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Saturday 22 October 2022

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Arabian Knight [Knights of Caerleon 03] by Ines Johnson!

Sir Geraint gets tangled up in an arranged marriage in this steamy, magical modern-day adventure of knights, fairies, and slip knots!

Fairy princess Enid is tired of being a pawn in her father’s games of thorns. Don’t let the pretty petals of her flowers fool you because she’s no wilting wallflower. But when the king goes too far, she calls on the Knights of the Round Table to help free her from an impossible situation. She doesn’t expect for the valiant knight who comes to her rescue to sweep her off her roots as he comes to her rescue.

After pledging himself to the chivalric code, Sir Geraint feels useless as the modern women around him fight their own battles. Given purpose by the call of a fairy in distress, he rushes in—sword at attention—to restore her honor. When he learns that only a marriage of convenience will save her, he lays his sword at her feet and offers his name, and his heart. Agreeing to this forced union is against everything he stands for as a chivalric knight, but for once he’s willing to throw those vows out the window in exchange for making lifelong ones with Enid.

The price of her freedom is higher than she expected, but as Enid grows to care for her new husband and her new home of Camelot, there are secrets she must keep. Geraint longs to break through her protective barriers, but it may also mean breaking his oath to his brother knights. And when the fairy king’s plots and plans put Enid’s new life in jeopardy, will she have to betray the husband she’s starting to fall for in order to save him and everything he loves?

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Author bio:

Lover of fairytales, folklore, and mythology, Ines Johnson spends her days reimagining the stories of old in a modern world. She writes books where damsels cause the distress, princesses wield swords, and moms save the world.

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