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Thursday 16 May 2013

Day One of the Birthday Week: The Runaway's Secret by Leah D.W.!

Excerpt from The Runaway's Secret by Leah D.W.!
Coming 25th May 2013!
Teaser 1!
   The blade bit deep into the soft pale flesh of my wrist and cold pain ran up my arm, creating the feeling of tiny fingertips caressing my skin. Dark blood seeped from the open cut, black drops falling down my wrist and dripping into the white bowl I was leaning over in the girl’s bathroom. It stained the polished porcelain with red streaks that slid down to pool at the bottom around the metallic drain.
   I knew it was a big risk to use it while some of the girls were still awake to quench the Thirst, but I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I hoped no one would venture to the bathroom at that moment.
   I gulped down the lump in my throat and tried not to cut my lip with my fangs as they extended out, two sharp canines stinging sensitively as the Thirst rolled over me in thick choking waves of acid and frost.
   I couldn’t hear anyone approaching from outside, so I took my time. It was midnight; most of the others would either be asleep or trying to steal ice cream from the kitchen.
   The smell of my own blood made my fangs hum and the Thirst burst with need. I lifted my wrist to my trembling lips and licked at the blackness welling up from the wound. A groan escaped from my lips and my fangs sank into the raw cut.
   A moan rumbled from my throat and I took a deep gulp. My blood coated the inside of my mouth and played sweetly along my tongue.
   I closed my eyes and my free hand gripped the edge of the stained basin as I took another swallow, a cold burst of copper filling my lungs and making my knees weak. My heart gave a heavy thud and my eyes sprang open.
   Ripping my wrist away from my lips, I gasped for air.
Teaser 2!
   “So, you know Solomon,” he said it as a statement, not a question.
   I blew out some smoke. “I don’t know him. He is just the guy that kidnapped me and dumped me here in the middle of a bloody desert.”
   Robin grinned. “There are rumours going around that the two of you are together, that he put you here to keep you away from rival vamps,”
   I looked at him in shock, my brows raised and cigarette forgotten. The very thought of me and Solomon being a couple was insane, but I couldn’t help but notice my cheeks turning warm.
   “Oh please,” I rolled my eyes and turned my face away. “He is like ancient and we only met a day ago.”
   “Alright,” he said with humour in his deep voice. “Rumours around here are never true anyway, but I wanted to make sure yours was truly false.”
   I looked back at him, a small smirk on my face. “Oh, and why is that?”
   I could have sworn his pale cheeks flushed a very faint pink. He took out another smoke and lit it with the speed and grace of a full vampire. Standing up quickly, he tucked his hands back into the pockets of his jeans and let the smoke curl from between his lips.
   “See you in class, Piper,” he said and walked away into the shadows, with only a trail of wispy smoke following close behind.

Teaser Picture!

Running from the past…

Running from myself….

To protect those you love, some secrets should never come to light.

My life changed the night I became the same monster I had been forced to serve all my human years. As a fanged freak, I took to running away from my troubles rather than facing them head-on.
I should have kept running...

My world turned upside down once more when I met Solomon. He promised that I would be safe locked up in a fancy academy filled with supernatural creatures just like me. He promised that I had nothing to fear.
If only that had been true.
How long before the nightmares catch up to me? I’d hated myself for the monster that I’d become and the life I had been forced to leave behind. Sometimes I wished that she would find and kill me, ending this nightmarish existence, but that would mean leaving everyone I had come to know and love as well. Could I possibly do that?

...time is running out, I must make a choice.

...until then, I must keep running.

...must become the monster even I have come to fear.

Author bio:

I am 21 years old and currently a journalism student at my local university. I live in South Africa in a town called Bloemfontein with my family and two beloved dogs. I have been writing since the age of 13 and my first published work is a short horror story titled Dracula’s Mistress. I am busy working on a number of novels and I am an editor/proof reader for Bayou Brew Publishing.

I love writing in the genres of paranormal romance, fantasy fiction and historical fiction and I am a proud bookworm with a mountain of reads stacked up in my room. I am also studying criminology in order to be able to write mystery horrors.

The book that has been published today is Unnatural, a collection of paranormal short stories that are full of action, adventure and amazing characters.


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