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Monday 11 July 2022

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Mermaid of St. Moritz [Mermaid of Venice 05] by Jincey Lumpkin!


   They call it the “Top of the World.” The glitterati come to St. Moritz for its famous ski slopes, but they stayed for the champagne climate. Home to mineral springs and abundant forests, the chic village also draws a summer crowd. Late spring brings heavy rain and wildflowers as far as the eye can see. Today, though, the sun awoke and claimed the day.
   Gia rose from her slumber to find Florent making her an espresso. They had their coffee on the deck, soaking in all that Alpine glory.
   She finally felt relaxed again, knowing that she had taken care of Yiannis for good.
   “The scenery reminds me of the Sound of Music,” Florent mused.
   “Oh?” Gia asked. “Will you run to the top of the mountain and serenade me like Julie Andrews?”
   Florent chuckled. “You would like that, wouldn’t you? Seeing me turn round and round in circles?”
   “I am sure we can find you an apron somewhere. I would like the full experience, please.”
   He slid out of his chair and approached her, nuzzling her face with his prickly, unshaven skin.
   She put both hands on his cheeks and kissed him.
   “Mmm!” Florent smiled with a devilish grin. “I almost forgot, Gia! I have a surprise for you.”
   She grunted. “You know I hate surprises.”
   “Oh, but you will love this. I have organized a private yoga session... with baby goats!”
   “Florent, stop. Do not tease me.”
   “I am quite serious, Gia! I thought you could bring the au pair... and Serena could pet those smelly little goats. My daughter loves all animals. Serena is probably the same.”
   Gia realized for the first time that Serena had never been around any animal. The baby didn’t exactly have a normal start to her life.
   “All right,” Gia accepted, feeling amused by this new development on the itinerary. “I will shower and then... baby goats.”

Billionaire mermaid Gia Acquaviva is back for the riveting fifth installment of the Mermaid of Venice series. Gia struggles with intense feelings for a man from her past, while her passionate love affair with a Hollywood actress threatens to ruin it all.

The Mermaid Civil War unleashes Ancient Magic, putting both mermaids and mankind in danger. Caught in the middle of warring factions is Gia’s daughter, Serena. Will the child master her magical powers, or will she become a casualty of war?

Everything’s on the line for Gia. Will her risky behavior cause her to lose everything she’s worked so hard to regain?

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Author bio:

Jincey Lumpkin is a writer who splits her time between NYC and Lisbon. She has been profiled by Dateline NBC, Vice, and GQ, among others. Out Magazine listed her in its “OUT 100,” naming her as one of the world’s most influential LGBTQ+ people, alongside celebrities like Laverne Cox and Ricky Martin. Sign up for free stories at JinceyLumpkin.com


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