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Tuesday 2 July 2013

Blog Tour & Giveaway: In a Heartbeat [Rebel Walking 01] by Hilary Storm!

Publication date: 25th June 2013
Paperback edition: -
Source: Kindle
Rating: 5 stars
Synopsis: Eaven Bennett is a college student with a passion for photography. She has high hopes of completing college and starting a new life as she moves away from her hometown with her best friend, Ivy Adams. Her last boyfriend ruined any chance of her trusting ever again.

Talon Walker is the dark and intriguing drummer for the up and coming band ‘Rebel Walking’. A tragedy in his past has left him empty with no desire for a relationship. That is until he meets Eaven.

One minute your heart is filled with love, the next your entire life comes crashing down. Everything can change in a heartbeat. Can Eaven and Talon overcome the obstacles in their way and find love?
Favourite quote: "Sometimes it takes almost losing something before you see the importance."

I thought that this book sounded amazing when I read the synopsis and I do have to say that I really enjoyed it, but I did have a few issues with it as well! The issues are not that bad! Honestly! I gave it four stars as the plot was strong and the characters were very well written! I have this thing that I completely dislike in a book and this book had that thing! I can't stand when authors write "I am" instead of "I'm" and don't abbreviate word that can be abbreviated! It makes reading a book difficult for me and this full book was written like that! I would definitely have enjoyed the book more if it was written with "I am" and I would definitely have given it five stars! Apart from that this book was amazing! The plot of this book was very strong! I kept wanting to read a couple more chapters every chance I got and I read it in two sittings! There were some twists and turns to keep the plot interesting and to keep me dying to read on! The plot was fun to read and I was looking forward to reading it when I could! The characters were great as well! Eaven was the main female character and it sort of felt to me like she had two different personalities! There was the sexy, laid-back Eaven and then the shy, held back Eaven! I did find myself liking both of her personalities though I preferred the laid-back Eaven more then the held back Eaven! I really enjoyed her character and also how she was willing to take a risk! I enjoyed her relationship development with Talon as well! Talon was the main male character and I loved him! I loved how protective he was of Eaven and also I could see how much he loved her! Talon was so hot! Who doesn't love a guy in a band though?! They are normally hot lol! Talon was quite a funny character, but serious as well which I liked! The other characters were so much fun as well! They all added so much to the story and I really enjoyed them! I will definitely continue reading this series and I'm really looking forward to reading Taron and Ivy's story as I really enjoyed getting to see them in this book! I'm excited to read their story! I like the cover! I don't love it, but I like it! I definitely think it suits the story as the male represents Talon with the drumsticks! Big thank you to Hilary for an ARC of In A Heartbeat!

In a Heartbeat (Rebel Walking #1)

Check it out on Goodreads!

Author bio:

Hilary Storm lives with her high school sweetheart and three children in Enid, Oklahoma. She drives her husband crazy talking about book characters everyday like they are real people. She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with an MBA in Accounting and has a full time job as an accountant. Her passions include being a mom, writing, reading, photography, music, mocha coffee, and spending time with friends and family. She is the author of the 'Rebel Walking' Series. Book One: 'In a Heartbeat' is due to release in June.


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