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Saturday 20 November 2021

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Merry Ex-Mas by Elizabeth Janette!


   She peered up at him, watching him approach with wariness in her eyes. He hated to admit it, but the caution was justified.
   “Dance with me? For old time’s sake?” The smile he offered was intended to be charming and disarming. Or at least that’s what he hoped he portrayed rather than the ball of nerves that tumbled around inside.
   When she finally rewarded him with a shy smile and placed her hand in his, part of him wanted to leap for joy. The other part clanged with warning bells, sensing impending doom. He ignored the alarms and led her to the dance floor. What could be the harm in one dance between old friends?
   The moment he gathered her in his embrace, arm resting on his shoulders, hand in his, he knew he’d made a grave mistake. No matter how scorched she left him, one touch would never be enough.
   Not with her. Not for him. He knew that now. But gracefully extricating himself from the situation would be difficult. All eyes were on them as they swayed in time to the melody.
   “I’m sorry. About what I said yesterday. It was uncalled for.” He offered a rueful smile, forcing his eyes to stay trained on hers, and not dip lower to the smooth skin of her elegant neck and exposed shoulders. To ignore the thrum of her pulse that jumped when he tightened his hold on her or brushed his hand across the small of her back. The one that matched the beat of his own heart, pulse for pulse.
   And he absolutely did not heed the call when his lips ached to taste hers.

It’s been ten years since Delaney Silverman last stepped foot on the Silver Bells Christmas Tree farm her family owns and operates, but when her father dies, she has no choice. Even if it means mending fences with her estranged mother. The last thing this reformed wild-child-turned-Manhattan-marketing-pro has in mind, though, is a second chance at first love. But after life brings her face to face with the sexy, ex-fiancé neighbor boy, she realizes he’s everything she never knew she needed.

Travis Harper knows two things to be true: 1. It’s time to adopt his foster daughter and build a custom home life for themselves, and 2. Laney Silverman is the last woman he’d ever trust with their hearts, even if she is everything he’s ever wanted. Especially since she has a bad habit of walking away from him.

Will twelve days be enough to give two former lovers a Merry Ex-Mas?

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Author bio:

Born to parents who loved to read, it’s no surprise Elizabeth Janette’s lifelong love of literacy led her to become both a teacher and a writer. In fact, writing about getting RIF’d from her teaching job in the 2008 recession is what led her to publish an essay about the experience. From then on, she was hooked. Now days, when she’s not teaching sassy 5th graders, Elizabeth Janette writes romance that both sizzles and thrills. And when she’s not teaching or writing, she works for her local chapter of the National Writing Project teaching teachers how to teach writing. Visit www.elizabethjanette.com to connect and sign up for her newsletter.

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