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Friday 29 July 2022

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Taking the Fight [Gloves Off: Next Generation 02] by L.P. Dover!


   Heart racing, I closed my eyes, wishing like hell I could get Braden out of my mind. I’d misjudged him tonight and made a mistake because of it. I wanted to know why he initially turned Annika down. It wasn’t until he heard I was going to the ball with Finn that he’d changed his mind.
   Again, I looked over at my handbag. Dammit! I’m going to call him.
   Stomach in knots, I jumped off the bed and reached in my bag for my cell. I clicked on Braden’s number and was about to hit call when someone pounded on my door. It was late and I had no clue who it was. For all I knew, it could be Nikolai and I wasn’t about to invite that disaster into my place.
   Slowly, I crept down the hallway and set my phone on the couch just as another knock vibrated the floor.
   “Reagan, it’s me,” Braden shouted, his voice dark and impatient.
   Blowing out a relieved sigh, I hurried to the door and unlocked it. The second it opened, Braden rushed in and slammed it closed. His shirt was unbuttoned, revealing his smooth, chiseled chest. I wanted to touch him.
   “What are you doing here?” I asked, my voice just above a whisper.
   Braden ran a hand through his dark hair, his eyes wild. “I need answers, Reagan. What the fuck is going on with you and the suit?” He grabbed me by the shoulders, and I sucked in a breath. The green of his eyes was darker: raw and intense. When I didn’t say anything, he stepped closer, tightening his grip on my shoulders. “You drive me crazy, Reagan. All I wanted to do was show you that I wanted you, but everything went to shit. I can’t take it anymore.”
   My breaths came out in rapid pants. “What are you saying?”
   His hands grasped my face, and he pushed me against the wall, his lips crushing mine. There was an urgency, a demand in the way he kissed me. It lit my entire body on fire. A moan escaped my lips, and I gave in as all the pent-up emotions I kept bottled up sprang out of me. I wanted him. I needed him.
   I clutched his hair in my hands and held him to me, ravishing him the way he ravished me. Then, all too soon, he pulled away, leaving me breathless and wanting more.
   “That’s all I needed to know.”
   Turning on his heel, he walked out the door and I couldn’t move. I had to lean against the wall for support. My pulse raced so fast I could feel it pound in all my pressure points. Braden’s thunderous steps boomed down the stairs, and a few seconds later, I heard his car door slam and the rev of his engine. I traced my lips with my fingers, the electricity coursing through them as if Braden was still kissing me. What in the world just happened? Why did he leave so quickly after such a monumental occasion? If I didn’t taste him on my lips, I’d say I imagined it all.

Two months ago, everything changed. The enemy no longer feels the need to sulk in the shadows. Instead, he hides in plain sight and prepares his attack… against Reagan Jameson.

Reagan knew this day would come. She proudly holds the featherweight title and is known as one of the sexiest female fighters in MMA history. She can handle her own, and that’s exactly what she plans to do with Nikolai. Unfortunately, things aren’t as they were before. When given an offer she can’t refuse, Reagan is well aware nothing good will come of it.

They promised her power, prestige, and money… a world full of intrigue and dangerous desires. Not being able to resist the allure, she gives in and becomes a pawn in their game. She’s able to fool those closest to her into believing everything is okay… except for Braden Emerson.

Braden’s reputation as one of the toughest fighters in the circuit hasn’t gone unnoticed. In fact, it’s his skills that get him lured into the pit of danger. While he vows to keep Reagan safe no matter the cost, his desire for her is used against him. As passion ignites between the pair, they must work together if they hope to survive.

Fighting for a title is one thing, but nothing beats the stakes of fighting for love. This is one TKO that could cost them everything.

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Author bio:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L. P. Dover is a southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she began her literary journey she worked in periodontics, enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries.

She loves to write, but she also loves to play golf, go on mountain hikes and white-water rafting, and has a passion for singing. Her two youngest fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime, usually Christmas carols.

Dover has written countless novels in several different genres, but her favorite to write is romantic suspense. However, she has found a new passion in romantic comedy, especially involving sexy golfers. Who knew the sport could be so dirty and fun to write about.

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