming and it was more than protection.”

BESTSELLING author Martha Sweeney presents her first paranormal romance/fantasy series (Sleigh Riders) that features bikers, swearing, elemental magic, innuendos, and so much more.

The bitter fault of one caused the magic from within to wither and die. It lays dormant until it listens to the beat of the soul to determine all that binds.

Remnants of the legendary feud between the Frost clan and Klaus clan still continues despite a union between the main bloodlines. Noelle and Nikolaus embark on a journey westward, leaving their friends, family, and clans behind, though some seek to stop them. Can the Sleighers and Blades learn to work together as some uncover their ancestral gifts or will this new awareness tear their world apart? Will the one who sleeps wipe Frore from existence?

Check it out on Goodreads!

Author bio:

Martha Sweeney is a BESTSELLING author who writes in a variety of genres: romance (contemporary, romcom, suspense, paranormal and historical), suspense, fantasy, thriller, coloring books, and soon, science fiction. She strives to push herself as a storyteller with each new tale and hopes to push her readers outside of their comfort zone whether it be genre or the stories themselves.

With a B.S. in Psychology, Martha utilizes her knowledge of human and animal behavior successfully in the business world and in her writing to present realistic characters and situations. She's been creative since she was little, always drawing, coloring or making crafts, so her venture into being an author was a natural transition.


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