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Wednesday 12 October 2022

Release Week Blitz & Giveaway: The Glow by Leo X. Robertson!

When Lily loses her job, she also loses the last thing that kept her from heading to Southend-on-Sea, in search of her estranged sister, whom she suspects has joined a dangerous new cult.

The Glow are so named for their bioluminescent plastic island, which floats in the North Sea. In a near future rife with plastic pollution, they have no shortage of material to keep their island growing. It's rumored that the inhabitants draw power from an asteroid that once landed there-but anyone who has ever gone in search of answers has disappeared.

Will Lily make it to the island and find her sister? If so, will she make it back out alive?

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Author bio:

Leo X. Robertson grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, met his husband in Gijon, Spain, and eventually moved to Stavanger, Norway, where he works as a process engineer, writes fiction, and makes short films with the Stavanger Filmmakers Club. An author of unclassifiable fiction that tends towards the dark and speculative, he has short stories published by Helios Quarterly, Flame Tree Publishing, and Pulp Literature, as well as novellas published by Unnerving and Nihilism Revised. On his podcast, Losing the Plot, in association with Aphotic Realm magazine, he interviews other authors about anything and everything (hence the show's title.)

He appears to be at work on numerous novels, short stories, and short film scripts. Also, he loves his sister dearly and, if necessary, would easily take a boat out to a plastic island and feign interest in joining a cult for her.

To find out more, follow him on Twitter @Leoxwrite or check out his website at leoxrobertson.wordpress.com

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