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Saturday 16 July 2022

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Damaged Doll [The Beth Series 02] by Jennifer Bene!


   “Keep your fucking hands up, idiot!” Ollie shouted. 
   “He’s waiting for an opening,” Asaf replied, and Ollie waved a hand dismissively before tipping his whiskey up. 
   Jake chuckled, shaking his head as the other guys shouted over the UFC fight. They’d recorded it sometime during the last week while they were on the job looking for Ashley Hendricks, and they’d avoided any spoilers so they could enjoy it once they were back at the compound. He wasn’t as big a fan as some of the others, but he was still trying to pay attention while he sorted through all the emails he’d ignored. 
   He just hadn’t expected there to be so many in the last few days. 
   But the alerts Brendan had set up needed to be looked through, and even though it was just a bunch of bad news… this was part of the job. 
   Missing girls. 
   Tips from people who mined data from the dark web. 
   None of it was ‘fun’ to read, but it was a necessary evil, and he had the tequila they’d picked up to help him. 
   He flagged a few of the alerts, forwarding them over to Brendan so he could do some research.
   Brendan would look into news reports, police reports, and see if the families might be the kind of people they could help — because they couldn’t help everyone. As much as he’d like to take on the whole list of tragic cases, they couldn’t be in two places at once… and they still had bills to pay. Sure, they were trying to do some good, but at the end of the day they were still mercenaries. Plus, money greased wheels faster than anything else when they were hunting down leads and information, but not everyone had that kind of cash to hand over, which meant there was always a list of names that just never had a chance. 
   More shit to carry on my conscience. 
   “Fuck yeah!” Charlie shouted from beside him, and Jake raised an eyebrow at him as his friend started laughing before reaching over to nudge the lid of his laptop, threatening to close it. 
   “Come on, boss, you’re missing the whole fucking fight.” 
   “Yeah, yeah,” he replied, rubbing at the back of his neck as he skimmed through the other unread emails. He was about to shut it down and finish in the morning when an alert caught his eye because of one name. 
   Clenching his jaw, he clicked on the email, and it only took a few seconds to realize why it had shown up connected to the fucking Williams brothers… and it definitely wasn’t good news.

“I’m too broken for love.”

After everything Beth has been through, all she wants is to feel normal.
To be normal.
But the weight of her past won’t let her go easily.

“Wanting her is wrong.”

All Jake wants is to be a hero.
To save as many as he can from the monsters of this world.
But when the monsters come for Beth Doherty…
he isn’t thinking like a hero.

Ripping her out of her life was bad enough.
Wanting her is worse.
But resisting her might just be impossible.

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Author bio:

Jennifer Bene is a USA Today bestselling author of dangerously sexy and deviously dark romance. From BDSM, to Suspense, Dark Romance, and Thrillers—she writes it all. Always delivering a twisty, spine-tingling journey with the promise of a happily-ever-after.

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